FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I must say Luke that I am very interested in reading your work. I have only really just heard about you and your work but. Building Blocks [Luke Jermay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We consider it a real coup to be able to add this superb book by Luke to our range in this exciting aspect to our business. ‘Building Blocks’ by Luke Jermay.

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The Other Brothers One of the bestselling mentalism books of recent times is now back and better than ever! Luke Jermay has done it again! He has decided to release more of his awesome material, the routines which he uses to stun jermmay around the world. In this important new volume, Luke has tipped the real work on using Suggestion Techniques.

This, coupled with his ground breaking applications of the four Convincers, is enough to transform and amplify your performances right away. But that’s just for starters! Wait until you see some of the effects he teaches. Imagine yourself performing these routines: A plucked rose visibly wilts and dies as buliding talk about the fragility of life.

An vuilding reading routine, which climaxes with the spectator genuinely seeing your aura – and you can provide proof! You cause the spectator’s sense of time to physically slow down we don’t just mean their watch, although of course that happens as well!

They are almost unable to physically move as they are stuck in a single moment of time. You perform a version of Out Of This World, blockss a borrowed deck, with no set-up, no sleights or switches. In fact the spectator’s intuition can even be shown as correct for each individual card as it is dealt! This is the jdrmay work on the verbal control of a spectator.

Despite being blindfolded, you can read a selected sentence chosen at random from a borrowed book, with your fingertips! You can even scan through the whole book with your fingertips and comment on the story and characters. Did we mention that the blindfold bloxks real and that you genuinely can’t see a thing and you can do this anywhere anytime?! Imagine having your spectator actually feel their thought leave their mind and enter yours – imagine no more!

With the Burst Bubble suggestion, your spectator will believe they felt the moment of magic happen inside their own mind!

This new extended edition now includes Lukes fantastic routines Room and Central Reservation!! Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.

Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Now better than ever! Questions about this product.

Have a question about this product? Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 3.

Building Blocks Extended by Luke Jermay

Showing the Most Helpful Newest. I definately recommend it to all who are interested in hypnosis. It also gave me the confidence to be bold enough to make up routines on the spot. Someone I had minutes before met, I recently decided to make him forget his name, I also made his friend not be able blockks utter the words Ace of Spades.

He had so much difficulty saying it. One more thing, out of dozens, that I did was make a few people I knew fall asleep. One in particular, I said when b,ocks would awake I would tell her what her dream was and no matter what I said, it would feel familiar and would be correct.

I woke her up and without saying anything before, told her “her dream”, which I just made up on the spot as I told her what her dream was. Till this day, she believes whe genuinly dreamt about a lake with a bear on one side and a carnival on the other, with a boat floating in the air above the lake. This book is definately a masterpiece and should be purchased by those wanting to perform hypnosis.

Magic Tricks

Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? I don have to say much get it and read it and u know what I mean. This book is fantastic. The subtleties taught within the pages are worth the price of the book alone.

The routines while jremay for everyone, still shine a tremendous amount of light on just how affective and wonderful psychological extra bits can change an effect. Combine this with Banachek’s subtleties series, and your mentalism and magic effects will be changed for the better forever. The only reason I give this book 4 stars is because of the wasted blank pages and large filler size font within the book. This doesnt take away from the value of the book or your money’s worth, buildlng it is obvious that they bllcks stretching to get as many page numbers as possible.

Even if your not a mentalist, this book should be in every magical entertainer’s library. The End by Rick. Suit Cut to Orde. Marked Cards reviews. Little Door by R. Where It Has To.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Luke Jermay – Building Blocks Review

We’re proud to let you read our mail. Feel free to contact us. Read our privacy policy. Take a look at our Return Policy. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all blockks magic. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. Find Out how to pay. View our Frequent Questions.

See a site map. View our magic tricks index. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for!


The LIR, manufactured by LI-COR, is a silicon pyranometer that accurately Calibrated against an Eppley precision spectral pyranometer (PSP) for the. CR23X, or CR7 datalogger to an EPPLEY Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP). The. PSP is a high quality pyranometer used for extremely accurate solar. Eppley PSP The Eppley Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP) is a World Meteorological Organization First Class Radiometer, designed for the measurement of.

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The collector consists of 30 glass vacuum tubes, each epppley a black metal plate which absorbs solar pyranomeer.

A copper tube welded to each plate contains a pressured gas which ;yranometer as the heat transfer fluid which carries the heat collected in the tubes to a heat exchanger located in the upper part of the collector.

This exchanger transfers the heat transported by the pressured gas to a second fluid which is glycolated water and which serves to convey the heat from the collector into the tank through the coil located in the lower half of the reservoir and a pump. The circuit of the glycolated water is represented in the diagram above.

The temperature in the collector red dot rises in an uncontrolled way. The water in the reservoir is stratified i. There are two principles to keep in mind in order to understand the operation of the tank: Therefore, virtually no heat is exchanged downwards virtually no heat transfer by conduction.

Global Precision Pyranometer – The Eppley Laboratory, EPLAB

The top half of the tank is heated by central heating, as with a conventional pyrabometer. The bottom half is heated by the solar collector. In winter, the solar collector “preheats” the water which is then heated eppleh the central heating in the upper half of the reservoir. In summer, the collector provides enough heat to run completely without any pyranometrr heating which is of course turned off during this season. For the last four years, data on the eausolaire. This computer tower type was constantly turned on and was consuming a significant amount of energy W during 24 hours, that’s 2.

We therefore decided to replace it with a microcontroller, which uses much less energy a few watts. The current acquisition system is built around the Maxim Tini microcontroller. TINI Tiny INternet Interface is a product of created ten years pyranomwter by Dallas SemiconductorDallas then later acquired by Maxim to illustrate the concept of “coffee machine on the Internet,” a concept that all domestic electrical equipment would soon be interfaced on the Internet, making it possible to monitor and control them remotely.

Dallas devoted a team of talented engineers to TINI. Systronics does the same with TStik. One advantage of Epley is that it allows direct use of a range of 1-wire sensors and devices, another interesting line of products created by the same team of engineers at Dallas. Our site was heavily inspired by the technical solutions and programs designed by Tim Bitson.

To build an reliable data acquisition system resquired to protect it from electrical interference and lightnings due to the fact that some sensors are placed on a roof outside the house.

We resolved this difficulty by discovering of a series of components and examples of circuits by Analog Devices that were ideally suited for our project herehereet here. The idea is to separate electrically the front end amplifier and the analogic converter from the TINI microcontroller using digital isolators. These are chips that integrate a set of several digital isolators together with a dc-to-dc converter.

They provide a total isolation of both the logic signal and the 5 volt supply. Temperature measurements in the hot water tank: Temperature measurements in the thermal collector: Irradiance measurement using the pyranometer: Measurement of the output of the photovoltaic collector: Swissnox digital watt meter Energy Meter S25 inserted at the output of the inverter, giving two pulses for each watt hour produced, filtering of the pulses using a as Schmitt trigger4N32 optocoupler, 1-wire DS integrated circuit as pulse counter directly connected to TINI.

Measurement of the hot water drawn out of the tank: Oval vortex flowmeter Eggs Delta-Pulsegenerating 4 pulses for one litre, filtering of pulses with a as Schmitt trigger, 4N32 optocoupler, 1-wire DS integrated circuit as pulse counter directly connected to Tini.

All measurements are recorded at 1 minutes intervals and the measurements are send every hour by FTP to the eausolaire. The graphs are generated using the JPgraph PhP library. The control and data acquisition of our solar energy system evolved over time. In Marchthe heating system was equipped with a Vessmann Vitosolic regulator, which provides a much more effective control than the old Vitosolic regulator. The data acquistion system has changed several times.

First we used an analog digital signal acquisition card National Instruments Pyranomeeter Ewhich was connected, through amplifiers, to the temperature sensors installed by Viessmann. This solution was later abandoned because the datalogger crashed periodically for a reason that could not be determined even with the help of RESOL.

Standard Precision Pyranometer

Since November 14,we have put the PCI E card back into operation, but wppley time we have set up our own temperature sensors Pt RTD sensors next to those installed by Viessmann.

Pyranometerr have designed and built our own electronic circuitry needed to use the temperature sensors. Measurements are taken every 10 seconds and at the end of each minute, the average of the 60 measurements is calculated and stored.

Since December 9,this system has been replaced by the new TINI pyfanometer system described above. Currently only one measurement is taken per minute. A pyranometer Greek pur fire, anaabove and metronmeasure was installed in early November This model is used in numerous meteorological stations around the world.

It is sensitive to a wide range of wavelengths, from infrared to ultraviolet to nm. As it provides a direct measurement of the flux of solar energy reaching the solar thermal and photovoltaic, it is the most appropriate instrument to measure the performance of these sensors.

Black & White Pyranometer

The unit has a black surface which heats up by absorbing the incident light radiation. The black surface is in contact with the hot junction of a heat detector that works by thermoelectric effect thermopile consisting of gold-palladium thermocouples. Two hemispheres of Schott glass transparent to a wide range of wavelengths protect the black surface of the thermopile elements and reduce the amount of heat transfer between the hot junction of the thermopile and the environment.

The body of the instrument is solid bronze and is used to provide a reference temperature for the cold junction of the thermopile reference junction. The thermopile provides a very low voltage, which must be amplified in order to be measured.

Black & White Pyranometer – The Eppley Laboratory, EPLAB

Generally, pyranometers are installed horizontally. They then measure global irradiance, that is to say one that comes from all sources in the hemisphere located above the surface: In our installation, we tilted the pyranometer to put it parallel to the solar panels at It measures, therefore, exactly the energy received by the thermal panel and photovoltaic panel.

Because of its inclination, the pyranometer is facing the sun more directly than if placed horizontally. The measured irradiance is greater than that which would be provided if the pyranometer was placed horizontally. Another possibility is to compare several identical pyranometers. We have taken the option to acquire several Eppley PSP pyranometers and to compare them. We also have an Eppley pyranometer and an Apogee pyranometer.

Contrarily to the Eppley PSP orthe Pyranomeeter pyranometer is equiped with silicon photovoltaic cell.

The equipment for testing the three Eppley PSP pyranometers is shown below. The Apogee pyranometer is at the bottom right end of the picture. The signal from each Eppley pyranometer is amplified by an amplifier open metal box and sent to a Datataker DT data logger. A laptop is connected to the datalogger to retreive the recorded data. The three Eppley PSP pyrahometer we tested gave very similar results. Despite their different ages attested by their serial numbers, we observed virtually no drift in their calibration.

The pyranometer at the back was lacking its screen when we acquired it. We have since then made a screen using a stainless steel pot lid which we painted white. The Apogee pyranometer and the Eppley pyranometer not shown in the picture produced measurements which were different pyrranometer the three Eppley PSP, which shows that pyranometer can be affected by drift.

The amplifier, assembled according to the schematics described by Harrison and Knight is shown below. The amplifier, shown here without its lid, includes a zero offset LTC operational amplifier followed by a LT operational amplifier.

A DC-DC charge pump converter and a regulator provide the necessary voltage for the op amps from a 12V power adapter. Review of Scientific Instruments, 77,p. CRC Press, pp.


ITTC ) log. ,0. F n. F. CR. C. ×. = 2. )2. (log. ,0. −. = n. F. R. C. 3. Resistance of a Ship. Model testing. Extrapolation of the friction resistance. For all model tests, we have to choose a scale, λ, for the model. The size of the model will be restricted by the size of the tow tank facilities, available carriage. RF = Frictional Resistance as per ITTC friction ]formula k1 = Form Factor describing viscous resistance of the Hull Form in relation to RF.

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La Fabulosa Historia De Los Pelayo/ The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos by Ivan Garcia-Pelayo, , available at Book Depository. La Fabulosa Historia De Los Pelayos / The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos by Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, , available at Book Depository with free . : La Fabulosa Historia De Los Pelayo/ The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos (Spanish Edition) () by Ivan Garcia-Pelayo and a great.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about La fabulosa historia de los Pelayosplease sign up.

La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos by Gonzalo García-Pelayo

Be the first to ask a question about La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dec 22, Fernando del Alamo rated it really liked it Shelves: Eso es lo que hizo la familia Pelayo.

May oos, Pachy Tarari rated it liked it Pelays Camarada Bakunin rated it it was ok Jan 24, Edu rated it it was ok Jan 08, Mi Camino Blanco rated it did not like it Aug 29, Ismael Reina rated it really liked it Aug 26, Jose Salinero rated it liked it May 28, Fede Jota rated pelayoss liked it Sep 21, Rucoma rated it really liked it Aug 22, Marta Borque rated it really liked it Aug 07, Conchita rated it liked it Nov 29, Leonel Barriga rated it liked pelxyos Sep 12, Jeraccoon rated it it was ok Feb 27, Carlos Urtasun rated pelahos really liked it Jul 06, Fernando Gilardi magnan alva rated it liked it Dec 02, Michele Gilli rated it it was ok May 03, Diego rated it liked it Oct 02, Eduardo Pflayos rated it did not like it Feb 27, Alvaro rated it it was ok Jul 05, Albertod34 rated it liked it Oct 04, Juan Antonio rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Sabata added it Feb 08, Wurtzel marked it as to-read Apr 18, Julio Esquivel marked it as to-read Ee 22, Rafa marked it as to-read Jan 08, Montse Nofre added it Mar 20, Daniela marked it as to-read May 09, Daniela Montero marked it as to-read Nov 27, Ana Robles marked it as to-read Dec 03, Miguel marked it as to-read Dec 05, Pantera added it Dec 15, Daniel marked it as to-read Dec 17, Vikram Singh marked it as to-read Jul 08, David added it Nov 20, Antonio Pacheco marked it as to-read Jan 10, Cristian Monja added it Jun 30, Laura Carre marked it as to-read Aug 13, Julia marked it as to-read Sep 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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It covers many music theory concepts in a practical way and shows you ask on the forum on the web site () so you will not just get. Practical Music Theory has 29 ratings and 2 reviews. Darren said: Fantastic guide for new and intermediate players would want to get steeped in guitar mu. Which is the better starting point: the PDF download “Practical Music Theory” or the book “The JustinGuitar Note Reading for Guitarists” Thanks.

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This first part of Really Useful Guitar Stuff forms the foundation for my whole method. Understanding basic music theory and putting it into practice right away, so helping you develop your understanding of harmony in a practical way.

Always wanted to unlock the mysteries of “keys” pactical where chords come from? This pack covers a lot of ground and should take a few months to understand and properly digest all the information – see the contents list below for full details.

It’s a workbook so you will be doing exercises to check your understanding and then putting it into practice. I really theroy this is a great place to start for someone who has always been practjcal to get into music theory, it is all practical and will build a good foundation for future study of the guitar.

As you might know I have been working on a revamped version of the website which will officially launch on June 4 – but it’s live now for newsletter subscribers The Practical Music Theory ebook and Chord Construction Guide have been absorbed, transformed and expanded into a paid section of the new site!

The new Practical Music Theory is divided into grades and has over lessons and growing fastmany pdf download worksheets, tests and much more – it will be the best music theory resource for guitar players available and I will be working on it for many years to come!

Click here to see and access the new Practical Music Theory area! This pack is designed for people with very little knowledge of music theory and want to learn about how things work and also develop many useful practical skills that just a little music theory makes possible.

Practical Music Theory

It moves at quite a rapid pace so you need to take it slowly and make sure you understand each concept before moving onto the next.

You should also make sure that you do all the answers in pencil so that you can rub them out and do them over if you are not getting it right.

You will probably want to print out some of praftical blank papers from the resources section of the site to make the most of the practical examples – the more you do yourself the better you will learn it! You can also PM people who have used it or are using it and ask them direct!

I highly recommend this book. I now understand the major scale and the relationship between chords in those scales. As a result, I haven’t stopped transcribing some of my favourite JF songs and getting them right too. Before I bought this book, I was itching to start working out songs myself but had no theoretical knowledge on how to do it and your book answered the question I didn’t know how to ask.

You have taken my guitar playing to the next level through a basic understanding of theory and I thank you for that. Extremely useful and extremely helpful.

The explanations for some of the musuc theory are explained in such a clear and understandable way that even I can learn it. The pages are great. Had I known and probably should have realized that you were going to break it down so that even I could get it, I would have jumped in a whole lot sooner. Customer Services Contact Justin. Buying things through the links below cost you no more but contribute a little to the site!

Practical Music Theory Justinguitar. Next Lesson Get help with this lesson Previous Lesson.

Practical Music Theory by Justin Sandercoe

Workshops About Justin Site F. Next Lesson Previous Lesson. Even this much knowledge will change how you think about the instrument and how to master it. About this book, the author and you 4. Note Circle Worksheet 7. Six Key Tones 8. Know Where The Notes Are Major Scale Theory Major Scale Worksheet Basic Chord Theory Chord Theory Worksheet Chord Theory Worksheet 2 analysis Chord Finding Method Chord Finding Worksheet Diatonic Chord Theory Diatonic Chord Theory Worksheet Intervals on the neck Common Chord Progressions Extended Chord Theory Extended Chord Theory Exercises Your Chord Book Major Scale Chart appendix.


Bodur kiraz yetiştiriciliği kazandırıyor! Kiraz Fidanı Z Napolyon 4 Yaşında – Fidan Satışı, Fide Satışı, internetten Fidan Siparişi, Bodur Aşılı Sertifikalı Meyve. “Antalya’nın sahil bölgesinde örtü altında saksı içerisinde kiraz yetiştiriciliği”. Mediterranean Agricultural Sciences 31 / 1 (Nisan ): Bodur kiraz yetiştiriciliği kazandırıyor! CherriesVegetable Garden. Kiraz sapı zayıflatıyor – Kiraz ve sapının mucizevi etkileri.

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Bodur kiraz yetiştiriciliği kazandırıyor! | doğa | Pinterest | Cherry, Sour cherry and Fruit

It has a global traffic rank of 6, in the world. It is a domain having.

As no active threats were reported recently by users, kirazagaci. BIO MISS is a Moroccan manufacturer and exporter company of organic Argan oil and prickly pear seed oil as well as a large product ranges based on many Leading yetistoriciligi popping candy supplier both for retail and as an ingredient, that has application in a huge number of products.

Updated 1 year 7 months ago.

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Home – Town of Jay – jaynewyork. Alexa Search Engine Traffic.

Whois Server Version 2. If you are looking for advanced SEO keyword search tool to analyze your website rankings and top organic keywords, then visit Clear Web Stats.


The Hicom E PBX system, the new family of systems with professional phone system for small and medium enterprises. The system supports ISDN and. responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. Configuration Note – Ver C (03/01). Siemens Hicom E/E. & Office. Enhanced DTMF In-Band. Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom Hicom , Hicom , Hicom , Hicom E. Hicom E OfficePoint.

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Issued by All rights reserved. Information and Communication Networks Subject to availability. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Reference No.: Pin assignment of the printer adapter Figure Equipping sequence for the expansion box Codes for accessing services Overview of item code numbers These symbols are not usually used in the manual.

During a thunderstorm, you should not connect or remove telephone lines and PCB boards. Expect to encounter leakage current from the telecommunication network.

Siemens HICOM 100E – 2

Ensure that, whenever work is carried out on an open installation, the installation is never left unsupervised. Never try to lift heavy objects without assistance.

In case of laser radiation: Install cables in such a way that they do not pose an accident risk i. Do not allow readily flammable materials to be stored near the installation or in the installation room. Ensure good lighting at hicm workplace.

Siemens Hicom 100 E Service Manual

Untidiness at the workplace involves the risk of injuries. What type of injuries? Report all electrical shocks, no matter how small. The basic configuration of each system can be ex- panded and supplemented in different ways. SIB serial interface board optional V. Plug in and secure screw Plug in and secure screw Plug in Function hidom Figure Hicom structural concept Slots 1 to 4 for system extensions: Hicom basic configuration Hicom with max.

If condensation forms, allow the appliance to dry before operation. It is essential to ensure that condensation cannot form while the appliance is in op- eration. Range m using cable with 0. As of SW 2.

ISDN and analogue trunk connections is not possible. Hicom has two slots that are used for line modules analogue trunk, S. A combination of ISDN and analogue trunk connections is possible. Figure Equipping sequence for extension and trunk modules The structure of the extension number plans is described in more detail in Chapter 5, Installation of the Service Manual see Section 5.

The above table only shows the possible slots. It does not illustrate the maximum configuration possible or authorization-related restrictions. Only SLAS8 modules can be inserted in slots 1 and 2. SLU modules must not be inserted in slot 1. Overview of modules Add-on modules for system expansions For Hicommodule cutover is dependent on the system code, i. The channel for call charge recognition is looped into the trunk and then routed to the TLA.

Siemens HICOM E – 2 | ovan kurniawan | Flickr

The call- er will incur call charges from the start of the announcement. Contact assignment of the fax recognition and DDI module Caution Normally, W1 and W2 are always jumpered and the jumper must be inserted before initial operation.

Do not remove jumpers unless expressly instructed to do so. Printer Modem Figure Pin assignment of the V. National regulations must be observed. Generally speaking, the systems are not suit- able for a cable that exits the building.

Before commencing work on the system or installing expansions, always pull the power plug, disconnect screw connections and pull the PSU or UPS, as otherwise the modules may be damaged. PC board connectors for the terminal blocks. The terminal blocks required for wiring are supplied with the respective modules.

Call keys virtual line keys Line seizure, automatic Via trunk group and overflow trunk group Dial pause With analogue trunk programmable Project code Max. From 4 entrance telephones, also follows call diversion as of SW 2. Resetting a call Although a call is signalled, the called extension can seize another line without answering the first call.

The first call is then signalled as a camp-on call. Internal conference with additional external ext. When using an existing DDI number for specific seizure, the procedure must first be called up by entering the appropriate code. The DDI number is then dialled before selecting the required call number. This feature can be used from the local attendant console not network-wide or from any other attendant con- sole, an attendant console group or from the night station.

They may consist of several components depending on the version and on the requirements. UPS only Figure Connecting the UPS battery cable Danger Do not insert the power cable in the mains socket until all installation and connection work has been completed. If a UPS is fitted, always deactivate battery mode before pulling the mains plug. If a changed equipping scheme is detected during startup: MSNs of the terminals irrespective of the equipping scheme.

The following scheme applies to the allocation of the default MSNs of the 16 possible S ports used if no MSN is assigned to the terminal: Plug the other end into the Hicom The other S interfaces 2, 3 and 4 are assigned the extension numbers of the next three extensions in ascending order as their MSNs.

Pin assignments Mini-Western sockets: In the case of mixed equipping, a distinction must be made between the routes. Call forwarding in the exchange is only supported at extension 11 in the case of PMP. Up to 4 entrance telephones can be connected.

The system activates analogue ports only after seizure. See Programming guide, Section Plug the hjcom cable into the re-connected power supply. Re-initialise 100s system not necessary, if only previously unoccupied free slots are used.

Supplement customer data if necessary, see Section 6. A special password must be entered in order to modify an option that is connected and recognized. After entering this password and resetting the system, the modules currently connected are recognized by the system. This ensures that the extension number plan of the basic box and the expansion box is uniform. Entry 5 one cell for defining the call diversion time for cells 1—4.

Entry 6 one cell for forwarding handling common ringer.

Switchboard, Brand: SIEMENS, Type: Hicom E – Auctionista

Entry 7 one cell for connection type of common ringer or secondary telephone. Call management CM 6. Intercept criteria No answer, busy, invalid, incomplete, recall Call allocation continues in block 2 call signalling. Call type Functions are: With the default setting, the- se ext.

The call forwarding timeout for this list should be set to 15 rings so that calls are not forwarded when the intercept console is functioning properly. Collision with one of the hlcom codes Assign codes route code entered Collision with Collision with gicom of the internal ex- int.

Digit repetition was deactivated when digit repetition attempt was made to assign additio- nal route codes Table Error messages for network settings Error messages must be acknowledged before you proceed with programming.

With these settings, the three systems work together as a whole. Regardless of where you are within the company, the extension and telephone numbers are always the same. Examples do not apply in the case of closed numbering. Once the system has re-booted, perform system Nationalisation Section 6. If an error message appears, abort the load process and start again from point 7 of the upgrade instructions. A new file is automatically created, “konvert. This contains the customer programming on the SW 2.

Initial operation Converting from SW 2. Simply follow the user prompts; the system will always inform you of available and unavailable error messages options and will recommend corrective measures using expert mode branch address to collision entry found. Barred numbers list 5, 10 items Barred numbers list 6, 10 items Total active exts.

Internal calls, select ext. Classes of service Night service, enter ext. Disable time, select sensor 1—4 and enter 0— Sensor name, select sensor 1—4, enter alphanumeric names max. Interpreted digits LCR type 3 only max.


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Kohler, K. (): Die Einstufung Indiens in Länderratings. In: BME/ Bogaschewsky, R. (Hrsg.): BME-Leitfaden Internationale Beschaffung, Band 4: Einkaufen. 1. Sept. Leitfaden für. Leitprojekte .. Mit diesem Leitfaden unterstützen . Bestätigung der Einstufung durch die Mitglieder des Bewertungsgremiums. Mai Der Leitfaden für Kooperative F&E Projekte enthält die . muss – sofern möglich – eine Einstufung der letzten 3 Jahre lt. KMU-Definition3.

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Bekanntmachung der Kommission — Technischer Leitfaden zur Abfalleinstufung. OJ C9. Die hier dargelegten Auffassungen sind nicht als Vorgriff auf Standpunkte zu verstehen, die die Kommission gegebenenfalls vor dem EuGH vertritt. An wen richtet sich dieser Leitfaden? Wie ist der Leitfaden aufgebaut? In der Abfallrahmenrichtlinie ist festgelegt, was Abfall ist und wie er zu bewirtschaften ist. Da es sich um eine Richtlinie handelt, muss die Abfallrahmenrichtlinie von den Mitgliedstaaten durch gesonderte Rechtsakte in nationales Recht umgesetzt werden.

Juli gilt, an den wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt angepasst. Mit der Verordnung EG Nr. Diese Listen beruhen auf einem anderen Einstufungskonzept als das Abfallverzeichnis. Allerdings ist die Einstufung nach der Abfallrahmenrichtlinie und dem Abfallverzeichnis auch im Rahmen der Abfallverbringungsverordnung relevant, z. Die Verordnung EG Nr. Einige der in dieser Verordnung festgelegten Methoden bzw. Wenn mehrere Abfallarten vorliegen, sind die Abfallarten jeweils getrennt zu bewerten.

Dem Ablaufdiagramm ist zu entnehmen. Nach den ersten beiden der nachstehend beschriebenen Schritte sollte klar sein, ob.

Findet die Abfallrahmenrichtlinie Anwendung? Ergibt die Bewertung, dass eine Ausnahme Anwendung findet, gelten weder die Abfallrahmenrichtlinie noch das Abfallverzeichnis.

Folgendes ist aus dem Anwendungsbereich dieser Richtlinie ausgeschlossen, soweit es bereits von anderen gemeinschaftlichen Rechtsvorschriften abgedeckt ist:. Welcher Abfallverzeichniseintrag ist zutreffend? Diese Konzentrationsgrenzen beziehen sich auf den Zustand des Abfalls zum Zeitpunkt der Einstufung, d. Bei vielen Analysemethoden werden die Ergebnisse jedoch auf die Trockenmasse bezogen.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Ist es wahrscheinlich bzw. Andernfalls lditfaden ein MH-Eintrag zugeordnet. Nur in englischer Sprache: Im genannten Beispiel mit einem Abfall, der Eintrag 20 01 02 zugeordnet wurde, bedeutet dies, dass der Abfall:. Rangfolge der Kapitel im Abfallverzeichnis nach der Gliederung des Abfallverzeichnisses.

Statt vom allgemeinen Industriezweig, in dem der jeweilige Abfall entsteht, sollte eher vom betreffenden industriellen Verfahren ausgegangen werden. Ermittlung des passenden Eintrags.

Vergleichen Sie den Prozess bzw. Wenn Sie keinen passenden Eintrag bzw. Wenn mehrere Abfallarten vorliegen, sind die Abfallarten jeweils getrennt zu behandeln. Filme und fotografische Papiere, die kein Silber und keine Silberverbindungen enthalten.

Rost- und Kesselasche, Schlacken und Kesselstaub aus der Abfallmitverbrennung mit Einstufunggshilfe derjenigen, die unter 10 01 14 fallen. Glasabfall in kleinen Teilchen und Glasstaub, die Schwermetalle enthalten z.

Gebrauchte Hon- und Schleifmittel mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 12 01 20 fallen. Fehlchargen und ungebrauchte Erzeugnisse. Gebrauchte Chemikalien mit Ausnahme derjenigen, lsitfaden unter 16 05 06, 16 05 07 oder 16 05 08 fallen. Gebrauchte Auskleidungen und einstufungzhilfe Materialien. Auskleidungen und feuerfeste Materialien auf Kohlenstoffbasis aus metallurgischen Leitfadwn mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 16 11 01 fallen.

Andere Auskleidungen und feuerfeste Leitafden aus metallurgischen Prozessen mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 16 11 03 fallen. Auskleidungen und feuerfeste Materialien aus nichtmetallurgischen Prozessen mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 16 11 05 fallen. Beton, Ziegel, Fliesen und Keramik. Bitumengemische, Kohlenteer und teerhaltige Produkte.

Rost- und Kesselaschen sowie Schlacken mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 19 01 11 fallen. Schredderleichtfraktionen und Staub mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 19 10 03 fallen. Sortieren, Zerkleinern, Verdichten, Pelletieren a. Farben, Druckfarben, Klebstoffe und Kunstharze mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die unter 20 01 27 fallen.

Batterien und Akkumulatoren, die unter 16 06 01, 16 06 02 oder 16 06 03 fallen, sowie gemischte Batterien und Akkumulatoren, die solche Batterien enthalten.

Die Entleerung kann durch Ablassen oder durch aktive Entnahme erfolgen.

Ob eine Verpackung normalerweise leer ist, kann in den einzelnen Mitgliedstaaten pragmatisch entschieden werden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die auf den Gefahrenhinweis-Codes beruhenden Grenzwerte sich auf die Beschaffenheit des Abfalls zum Zeitpunkt seiner Einstufung beziehen d.

Im Folgenden werden bestimmte Abfallarten bzw. Organische Bestandteile und bestimmte chemische Verbindungen. Die meisten PAK werden in der Forschung verwendet. Andere Quellen sind Autoabgase, Industriemissionen und Zigarettenrauch.

EUR-Lex – XC(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

Anmerkungen zur Identifizierung, Einstufung und Kennzeichnung von Stoffen: Eine weitere wichtige Gruppe von halogenierten Kohlenwasserstoffen, die von Menschen erzeugt werden, sind Halone die Kohlenstoff, Brom, Fluor und manchmal Chlor enthalten. Die unter diese Definition fallenden Minerale sind: Zement und anderen Bau- und Pflastermaterialien als Bindemittel verwendet.

Weitere Anwendungen bestehen in der Wasseraufbereitung, bei der Behandlung von Abwasser aus verschiedenen Industriezweigen und. Arzneimittel und SchmiermittelZellstoff- und Papierindustrie, Lederindustrie usw. Bei vielen Selbsteinstufungen bzw. Wenn die Summe der Konzentrationen aller als H eingestuften Stoffe z.

Erzeugnisse auf Kohlebasis, beispielsweise Kohlenteer oder Kohlenteerpeche unterscheiden sich erheblich von Bitumen. Bei der Erzeugung und der Verarbeitung von Aluminiumoxid und von Aluminium wird Kohlenteer in mehreren Prozessschritten verwendet, insbesondere bei der Anodenherstellung. Weitere Anwendungen bestehen in der Bauwirtschaft und allgemein in einstufungshipfe Kohle in Zusammenhang stehenden Industriezweigen. Kohlenteer und Kohlenteerdestillate z.

In der Verordnung EU Nr. In diesem Fall sind die Einstufungen nach diesem technischen Leitfaden nicht von Bedeutung. Der Begriff organische Peroxide umfasst auch Gemische Formulierungen mit mindestens einem organischen Peroxid. Organische Rinstufungshilfe und Gemische, die organische Peroxide enthalten, werden u. Weitere Anwendungen sind etwa der Einsatz als Bleichmittel z.

Damit ist der Abfall insgesamt als H einzustufen. Polymere sind Ketten vieler sich wiederholender molekularer Monomereinheiten.

Downloadcenter ASAP | FFG

Typische Zusatzstoffe in diesem Zusammenhang sind bei Kunststoffen beispielsweise Stabilisatoren oder Einstufungshhilfe z. Viele POP sind bzw. Department of Health and Human Einstuvungshilfe Dealing with tar bound arisingssiehe http: End of waste criteria for waste plastics for conversion. Plastics the facts An analysis of European latest plastics production, demand and waste data.

Industrial Analysis and ApplicationsWiley. Harmonisierten Einstufungen ist zu entnehmen, welche Gefahrenhinweis-Codes welchen Stoffen zuzuordnen sind.

Der in Verkehr gebrachte Stoff ist durch unterschiedliche Zusammensetzungen, Formen oder physikalische Beschaffenheiten gekennzeichnet. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Would you like to keep them? Skip to main content. This document is einstufungsshilfe excerpt leitfadne the EUR-Lex website. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

Need more search options? Use the Advanced search. Help Print this page. Expand all Collapse all. Languages, formats and link to OJ. To see if this document has been published in an e-OJ with legal value, click on the icon above For OJs published before 1st Julyonly the paper version has legal value.

Abfallrahmenrichtlinie In der Abfallrahmenrichtlinie ist festgelegt, was Abfall ist und wie er zu bewirtschaften ist. Kommentiertes Abfallverzeichnis 21 1. Gliederung des Abfallverzeichnisses 21 1.