Welcome. Welcome to the home of The Gnumeric Spreadsheet. Gnumeric is an open-source spreadsheet program. Gnumeric is Free: Gnumeric and its source . These chapters are the reference manual of SciDAVis. – The two following . and another application (Excel, Gnumeric, etc). You can import. Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project. The file formats which Gnumeric can read. org. Retrieved on ^ “Gnumeric XML File Format”. The Gnumeric Manual, version

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Gnumeric Portable

About Users Administrators Developers. The Gnumeric Manual, version 1. Working with Gnumeric 3. Starting Gnumeric the First Time 3. The Parts of Gnumeric 3.


Data in Gnumeric 3. Complex Cell Selections 3.

The Gnumeric Manual, version

File Opening and Saving 3. Data Entry Area 4. The Cell Grid 4. The Information Area 4. The Mouse Pointers used by Gnumeric.

Data in Gnumeric Cells 5. The Types of Cell Elements 5. Advanced Data Entry 5.

Obtaining Data from External Sources 5. Selecting Cells and Cell Ranges 5. Moving and Copying Data 5. Inserting New Data Cells 5.

Gnumeric Portable (full-featured spreadsheet) |

Conditional Formatting of Cells 5. Comments in Cells 5. Advanced Analysis in Gnumeric 6.

Analysis using Complex Numbers 6. Goal Seek Tool 6. One Sample Tests 8. Two Sample Tests 8.

Overview of Graphs The Graph Guru Configuring Graph Element Properties Files in Gnumeric Importing Text Files Exporting Text Files Printing to a Printer or a File.

Sources of Help The Mailing List Defining the error Opening an account The Approaches majual Extending Gnumeric Defining New Functions Programming Gnumeric using Python About This Document Welcome!


Gnumeic website is available in many languages Switch Language.

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