manual de ventsim en español Ventsim Visual™ User Guide This manual presents a guide to the effective use of Ventsim Visual™ ventilation software. Ventsim SoftwareVentsim Visual™ Standard, Advanced and Premium Versions ( Version 1 MBI Drilling – Presentación Principal-Español This manual presents a guide to the effective use of Ventsim Visual™ ventilation software for mine. (Español) Webinar: Descubre las mejoras en VentSim DESIGN V Sorry, this entry Are you still generating the curve of your fan manually? This is a thing of.

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Without an accurate representation of current conditions, future design using the model will not be accurate and could provide misleading or incorrect results.

For this reason, validating your model with current actual ventilation data and conditions is very important. There is no correct answer, but every engineer and consultant should have a target to aim for based on what the model is required for.

A model that is to be used amnual predict future expensive infrastructure and fans should target a higher accuracy than perhaps a long term life of mine draft. Accuracy represents the difference between modelled airflows and pressures, and the actual measured airflows and pressures.

Unfortunately the airway sizes, friction factors, shock losses and fan performances are often not exactly known and can be difficult or time consuming to measure in some areas. For that reason, engineers will often use standard design sizes and default friction factors and shock losses to design a model. The notes can then be compared side-by-side with the simulated results, showing any discrepancies.



Ventsim Visual V

This will show discrepancies in design sizes and airway locations that may warrant further investigation. At other times, equipment moving about, doors opening or shutting, and other temporary mine disturbances can effect airflow measurements. Provided the simulation is performing without errors or warnings, it is almost certainly simply returning the results of the input data placed within the model.

Work backwards from the main airflows to the surface and try to discover the ventskm between the data put into the model such as airway sizes, frictions factors, regulators or doors, fans etcand the actual data of the mine.

Some parts of the mine may require a physical inspection — is the fan running?

Ventsim™ 4

Has the drive or airway been filled with backfill or other blockages? Is the door or regulator open or close? More often than not, a major factor or item has been missed in the model simulation, and once resolved the simulation will perform as expected.

Some tips on creating accurate models: Funnily enough, engineers who do not consider over-break from design sizes, also forget to consider shock losses, and the effect somewhat cancel each other ventskm across the model — but not always in the correct places.


These can be used to derive friction factors which can then be applied to other similar airways, and are probably better than using standard default friction factors.

Official Releases

Ensure all simulation parameters and settings are accurate. This step requires a systematic audit or all information used and will be covered in more detail in a future article.

Each major ventilation assumption resistance, friction factor, airway size, fan curve, shock losses, simulation settings such as compressible flows and surface temperatures and barometric pressures needs to be reviewed for accuracy. If the mine is known to have a strong natural ventilation pressure presence, then this will need to be included in the model. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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