dalam pengajaran melahirkan secara alami. MAKALAH HYPNOBIRTHING ( Melahirkan Tanpa Rasa Sakit Dengan – Free. Melahirkan tanpa Rasa Sakit. Makalah disajikan dalam Talkshow Melahirkan tanpa Rasa Sakit dengan Metode Hypnobirthing, Hotel Arjuna, Bandung. Makalah epidemiologi penyajian interpretasi data grafik atau Makalah hypnobirthing melahirkan tanpa rasa sakit dengan metode hipnotis.

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Ida Ayu Trisnadewi http: The main problem of inpartu mother was a labour pain and anxiety.

The objective of this study was to examine the effect of hypnobirthing relaxation on the pain tolerance and anxiety responses in labor. A pre experimental static group comparison purposive sampling design was used in this study. There were 12 respondents who met to the inclusion criteria divided into 6 respondents were given hypnobirthing relaxation intervention and 6 respondents as the control group.


Contraction stress test

The independent variable was hypnobirthing relaxation and dependent variables were tolerance of pain and anxiety responses. It can be concluded that the makalh relaxation has an effect to increase the pain tolerance and to decrease anxiety responses in active phase of labour.

It is recommended to the hospital that have an ante natal care to hypnobirthing relaxation technique.

Melahirkan tanpa Rasa Sakit. Bobak, Lawdermilk dan Jensen, Buku Ajar Keperawatan Maternitas. Alih Bahasa oleh Maria A. Rating Depresi dan Anxiety. Antenatal Self-hipnosis for labour and Childbirth: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Buku Ajar Fisiologi Kedokteran.

Contraction stress test – Wikipedia

Alih Bahasa oleh Brahm U. Concepts, process and practice, USA: Konsep Klinis Proses-proses Penyakit. Stuart dan Sundeen, Scopus Journal Hardcopy Order Online.

About The Authors Nursalam Nursalam http: Article Tools Print this article. How to cite item. Email this article Login required.

Email the author Login required. Keywords anxiety attitude behavior blood glucose caregiver cervical cancer depression diabetes mellitus elderly family health belief model maklaah knowledge management motivation nurses nutritional status peer group support quality of life schizophrenia self-efficacy stress.


Keywords anxiety; hypnobirthing; labour; tolerance of pain.

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