Phone, Suggest a phone number Penas perdidas – o sistema penal em questão (louk hulsman e J.B de celis). 22 likes. Local Business. In LOUK HULSMAN’s point of view, the penal system is a problem itself because it has not .. HULSMAN, Louk/ Celis, Jacqueline Bernet de – Penas perdidas. Veja grátis o arquivo Louk Hulsman e Jacqueline Bernat de Celis O Sistema Penal em Questão Penas Perdidas Ano enviado para a disciplina de Direito.

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Vinícius Wildner Zambiasi | Universidade de Coimbra –

Log In Sign Up. Portugal and Direito Penal. Neste contexto surge a Lei n.

Restorative Justice emerges as a new paradigm of conflict resolution, replacing or complementing the traditional punitive system, in order to present a less harmful and more humanitarian and reparative response.

In this contexto comes the Law n.

Although the law represents an important milestone in the country’s criminal policy, there are serious flaws in its writing that excessively diminish its applicability. The purpose of this article is to study the institute of the European Arrest Warrant, which appears as an immediate replacement of the extradition mechanism for the relations of capture and delivery of persons within the territory of the European Union. Based on the deductive methodology, we searched for doctrinal, legal and jurisprudential grounds to reach the present conclusions.


Lastly, with the jurisprudential analysis of two relevant cases, it is sought to answer the basic: After, it is sought to point out the compatibility of the theory with the lived practice in the Portuguese-Brazilian reality, their main contributions to the current system, and also some of the main criticisms directed at the Dutch master. Criminology and Criminal Law. The International Criminal Court, through a Policy Paper that states the procedures for Case Selection and Prioritisation PCSP by the Office of the Prosecutor OTPincluded, as one of the criteria to make this choice, greater consideration for crimes that have been committed by or that result in destruction of the environment, exploitation of natural resources and illegal appropriation of land.

Even though by means of an anthropocentric approach, resulting from the need to be linked to crime against humanity, the preparation of this document shows that the Court does not ignore the urgency of a constant focus and greater protection for the environment at the international level. Criminology and Politica Criminal.


The purpose of this article is to study the institute called ” agreement on the sentence “proposal elaborated by Figueiredo Dias, aimed at presenting a new mechanism for consensualisation of criminal proceedings in Portugal, with the purpose of maximizing speed and procedural efficiency through the greater participation of the procedural subjects and the appreciation of the defendant’s confession, including the most serious crimes, as an alternative measure in the search for solutions to face the crisis in the criminal justice of Portugal.

Also, the decision issued by STJ will be analyzed, in order to verify for what reasons this practice was not accepted in the Portuguese daily ;enas. Remember me on this computer.

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