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Home Losee The Sindh Story 1. The Sindh Story 1. Published on Apr View 1. Malkani PageBy K. MalkaniNo part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval di;en or transmitted in any form for direct commercial profit, without the prior written permission of the authorby K. MalkaniTable of ContentsAbout the Author Queen of the East Mr Malkani was an author and a journalist.

A professor and journalist, Malkani was associated with the Jana Sangh since its formation and was one of the founding members of the BJP in the year He was a member of the Rajya Sabha from to He served as editor of many newspapers and was General Secretary of the Editors Guild of India from to Story”and “The Sindh Story”his most popular book on history. His book India First is a compilation of some of his articles over the last several years. The book is a3 Pageresult of his nearly ten years of research.

He died on 27 October, He was the youngest brother of N R Malkani. He is survived by two sons Arvind and Vikram and a daughter, Sindhu. From Wikipedia 6-Junby K.

Changing Dynamics of Finance

Within months the book was sold out. Sheikh Ayaz, the leading poet and intellectual of Sindh, said “It is a book which should find a place in every Sindhi home.

More recently Mani Engoneer Aiyar, well-known columnist, wrote: However, what convinced me more than anything else about the need to reprint the book was a letter from a young man, Aziz Kaleiri Matiari Sugar Mills, Matiari, Hyderabad Sindh who had read the book in Sindhi. This letter in Sindhi, received by me on Jan. But when I read the accounts of those times and see the edifices left behind by you, I mallq help crying.

When I ponder over your forced migration from Sindh, I feel that Sindh today lives only a fragmented, fractured existence. For long I have been wanting to correspond with a Sindhi in India so that I can re-integrate my splintered self. This book carried your address. Many times I wake up in the morning with sobs. From these I have learnt of your great love for, and attachment to, the land of Sindh. I have recalled all that with tears. There is no sorrow, and no deprivation, as serious as the loss of ones own land of birth.


Malkani”I am sorry that Prof. I am reminded of what Sheikh Ayaz said on the passing of Narayan Shyam.

Here, even now, the harvest season is marked by Vaisakhi Mela. But I feel- “The cotton trees don’t have their old blossoms; the spinners are gone; the sight of empty shops only fills me with a deep sadness.

It had the sweet smell of Sindh in it. Perhaps what happened, had to happen. As sotware Poet puts it ‘The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on. For us Sindhis, Hindustan was like maternal grandmother’s aoftware Nani-a jo ghar. May God’s grace help us stop our quarrelling and live in peace.

For as Shah Saheb has said: And as Shah Saheb has also said: May everybody be happy. Obviously because he never got my letter. Such is the Iron Curtain between India and Emgineer. I only hope that a letter from an Indian M. But books are the voice of the people.

They can by-pass this curtain. It is, therefore, a matter of great satisfaction that Sindhi Academy, Delhi, has softqare to reprint the book. It was, not found necessary to revise the book because the historical part is history and ‘The Sindhi Revival’ after Partition has beautifully maintained its tempo. The only addition-apart from this Preface-is the Appendix, which is a report on Mr. Syed’s memorable softtware Pageto India in It will be read with the greatest interest.

My grateful thanks are due to Prof. Vaswani and Hiro Thakur for their valuable suggestions for this reprint.

MalkaniPrefaceIt was in Sindh towards the end of Partition had taken place and Hindus were leaving the province in large numbers. Suddenly an elderly Muslim lady coming from the opposite direction stopped in front of us and asked in pain: A Muslim gentleman was happily carrying a big framed group photograph Soon he could contain his joy no more.

And so he stopped, held up the picture for me to see and said he had just bought it because of the respected Seth of his village sitting in that group. It was a great memento for him. One day I was travelling in a city bus.

The front seats were reserved for women. Suddenly a Muslim lady sitting in front noticed that an elderly Hindu neighbour was standing.

She got up and insisted on dipeb man taking her seat. In vain did the man protest that he was alright yb, and that, in any case, those seats were reserved for women. He had to sit down as the lady persisted with an anguished voice: While Sindhis in India have made good here and abroad, Sindhis in Sindh have launched themselves on a course that can only lead to the eventual winding up of Pakistan.

MalkaniOnly last year I had a visitor from Sindh. When his friends learnt that he was visiting this side, they laughed and told him in the open bazar: Bring the Indian Army along.

LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR by Dipen Ambalia

Gandhi to send us dhotis by helicopter in advance, so that we can welcome the Indian troops in suitable style. It is an attempt at understanding an area, its people and their local culture, that have made all this possible. Kumar for his excellent map of Sindh. I am grateful to Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha for planting the idea of this book in my mind and to my sister Gopi for encouraging the good thought.


I am also grateful to many friends who supplied books and photographs and valuable information. I am mallz grateful to Dr. Eoftware Jetley who opened up his treasurehouse of Sindh books to me with a cheer that encouraged me to delve deeper and deeper into them. But for his help this book would not be what it is. Readers who have any suggestions or comments to make sofware a second edition, are welcome to do so on the following address.

Being a product of Sindh, softare is not surprising that he has devoted a good bit of industry and his historical insights for presentation of a panoramic view of the land of his birth. What looser me, however, is his wish that I write a foreword to this most interesting book.

I must confess that his command both flattered and frightened me. I do lpser know why Kewal’s choice fell on me. Whatever my other pretension, and like many politicians I have quite a few, a deep study of history or a reasonable facility in historical presentation are by no means amongst them. I suspect it is a case of a pleasing misunderstanding. Even so I enjoy it. But it is more than neutralised by the thought that keeping up the pretence would require some amount of labour. The task seemed rather difficult, rendered more so by professional and political preoccupations.

The African Union | Economy of Africa – wwx

But then there happened one of those unexplained accidents. Enineer doctors diagnosed a faulty heart and peremptorily put me to rest.

With the heart wired to an E. It is no exaggeration to say that I enjoyed every word and the reading certainly made my forced incarceration bearable. Deep gaps in my knowledge of what Sindh was, what it could have become and what it still might be in the future, have been agreeably filled. I greatly admire this outstanding product of his industry and research and heartily commend it to others. I hope the book will get into every Library, public and private.

Everyone will enjoy it even those djpen are not in a hospital bed.

At the time of publication, however, the country is going through a og crisis. The levers of power have passed into the hands of men without morals and politicians without principles.