LGB Gesuperde postwagon,verlichting & metalen wielen LGB Post Container-Tragwagen RhB % . LGB DR-Dampflok 99 View and Download LGB instruction manual online. Toy pdf manual download. USA GB DR RĂ¼gen Steam Locomotive, THE. I have just acquired an LGB which is DCC ready but not fitted. I want to fit a Massoth LS sound decoder but I can’t get into the beast.

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The Champex-linden site shows the exploded components for the loco including screws.

Opening LGB Rugen T – G Scale Central

That is connected to the main board by a black 5 wire plug. TBH I don’t remember, however the instruction and service diagram can be found here: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

I really need someone who’s done this before to advise. Not too hard when you know that secret. Separating the boiler and cab was not too bad. I used the exploded parts diagram referenced in an earlier posting as a guide. Beware that the cab weight may fall out at this point!

Opening LGB 28001 Rugen 0-8-0T

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Can someone who has done this before let me know the secret or point me at some dismantling instructions? The page numbers listed below reference that document. There are some screws marked on page 3 of the exploded parts diagram which llgb to be the culprit ,gb to get to those I would have to remove the motor block which I have already tried but stopped as it looked to be far too complicated. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Thanks guys I should have said I already have both of those documents but they are not helping.


By continuing to use this site, you 2801 consenting to our use of cookies. Now the combined cab and boiler should lift off. Remove the boiler front 17 and unplug the front lights and smoke generator wiring. Glad you got there in the end, Dave – I had to open my Ralphmp Registered 11 Aug I will keep that board so I need to work out 280001 wire does what, but no need for the 4 way switch.

LGB 28001 Instruction Manual Page 7

Then the top comes off. I think Zerogee has done this as he said how difficult it was in a post in ! Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

This may help you identify what is holding things together. I have finished the decoder install so I have done a write-up.

Parts for DR Ruegen LGB

You have to do it gently as the wires for the cab and rear lights and 4-way switch are not very long. The analog circuit board is attached to the weight by another 3 screws. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. If I’ve done it right this is the link https: Thread starter idlemarvel Start date 11 Aug As I didn’t want to disturb that too much, I simply unplugged the old from the board and plugged an L in its place.


I hope the screw is not under the motor block as that looks like a pig to remove. The trick is to remove the regulator arms from the top of the valve gear. Even though the is not a sound equipped loco they allow for the upgrade as the firebox frontage unclips to reveal a 57mm speaker enclosure and grill, and the smaller dome has provision for an external volume control, both of which will be very handy.

Thanks in advance, Dave. As you said in your posting it is easier if you remove all the pipes, valves and other gubbins first, then it is a question of gentle brute force, there are no screws involved. Unplug either end of that cable and you should be able to separate the cab and boiler from the chassis. Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Facebook Pinterest Email Link. Zerogee Clencher’s Bogleman 11 Aug I want to fit a Massoth LS sound decoder but I can’t get into the beast.

The weight in the boiler is held in by 3 screws under the boiler.