Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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This type of engine is one of a kind.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The invention relates to a device for closing off an opening, in particular an inspection opening, preferably in a dry building structure, in particular for a wall or a ceiling, in which the opening is formed in at least one panel-like structure element and can be closed off by means of a panel-like closure cover. The invention relates to a method for detecting GNSS spoofing, comprising the steps: The present invention more particularly relates to an image display device having a display panel with a backlight panel having a plurality of LED elements, said image display device further comprising an electronic control unit operating said LED elements in drive or sensor modes in the manner that LED elements operated as receiver LEDs are selectively coupled to a power source S and an amplifier A to detect generated voltage V in response to light generated by emitter LEDs.

The housing encloses a cavity. Compared to the liquid forms comprising triiodide, the stabilized solid forms can be used for a much wider range of applications due to their shape stability and a significantly smaller volume weight of total material. When the operation of the operator makes the end portion of the robot deviate from a desired movement track or enter into a high-risk area, the operation force of the robot will be generated to ensure the end portion of the robot is kept on the correct track and in the correct area at all time.

A process for making edible oil-continuous emulsions by mixing slurries of hardstock fat crystals in oil with an aqueous phase to form an emulsion followed by addition of a melted hardstock. According to the invention, the support element 1 is equipped with at least one wear contact 18 which can only be contacted by the sliding contact 3 of the slide 4 when the sliding contact 3 has a specified degree of wear. The present invention relates to a corrugated hose.

The reflectance of the second part 5 is between 0 and 20 percent in light having a wavelength up to nm making the second part 5 substantially fully visible in the visible spectrum and a first part 4 of the infrared spectrum up to nm and the reflectance of the second part 5 is above 25 percent in infrared light having a wavelength above nm making the second part 5 at least not fully visible in most of the infrared spectrum.

The invention relates to a planetary gear set 1 for a motor vehicle, comprising a multi-part planet carrier 2 in which a plurality of planetary gears 3 can be rotatably mounted, said planet carrier 2 having a main body 4 on which at least one plate 5 of the planet carrier 2 is fixed against axial and rotational movement, wherein said main body 4 comprises first form-fit elements 6 and the plate 5 comprises second form-fit elements 7and the first form-fit elements 6 and second form-fit elements 7 engage in counter form-fit elements 8 of a torque transmission component 9 in order to prevent said main body 4plate 5 and torque transmission component 9 from rotating relative to one another.

The present invention relates to a lithium battery comprising an anode comprising an active anode material, a cathode comprising an active cathode material comprising lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide NMCand an electrolyte separating anode and cathode, wherein the electrolyte comprises a solvent or solvent mixture and lithium hexafluorophosphate, wherein the electrolyte further comprises triphenylphosphine oxide.

Additionally, the UE and the base station may determine a CSI reporting configuration based on the determined communication configuration. The plane of wheel 6 is perpendicular to or parallel with plane 3 of the suspension of wheel 6. Moreover, the invention relates to a corresponding method.


The present invention relates to a system for a gas oven having an improved air flow plate and connection thereof whereby the extinguishing of the bottom heating element is prevented. The disclosure also relates to a vehicle comprising such a vacuum pump.

The device can prevent needle stick injuries and cross infection and can reduce the damage to the inner walls of a patient’s blood vessels due to the needle tubing 2and is miniaturized in terms of product design and is easy to use, and the production process therefor is simple.

The invention relates to a hydraulic camshaft adjuster 1 for adjusting the actuation periods of gas exchange valves of a combustion engine, comprising a stator 2 and a rotor 3as well as comprising a central locking device 21 for locking the rotor 3 in a central locking position relative to the stator 2wherein a flat spiral spring 24 is arranged between the stator 2 and the rotor 3wherein the flat spiral spring 24 has a minimal pre-tensioning force in the central position of the rotor 3.

When N is 1, a first circulation loop comprises a waste heat exchanger, a first stage steam turbine or a first stage expander, a first stage condenser and a first stage liquid pump which are sequentially connected from end to end. The x, y and z directions are respectively orthogonally oriented in relation to each other. The invention is characterised in that the distal end 3 of the needle tip 4 is closed and the at least one effective surface 5 is arranged laterally close to the needle tip 4wherein the closed needle tip 4 has a cutting surface for cutting the lens.

The invention relates to a clamping device for coupling a drilling tool 3 to a drill 1comprising itnegra cavity 10 which has a base region The microwave energy can be supplied from magnetron sources or semiconductor sources in a waveguide mode.

Also provided are a waste heat recovery method suitable for the waste heat recovery system, and a power station. Said discharge head has a nasal applicator 12which extends outward from an actuation surface 32 and at the end of which a discharge opening 98 is provided, which, through an applicator channel 92 of the nasal applicator 12is connected in a fluid-communicating manner to a hollow tube 42 for connection to the pressure reservoir.

The network node is configured to estimate a first network SINR for a first data transmission DT1 to a client device and perform the first data transmission DT1 to the client device using the first network SINR.

Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. Furthermore, the client device is configured to transmit at least one first control message CM1 comprising an indication of the SINR adjustment to the network node if the SINR difference value is larger than a threshold value. The invention relates to a fuel injector 1comprising: The invention relates to a housing for an electrical device, in particular an electrical machine.

The mating surfaces of the first and second blade modules intgera configured to form a scarf joint between the first inetgra second blade modules.

The invention also relates to a clutch housing 21 having a main body, to which a radially inwardly pointing bearing plate 20 is attached, wherein a central clutch operator 1 is fastened to the bearing plate 20 by way of a holding component 9 which faces the bearing plate.

List of Autonomous System Numbers

Disclosed are an intelligent question answering method, a server, a terminal and a storage medium, which belong to the technical field of the Internet. The device is imtegra to receive a network slice request and a capacity of each physical link in the network over the interfacethe request including at least one placement constraint and at least one Quality leei Service, QoS, constraint. An instruction forwarding system capable of receiving an instruction such as from a user, determining a corresponding command and outputting a corresponding sound command to a Voice Assistant, which will then react to the command.


The transmission bearing is sleeved onto the rotary cylinder, and an outer ring of the transmission bearing is fixedly connected to the rotary cylinder. The invention relates to a tyre 1having a cord inlay 7a steel cord belt layer 8and a tread 10wherein the intetra 1 is rotatable about an axis of rotation 11 in a circumferential direction 12 and has a tyre zenith 13wherein the tyre 1 comprises at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises at least one sensor element 15wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises a piezoelement 16and wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 is itegra spatially between a region 17 of the cord inlay 7 and a first region 18 of the tread The invention also relates to a clutch housing comprising a main body 32 on which a radially inwardly oriented end shield 10 is mounted, the concentric slave cylinder 1 according to the invention being fastened to the end shield 10 by means of a plurality of fastening means 8.

The invention relates to an adjusting device comprising a main part, at least two drive elements which implement a drive movement, and a platform which can be moved relative to the main part. A plurality of bars 70 are attached to the shear web and engaged with a plurality of mounts 80 in order to support and stabilise the shear web relative to that shell. The second blade module has a tapered end portion having a thickness that decreases towards the proximal end, and that defines a mating surface on the first side of the module that extends between the proximal end and the first aerodynamic surface.


When the metal is completely abraded from the sliding contact, the contact resistance increases and an unstable measurement signal of the component results such that the component must be replaced.

The anti-electromagnetic interference radio frequency module comprises a radio frequency module body, the inside of the radio frequency module body is provided with an electrical connection area 1 and a grounding area 2a metal thin film structure 4 is 1165 to an upper intefra and side surfaces of the radio frequency module body, and the metal thin film structure is connected to the grounding area, forming an anti-electromagnetic interference shielding layer structure which is integrated with the radio frequency module body.

The invention discloses a guiderail of an underslung robot, an underslung robot and an operating system thereof. The network node can use two precoders for efficiently making use of the side-link. The reservation system may be a flight reservation system and item types may be bookable places on flights.

A cover layer 23 of a fleece material for an intgera unit 20 comprising a plurality of pocketed springs 29 is manufactured by supplying at least two longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25which extend substantially parallel in a longitudinal direction and are spaced from one another, and repeatedly attaching a transverse fleece web 26, 27which extends between the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 in a direction substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, to the longitudinal fleece webs 24, Circuitry, a method, means and a computer program configured to reduce distortions in an amplified signal to be radiated by an antenna.

The PLL comprises a phase frequency detector 116645 two latches