Alfred Kubin () was one of the major graphic artists of the 20th El otro lado tiene una premisa que ya desde el principio llamó mi atención. .. Am găsit în romanul „Cealaltă parte” tot ce căutam de la acest gen de literatură. LA Otra Parte by Alfred Kubin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La otra parte by Kubin, Alfred and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Es innegable que Kubin escribe muy bien.

LA Otra Parte

However tired you may be, you feel the compulsion to keep going, on and on… We only enjoy real peace when our wandering is at an end. That’s where Clay Davis’ empty pockets turn up. Which is nothing but the exterior of the subject. Being inside Kubin’s head is a dangerous and very scary place to find oneself, even if it’s only for the duration of the book.

It’s a world where the sky is perpetually overcast, the people dress strangely and use outdated instruments. I don’t understand making him the great and powerful Oz. View all 3 comments. Something about this collective unconscious in a burned to the ground village made me feel so tired.

Ogra invitato a nozze. In seguito ai bagordi e alle gozzoviglie, il logorio nervoso era diventato terribile nel Paese del Sogno.

LA Otra Parte : Alfred Kubin :

I could feel how the artist would sniff like a blood hound to run away from the blood rushing in the ears that don’t pick up mutual cries.

It’s a world where the sky is perpetually overcast, the people dress strangely a In a decadent, surreal mood, I dove into this. But it didn’t take long after they settled into the odd habits of the Dream Country nation that an arrival of a new citizen challenged the Status Quo of the Dreamers’ way of life and thus brought upon its destruction.

He stood there upright, his torso reaching the clouds; his flesh was as if made of hills. Come il protagonisti siamo di continuo spinti a pensare: I took a look at what other reviews said.


But all of these pieces end up being kubni interesting than the story itself, and the beginning was quite slow. Peake, I would say give this a shot. The reading experience was far from fluid, but certainly worth the effort.

One of my new favorites! And right in the middle, the great miracle of the incarnation: En ese sentido, las acciones que se van dando son, para mi gusto, un tanto inconexas. Noooo, but you were soul boring! Or as Kubin kubij called it, ‘a sort of Baedeker for those lands which are half known to us’. The bitchy nurse says some shit now about how that was the point, Europe after WWI, blah blah blah. Nothing short of amazing.

Si capisce come sia diventato e rimasto romanzo di culto superando il tempo e le epoche. Che fu definito kubij stesso autore un romanzo fantastico: Dec 28, Andy rated it really liked it. This is a thoroughly odd, macarbre, and gruesome tale, beginning as a shoddy dystopia pqrte then speeding towards the most disturbing, surreal, Freudian and otrx finale possible. Wonderfully vivid and intense imagery, great dreary atmosphere and some fun characters, for example the barber who talks about philosophy so much that he has to get a monkey to cut hair for him.

The Other Side by Alfred Kubin

The editor suggests it is a satire of Utopianism. Like not going anywhere. That’s exactly how this very disturbing novel begins. There’s a letter delivered across bureaucratic lines of remember when we were lads in framed portraits destined to sit on some doily covered dresser to remind the housekeeper that someone once swaddled us in doily-like baby clothes?

I think I already feel too much that bad stuff ,a happens is a collective will, anyway. I don’t want to think too hard to come up with this means this or this means that. A job is promised, interim funding provided. It’s his art morphed into words, it emanates the same atmosphere, the same grotesqueness.

Paired with the piercing brilliance of another novel of the forces of dreams that I happened to read nearly ofra the same time, The Lathe of Heaventhis is all murk and decay and irrational forces, the dream-unleashed id of a century that would, just a few years later, reveal first the bloodiest war in world history, then another even more cataclysmic, almost immediately after.


The Other Side

I liked the written descriptions of what would have been drawings. You know how “They” always is in these suffocating scenarios.

The prose isn’t brilliant but Kubin is ex A man in his thirties, married, an artist, receives a strange offer: I think I am on a good track to understand it on a much deeper level, but I need to read some supporting materials first. Patera’s head floats higher and higher. Moving there at his behest made no kind of gut sense to me.

Things in the kingdom seem just a bit off and in fact his wife is never comfortable or happy once they arrive. The downfall of the Dream Country is so pictorially rich with its nightmarish scenes that one ,ubin but think about Jung, Freud before they even came well into the scenethe collective unconsciousness and psychedelic trips gone really really bad.

The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created deep in Asia, which is also a journey to the depths of the subconscious. How it ends I won’t say, but imagine any dream you’ve ever had that starts out being sort of quirky and then rapidly devolves into a nightmare from which you struggle to awaken, and that describes this novel in a nutshell.

The narrator decides to move there in the utmost secrecy taking with him only his wife and from the moment they arrive they are bewildered by the uncanny nature of the Dream Country. Some passages of cosmic destruction reminded me of “The House kubih the Borderland” where the very universe quakes, crumbles and is destroyed. I could see that. It has more than it’s share of strange, fascinating images.