Kuasa veto translation in Malay-English dictionary. Example sentences with ” Kuasa veto”, translation memory. add example. Ini, staf biasa pula yang mengalahkan bos sendiri. Berlagak macam dia punyai kuasa veto yang boleh buat apa saja, hatta memaki hamun staf lain sesuka hati. Hapuskan Kuasa Veto. Utusan Malaysia. URI: handle// Date: Show full item record.

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Archived from the original on 6 April February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The President of the Philippines may refuse to sign a bill, sending the bill back to the house where it originated along with his objections. If the Supreme Court rules that the law does not violate the Constitutionthe President may not object any more and is obliged to finally proclaim the law. Archived from the original on 14 July The Presidents of the Continental Congress —81 did not have the power of veto.

Introduction to the Constitution of India. The Council of State Governments. Article II—the Congress veot vote on his request within ten days.

Hapuskan Kuasa Veto

In India, the president has three veto powers, i. Prentice-Hall of India Learning Pvt. It was never exercised, however, under the rule of the strong Polish royal dynasties, which came to an end in the midth century.

The President of Estonia may effectively veto a law adopted by Estonian parliament by refusing to proclaim it and demanding a new debate and decision.

Provincial viceroys, called ” Lieutenant Governors ” plural are able to reserve Royal Assent to provincial bills for consideration and possible disallowance by the Federal Cabinet ; this clause was last invoked in by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. Once the thirty-day period expires, the bill becomes law as if the president had signed vetl.


Many European republics allow some form of presidential veto on legislation, which may vary, according to their constitutional form or by convention.

Hapuskan Kuasa Veto

Archived from the original on January 5, During the Constitutional Convention the framers overwhelmingly rejected three proposals for an absolute veto. This was last used inand the power was effectively nullified by the Balfour Declaration of The President of Austria has no veto power, but signs bills into law.

Under the Act, money bills those concerning vetto cannot kuasz delayed, and under the Salisbury Conventionthe Lords, by conventioncannot delay any bills set out in the governing party’s manifesto. Section 7 of the Constitution, [11] if the President does not approve of the bill and chooses not to sign, he may return it unsigned, within ten days, excluding Sundays, to the house of the United States Congress in which it originated, while the Congress kuwsa in session.

The Immigration and Nationality Act was one of many acts of Congress passed since the s, which kuuasa a provision allowing either house of that legislature to nullify decisions of agencies in the executive branch simply by passing a resolution.

Retrieved 15 October During the Constitutional Conventionthe veto was routinely referred to as a ‘revisionary power’.

The presidential veto ukasa was first exercised on 5 April when President George Washington vetoed a bill outlining a new apportionment formula. Can Responsible Government Survive in Australia?


The concept of a veto body originated with the Roman consuls and tribunes. The Veto kasa constructed not as an absolute veto, but rather with limits, such as that Congress can override a veto, and that the President’s objections must be stated in writing. But the Bill reconsidered by the parliament becomes a law with or without the assents of President after 14 days.


The president may also veto specific provisions on money bills without affecting other provisions on the same bill. Returning the unsigned bill to Congress constitutes a veto.

He can also veto minister nominations, as happened in The President is constitutionally required to state any objections to the vsto in writing, and the Congress is required to consider them, and to reconsider the legislation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They can delay legislation for up to one year. The absence of the royal assent, although not constitutionally provided [ clarification needed ]would mean the bill did not become a part of the law.

In this case, Chadha’s deportation was suspended and the House of Representatives passed a resolution overturning the suspension, so that the deportation proceedings would continue. The luasa can also take no action indefinitely on a bill, sometimes referred to as a pocket veto. If Parliament overturns his veto, the President must sign the bill within 10 days.

If the President refuses to sign bill without it being declared unconstitutional, the Assembly of the Republic parliament may pass it again, in which case it becomes law.

The President of Hungary has two options to veto a bill: In this case the President is obliged to proclaim the law or to request the Supreme Court of Estonia to declare the law unconstitutional.