Music writer, theorist and film maker Kodwo Eshun’s More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures In Sonic Fiction is set to be republished some 20 years since first. Derek Walmsley picks six columns from our archives by Kodwo Eshun in which the future Turner Prize nominee forged a new style of writing about dance music . At 17, Kodwo Eshun won an Open Scholarship to read Law at University. College , Oxford. After eight days he switched to Literary Theory, magazine journalism.

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Contemporary art and critical theory with particular reference to postwar liberation movements, modern and contemporary musicality, cybernetic theory, the cinematic soundtrack and archaeologies of futurity.

More Brilliant than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction 2nd edition Eshun, Kodwo. Adventures in Sonic Fiction 2nd edition. Rock My Religion Eshun, Kodwo.

The Ghosts of Songs: Post-Punk Then and Now. Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova, eds. To win the war, you fought it sideways: Henriette Gunkel and Kara Lynch, eds. We Travel the Space Ways: Black Imagination, Fragments and Diffractions.

Conversation with John Akomfrah Eshun, Kodwo. Conversation with Exhun Akomfrah. Conversation with Louis Moreno and Ayesha Hamed. On Her Devolves The Labour: Cinematic Time Travel of the Song of the Shirt.

Sue Clayton and Laura Mulvey, eds.

Kodwo Eshun

Politics, Culture and Experimental Film in the s. Drexciya as Spectre [Catalogue Essay]. Carles Guerra and Jeu de Palme, eds. Green Gartside in Conversation with Kodwo Eshun. Fear of a Wet Planet Eshun, Kodwo. Fear of a Wet Planet. Rave and its Influence on Art and Culture. The object spoke to me but what it said I cannot say [Catalogue Essay]. Boris Ondreicka and Nadium Samman, eds. Kodwo Eshun in Conversation with Sue Clayton.


A Hunter Shooting Waterbirds. Studio for Propositional Cinema 2. Kofwo Energetic Koewo [Catalogue Essay]. Creating a New Kdwo Cinema. Annett Busch and Anselm Franke, eds. Textures of the Anthropocene. Narcissus in Uniform [Catalogue Essay]. Elvira Dyangani Ose, ed. Caderno Sesc Videobrazil, kovwo ed. Afrofuturism as Speculative Heresy Eshun, Kodwo.

Afrofuturism as Speculative Heresy. Naima J Keith and Zoe Whitley, eds. The Shadows Took Shape. The Studio Museum in Harlem. Third Text, 25 1pp.

Further Considerations on Afrofuturism Eshun, Kodwo. Further Considerations on Afrofuturism. The Circuit of Enslavement Eshun, Kodwo. Dispossession, Displacement and Death. Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme, United Kingdom 20 July Fukushima and Visual Inquiry Eshun, Kodwo.

Kodwo Eshun – The Wire

The Proxy and Its Politics: On evasive objects in a Networked Age. Fukushima Artists Films Eshun, Kodwo. In Conversation with Jason Waite. The Eastman Complex Eshun, Kodwo. Algorithmic Poetics Eshun, Kodwo. Techno Resistance and Black Futures Festival. The Question of Will. A4, Bratislava, Slovakia 24 May Vanabbemuseum Eindhoven, Netherlands 20 May KurzfilmTage Oberhausen, Netherlands 17 May Ceddo in the Future of Eshun, Kodwo.


Raw Academy, Dakar, Senegal 21 April International House, Endless Shout. Cinemas from the Capitalocene. Hapticality, Waywardness and the Practice of Entanglement.

Amsterdam Central Library, Netherlands 13 December On the Black Universe Eshun, Kodwo. Narrating the Race to Zero Eshun, Kodwo. Geneve, Kodow 30 November Co-Op Dialogues Eshun, Kodwo. In Conversation with Jean Matthee. Tate Britain, United Kingdom 14 November Screening and Discussion with Sumesh Sharma. Genres of the Human Eshun, Kodwo.

We Are Methane Eshun, Kodwo. Work, Wars and the Museum. The Forgotten Space Eshun, Kodwo. Artist Talk Eshun, Kodwo. Reconstruction of Story 2.

Decolonizing Nature Eshun, Kodwo. In Conversation with T. Demos and Ros Gray.

The Showroom, United Kingdom 14 July The Final Scene of Hyenas: An Parenthetical Incorporation Eshun, Kodwo. Black or White Screen: The Power of Seeing Images Together. A Parenthetical Incorporation Eshun, Kodwo. Khiasma, Kinesis Exposition Arts Visuel. Paris, France 21 June An Endless Suddenness Eshun, Kodwo. Thinking with Fred Moten. A Fable of Fatal Incorporation. Beyond the Scorched Earth of Counter Cinema. Goldsmiths, London, United Kingdom 12 May Art, Politics and New Social Imaginaries’.

Stadtklang, Sonic Utopias, Utopia Treasury. Somerset House, United Kingdom 20 March