Page 1. Kitchen stewarding UNIT—4. In kitchen stewarding, one is required to maintain the kitchens of an eatery or hotel. This job has moved from being a chef’s. Home Interior Design Style Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design Kitchen Living Room Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design. KITCHEN STEWARDING LAYOUT AND DESIGN PDF. Find + best results for “kitchen stewarding layout and design pdf” web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls.

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Thanks for posting the useful information to my vision. This is excellent information.

Stewarding department

Sendhamarai Engineering Boom Lift. Kitchen stewarding contributes to the successful operation of the Food production and service department. It performs the following functions: The Silver and the Plate Room is the store room for all the clean earthenware and metal tableware. In small hotel this room is combined with the wash up. They maintain an adequate stock of all the tableware, earthenware and glassware for service together with a slight surplus stock to handle emergency situations.

The room is equipped with cupboards and shelves. The inventory of all the articles is regularly taken and tallied with the book stock. While stacking the heavier items should go at the lower shelves while the lighter items are stored higher up.

Smaller items such as ashtrays, menu card holders, table numbers, cruet set, butter dishes are best stored in drawers lined with green baize. Procedure for washing kitchen utensils and equipments: Kitchen utensils can be manually or machine washed in the pot wash following the same principles of Wash, Rinse and Sanitize.

It is advisable to use a 3 sink system and the utensils stewardig chopping boards are to be dipped in chlorine solution of ppm parts per million before being re used.

Scrape and pre rinse to keep the washing water clean for a longer time. Wash with detergent in preferably hot water. Rinse in hot water to remove detergent to avoid chemical poisoning. Sanitize in warm water using qnd or directly in steam or hot air. The wash up is carried out mainly in two methods: The first method is known as three sink washing method. The first stewarxing contains a hot water and soap solution, and the second sink contains hot water to rinse and the third sink contains tepid warm water with a sanitized solution.

The stacked and grouped dirties come in their groups to the first sink and here they are manually scrubbed with the hot water solution after which they are passed to the second sink where they are rinsed and ultimately to the third sink with tepid water where they are sanitized.


The equipments can also be sterilized by hot steam and then wiped and send to the plate room and silver room accordingly.

Storage facilities, Layout and Design

The second method is washing by dish washing machine. The machine itself is very expensive and should be maintained and operated strictly as per the instructions given in the manual.

The plates and other earthenware are stacked and put in a wired basket, and the glass wares in a separate similar basket to avoid breakage. The machine is aided sgewarding a conveyor belt running through it.

The baskets are loaded on the conveyor that takes them to the inner part where they are sprayed with soap solution, and then rinsed, and depending upon the type of machine the articles can even be sterilized and dried as kitchsn come out from the other end of the machine.

The process of kktchen washing would be the hot water rinse -soap solution-final hot water rinse-wiping if required. It is a box type machine and has a cover of sorts which can be pulled up or down kitchenn stop or start the machine respectively.

Dividing curtains highly resistant to chemical agents and heat are present. It is loaded from one end and the process of cleaning is carried out. Three types on the basis of working: Dishes are neatly stacked in racks which slide into the machines where they are sprayed with hot water and detergents 48 degree C degree C from above and below. The rack then moves to the sterilization edsign where the dishes are subjected to a hot water shower of 82 degree C.

Dishes sterilized at this temperature dry quickly when passed out into the air. Then they are rinsed tsewarding sterilized in another section of the machine. In this method, baskets of dishes are immersed in deep tanks and cleaned by mechanical agitation in hot detergent water.

vivekvermanotes: 5th sem kitchen stewarding notes (f&b) Notes

The baskets are given a final hot water rinse for sanitization. These machines are usually operated by two people, one for sorting soiled items and to feed iitchen machine iktchen the other to collect the clean ware.

There is a large drum which is half filled with ball bearings and there is a rod in the center used for putting the handles of the cups and jugs. The cutlery is directly put into the drum.

The soap solution is added to avoid friction stewardinb could cause scratches. This machine is either attached to a water supply or else water is poured manually. The machine takes around 15 min to complete the polishing process. Opportunities of kitchen stewarding Responsibilities of the manager: Recruiting and training the kst staff.


Preparing wtewarding duty roster 3. Supervising the work of the staff 4. Snd the continuous supply of the well maintained, cleaned and polished pans and pots, large cooking vessels, and service equipments for production and service departments. Keeping washing area and staff cafeteria neat and tidy. Cleaning filters of kitchen exhausts systems and kitchen equipment 8. Sending epns for plating and keeping a record of the same. Controlling the movement of stock of all food production and service equipments.

Exploring effective methods of carrying out various tasks Maintaining washing machine, burnishing machine and other equipments Garbage disposal by adhering to local bodies. Qnd of the stewards: They engage in scullery, ware wash, garbage disposal, kitchen cleaning, pest control; cafeteria cleaning.

Tasks carried out by the department: Carried out either manually or by machines. Ware wash and maintenance of silver room: The main kitchens ware and coffee shop and IRD dishwashing is done in the main kitchen whereas the specialty restaurant ware is washed in the satellite dishwashing kitchens.

Garbage Oayoutkitchen cleaning and pest control: For garbage disposal different color coded bins are placed outside each restaurant: Green renewable and recyclable materialYellow non renewable and recyclable materialred non recyclable and non renewable.

It is the responsibility of the stewards to provide necessary tools and cleaning agents. The different registers and records maintained in this department are: Log Book — to maintain daily information of the department 2. Duty Roster Chart — to distribute the manpower efficiently and mentioning off days.

Kitchen Equipment Register — to maintain the inventory of all equipments related to kitchen. Breakage and Condemn Register — to maintain the inventory of all breakages. Machine Report register — register where machine operations are recorded. AMC Records Register — to maintain the annual maintenance records of all equipments.

Requisition Forms — these are forms nad the departments are recorded for procurement from the stores. These are in terms of the temperatures to be maintained for the buffet both hot and cold three times a day. Posted by Vivek Verma at Manoj Rabha 28 February at TamilSelvam 12 July at Mero Future 1 August at Unknown 20 November at Singh 30 November at Newer Post Older Post Home.