The account, written by the German historian Karl-Heinz Frieser and edited by American historian John T. Greenwood, provides the definitive explanation for. Karl-Heinz Frieser, Self: Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War. Volume VIII: The Eastern Front The War in the East and on the Neighbouring Fronts. Edited by Karl-Heinz Frieser. Germany and the Second World.

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GreenwoodKarl-heinz Frieser inbundenEngelska, Sparad i dina bevakningar. Here, for the first time in English, is an illuminating new German perspective on the decisive Blitzkrieg campaign of Karl-Heinz Frieser’s account provides the definitive explanation for Germany’s startling success and the equally surprising and rapid military collapse of France and Britain on the European continent.

In a little over a month, Germany decisively defeated the Allies in battle, a task that had not been achieved in four years of brutal fighting during World War I.


Germany and the Second World War – Karl-Heinz Frieser – Oxford University Press

First published in as the official German history of the campaign in the west, the book goes beyond standard explanations to show that German victory was not inevitable and French defeat was not preordained. Contrary to the usual accounts of the campaign, Frieser illustrates that the military systems of both Germany and France were solid and that their campaign planning was sound.

The key to victory or defeat, he argues, was the execution of operational plans – both preplanned and ad hoc – amid the eternal Clausewitzian combat factors of friction and the fog of war. Frieser shows why on the eve of the campaign the British and French leaders had good cause to be confident and why many German generals neinz understandably concerned that disaster was looming for them.

This study explodes many of the myths concerning German Blitzkrieg warfare and the planning for the campaign. A groundbreaking new interpretation of a topic that has long interested students of military history, it is karo published in cooperation with the Association of the U.


Levereras inom vardagar.

The Blitzkrieg Legend

Karl-heinz Frieser John T. Greenwood Karl-heinz Frieser Undertitel: Bortom varje rimligt tvivel Malin Persson Giolito. Ribbings etikett Magdalena Ribbing.

Oskar und das Geheimnis des Klosters Claudia Frieser.

Der Kirchendieb Claudia Frieser. Oskar und das Geheimnis der verschwundenen Kinder Claudia Frieser. Formularbuch des Fachanwalts Erbrecht Andreas Frieser.

Handbuch des Fachanwalts Erbrecht. Bortom varje rimligt tvivel Malin Persson Giolito 58 kr. Ribbings etikett Magdalena Ribbing kr.

Oskar und das Geheimnis des Klosters Claudia Frieser 93 kr. Der Kirchendieb Claudia Frieser kr. Oskar und das Geheimnis der verschwundenen Kinder Claudia Frieser kr.

Formularbuch des Fachanwalts Erbrecht Andreas Frieser kr. Handbuch des Fachanwalts Erbrecht kr.