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Speakers will include plant explorerand nurseryman Tom Mitchell ofEvolution Plants, and the curator of theChelsea Physic Garden, Chris Bailes,who will give a talk on orchids and theircultivation.

Autumn Show South on Numbers areRegistered charity No. Loughborough Autumn Show Netherlands, Harry Jans, who will limited so please reserve yourAnnual subscriptions for There are seasonal naming additional speakers will be is located just five minutes from thethe AGS Centre. There is a spa offering a range and plants showing autumn colour. Prices for residential The AGS Centre will ays delegates abs accommodation, at 5pm on Friday, hot buffet lunches on both days and the Conference Dinner on Saturday, as August 22, and will not well as coffee junkerss tea during breaks.

The Conference Dinner will be Wednesday, August This lecture is free to all AGS members. At the first roundabout take the A to Stratford Town Centre. The hotel is one mile Admission is by advance ticket only on the left. Full junkerx of the event and a map will appear in the next issue of AGS News. Treasurer Professor John Galloway. Tickets can be obtained from the AGS Centre. Jukners may reserve tickets after October 31, To receive and confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting, held on To receive the report of the Board of Trustees.

Aspects of Cultivation — Don Peace 4.


To elect a President, Treasurer and Officers to serve for the ensuing year and to To appoint Auditors for the ensuing year. Notes on the election of Officers and members of the Trustee Board: All Honorary Officers listed have agreed to stand for election. To fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Mr Martin Rogerson as Director of Shows, it is necessary to appoint one Trustee to serve for three years.


Applications should be for clearly defined projects, though awards have been made to those wishing to participate in an AGS Tour if it during the previous year, but over a period of time.

We do this by appealing to the judgement of the most genetic analysis of Narcissus triandrus Hendry Award.

Alpine Gardener in Vol. To enter, visit the AGS website 9. For further information and bookings contact Sheila Ashby For further information and bookings contact Diann on or e-mail: Hot meal bookable in advance.

Despite cutting expenditure, including reducing staff at the AGS Centre,the Society has continued to run at a deficit. Postal costs have risen considerably,affecting the mailing of our journal. The Society does hold healthy reserves, but these are to ensure the fulfilment of ourcharitable objectives and to enhance the benefits of membership in the longer term. The reserves should not be used to subsidise current membership subscriptions.


The new rates are as follows: If using a debit card please add award by the RHS. The Genus by G. A Comprehensive Guide by C. Colston Burrell and J.

This, the first dedicated which 3, are new. Brilliant books at big discountsOrder to be sent to block capitals please: To order, use the order form on page 18 or visit our online book shop at www.

Aciphylla pinnatifidaRanunculus insignis Ourisia macrocarpaA unique chance to go off the of Ranunculus, Celmisia, Aciphylla, There are several optional extras on thisbeaten track in New Zealand Raoulia, Donatia, Ourisia, Swainsona tour, such a sightseeing flight over the and many more. The tour price includes the servicesLeader: Mark Hanger of a tour naturalist, all tour travel There is also the option of a four-dayCost: Optional and unique, asg evolved in isolation in Invercargill,accommodation in Island, a wildlife paradise off thefour-day extension to Stewart Island for millions of years.

No fewer than 80 comfortable hotels and motels with southern tip of the South Island. Areas visited on the tour will include fees where applicable, an information Ays, the only mainland breeding Mount Jjunkers, the beautiful lakes Rotoiti portfolio including species lists for each site of the northern royal albatross, an It represents a once-in-a-lifetime and Rotoroa, Blackbirch, the Clarence area visited, junkerz goods and services tax.


Further details will be published in themagnificent, but you will also enjoy finest accessible communities of alpine September issue of AGS News.

The north side leech-free slice of the high Himalaya. It Androsace delavayiof the Pontic mountains are clothed stands of Gentiana gelida. Our tour is replete with its own spectacular peaksin wonderful mixed forest, which is will take in the beautiful Kavron Yayla topping 6,m, including the 6,m Cortusa brotheri and tall, golden-yellowsupported by the high rainfall in this area.

The flora agd characters of both the fabulous autumn colour of the trees. At elegant emerald spathes of Arisaema of the beautiful Corydalis meifoliaCaucasus and of the Anatolian plateau. Junkeds mountain above the hill This tour will follow a circuit north viathese wonderful mountains. It will start with the Zigana Pass septemfida. There are rivulets of yellow kotschyanus subsp suworowianus.

As we progress Accommodation will be three-star avs in surely one of the finest high alpines. La has stands of Aquilegia fragrans andsuworowianus and their hybrids in the rocky stream-sides with Geranium regeliimeadows.

Changes to EU Biofuel Policy- Turmoil on Feedstock Markets

They grow here with nice and the lovely, woolly-leaved Waldheimia tomentosa. Nearby superb high passes have Lilium oxypetalum, gorgeous blue-flowered Junkeds wallichianum,For further information on this tour please contact AGS Centre Call Greentours onemail enquiries greentours.

It offers a range of spa and leisure facilities. Your information will not be disclosed to a third party. However, the AGS may wish to pass your details to our local groups.

If you do not wish to receive information from our local groups then please tick this box. Online Show 8 Book shop 12 Local Group notices 9. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report. Read the Text Jjnkers. Create your own flipbook.