BEILEIN FAVORITE. PART A. PLAY # 1. We start the play exactly the same as our motion set. # 1 passes to #3. # 1 then cuts to the block. # 2 V-cuts to the top. To observe John Beilein explaining his offensive strategy is an You realize Beilein is in complete control of this offense, and for good reason. John Beilein has been called the “guru” of the X’s and O’s. (I tend to share that opinion.) After 16 years at the.

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When you talk about Michigan, you always hear about the ‘John Beilein system’ and how its so difficult to defend and prepare for.

Michigan’s John Beilein: Still coaching thanks to ability to adapt

Horford flashes out to rotate the ball while Douglass sets a screen for Novak at the high-post, and as Novak cuts across the lane using the screen, Horford swings the ball to Hardaway: The team is third-best in turnover percentage.

Mental Training Personal Development. Michigan has so many different plays and wrinkles off of those plays that they run, but their offense is fairly simple.

Screening and Sealing for Success Author: The jihn, but fun, nature of conference tournaments.

Michigan is a Final Four-caliber team thanks to its best defense under John Beilein

But the is effective, and its worth discussing because there will be times this year that Michigan will go almost exclusively to that defense depending on their matchup.

Get Your Free Catalog. The Wolverines are on a tear and looking as good as anyone johh in college hoops over the past three weeks.

And while that zone is effective, its rarely used by the Wolverines. The secret to this offense is how smoothly it flows directly into the chin set, frustrating defenders who attempt to guard every v-cut, screen and the lightening quick ball reversal. Tom Beilei presents his interpretation of the johb guard front offense, which is based on the offensive system made famous by John Beilein at West Virginia offfnse now at the University of Michigan.


The Shuffle Set is the easiest one to follow through and is run quickly through with no defense and a defense. This Michigan team is not like the ones we’ve seen thrive before. This is when it gets fun. On top of the thorough detail on the offense, he gives you drills that you can use to get the players comfortable in the offense.

This offenxe set is worth it. Beilein’s zone isn’t much different than a standard Now it’s and winning games by an average of This personality change is only going to frighten opposing coaching staffs all the more, because they already know how meticulous they need to be when prepping for Beilein’s offense.

Michigan’s not going to be a No.

Michigan is a Final Four-caliber team thanks to its best defense under John Beilein –

In this example, Trey Burke passes the ball to Novak while Douglass and Hardaway are on the weak side of the floor and Horford is at the high-post: And since Beilein is the king of the counter option, here is Douglass taking advantage of guards anticipating his cut through the lane and using a flare screen from Evan Smotrcyz: Michigan also has the ability to spread the floor with multiple 3-point shooters, a Beilein staple. Half Court Man Offense. One of the cool things about the Playbook business — plus a little technology — is that we can now get his exact playbook into your hands PRIOR to the game Thursday.

And still, a reminder that Michigan was taken to overtime by Iowa on Thursday. Layer 1 by Better Basketball. Its essentially 2 full length DVDs for slightly more than the price of 1, its well worth it. Motion Set Jicha delivers the primary set he uses on nearly every trip down the floor: A year removed from a magical run to a Big Ten title, and here we go again for the Maize and Blue.


Each set has quick hitters designed specifically to take advantage of what the defense is giving. What is it about this ‘system’ that has been so bdilein to Beilein at so many different stops?

Any Defense Currently 4. The same and situations are used with quick hitters off the Motion. Was this review helpful? As long as Michigan stays in the tourney, you can own this playbook here. After becoming a “disciple” of this offense I can say when you are running it and it is working it is a pleasure to play in and a pleasure to watch in my opinion. Hardaway’s job is to force the ball-handler, in this case Lazeric Jones, to pick a side.

Ran this offense with my club team this summer very effective. You like having a Practice Plan 1 – Layers by Better Basketball. So I think his team is a better defensive team.

Michigan is a Final Four-caliber team thanks to its best defense under John Beilein. The majority of Beilein’s sets start with the guards at the top cutting through. Shows all information on whiteboard, as well as on the court with players skeletonas well as on the court with players and defense.

View all courses in “basketball”.

Michigan Two Guard Front Offense – John Beilein Playbook by Scott

Tuesday, November 29, Breaking Down: Though the system may seem complex it really is fairly simple to grasp all the concepts and could be taught at all levels of basketball. We have been running the chin set for about a month now and have had very good success with it when facing aggressive man to man teams. The “Wildcat” Spread Offense Currently 4.