LSRP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User guide • Read online or download PDF • JBL LSRP User Manual • JBL Audio. Jbl LSRP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Jbl LSRP Owner’s Manual.

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When you call, mention priority code 1MC4-YL Sorry, this product is no longer available on zZounds We recommend this alternative: Call a gear expert now! Own this item for. With watts of amplification power on board, you won’t have to worry about finding a matching external power source, and you’ll have plenty of headroom to mix without the risk of distortion. Incoming frequencies are split at a crossover frequency that’s not only calibrated for ultimate speaker driver efficiency, but also to the LSRP’s physical “waveguide” housing.

JBL calls this holistic calibration technique “Linear Spatial Reference Technology,” which is fancy way of saying that these monitors stay out of their own way, delivering your mix to your ears with maximum transparency and minimum coloration.

The speakers will produce a test tone that is picked up by the omnidirectional, flat-response microphone, and the fed back into and read by the monitors. RMC can sense common issues like standing bass waves and boundary coupling, and automatically adjust your speakers’ output frequency response to compensate.

That’s all it takes to perfectly tune your reference monitors to your control room and ensure that what you’re listening to is your mix and nothing else. Simple Surround Any post-production studio simply has to be able to mix in surround. You may be telling yourself that setting up a 5. Expanding from stereo to 5. The intelligent networking electronics in each monitor keeps it in communication with the rest of the monitors in a network, allowing the speakers to calibrate as a single entity.

If your control room is a little tight, and you don’t think you’ve got the space for correct 5. From ease of setup to revolutionary, on-board RMC correction technology, these state-of-the-art reference monitors provide a direct conduit between you and your music. And the music is what it’s all about. If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at Much of the problem is caused by the mixing room interacting with the studio monitors and creating an inaccurate picture at the mix position.


JBL Professional, continuing its long tradition of revolutionary products, decided it was time to fix the problem. The first studio monitors with powerful network intelligence built into each speaker specifically designed to deliver an accurate mix in any room, the LSRs are the ultimate monitor for modern production studios. The LSR models feature stunning JBL sound, provide accurate mixes in any workspace, and are priced well within the reach of any project studio.

The first self aware monitoring system, they’re the only choice for music, post, broadcast, Surround 5. Stunning Sound Stunning sound and revolutionary intelligence to analyze and correct the problems in any room.

Recording and mixing for long hours requires a superb sounding monitor with wide dynamic range, low distortion, and crystal clear response. Starting with application built transducers engineered for extremely accurate response and superb power handling, the ‘s stunning sound makes long mix sessions a pleasure. For long-term reliability, the LSR Series withstood the JBL loudspeaker torture test in which the system is driven to extraordinary levels for over hours.

Meeting higher standards than any other loudspeaker manufacturer, JBL’s demanding test ensures that the LSRs will give you accurate mixes year after year. Beyond Accurate Great mixes start with an accurate monitor. The Series incorporates JBL’s Linear Spatial Reference Technology that matches the exact geometry of the ‘s waveguide design with its transducers and crossover network to optimize the frequency response at the mix position. To ensure that this incredibly accurate monitor delivers superb mixes in the room you’re working in, JBL’s next generation RMC Room Mode Correction system incorporates a powerful analyzer into each speaker that automatically analyzes and compensates for problems caused by low frequency standing waves and proximity to boundaries.

Truly putting technology to work, all of this is accomplished by simply plugging the LSR calibration microphone into the speaker and pushing a button. The results are a revolution in professional mixing: This creates a stunningly clear and articulate sound stage enabling reliable mixes that translate faithfully to the outside world. Engineered for Digital Production Today’s digital production environments are all about precision and control.

Comprehensive LSR Control Center Software provides total control of all system parameters directly from the workstation desktop. High resolution digital and analog inputs, plus a ‘virtual monitor section’ with input switching, master volume, mute and solo controls, enhance functionality of the entire system and provide comprehensive control at the mix position. The first professional studio monitor with automatic room compensation, centralized system control, and user-friendly simplicity, the LSR Series is the most elegant and intelligent advancement of technology on behalf of better mixes ever offered in a studio monitor.

The LSRP bi-amplified system with 6 in. Designed for any application from simple stereo mixing to complex surround production, LSR Series systems can be configured with up to eight main speakers in any desired mix of 6 in.

Since the small studio may lack the space to position surround channels at the optimal physical distance from the mix position, the system is automatically aligned so the sound arriving at the mix position from all speakers is synchronized producing a precise image regardless of each speaker’s actual physical placement.

A system configured with the LSRSP subwoofer provides professional bass management of the main channels, plus LFE low frequency effects input, adjustable crossover points, and powerful features for surround sound production. For unprecedented performance and convenience the LSR Series incorporates the Harman HiQnet protocol that enables a coordinated calibration of all speakers, intelligent configuration of surround sound systems, and synchronized control of all speakers in the system.

Reinforced for Mounting Reinforced mounting points on each speaker allow convenient positioning and installation of multi-channel surround systems for any mixing application, in any environment. LSRP The P is designed for working in home studios or small project studios, for music and audio elements for television, feature films and electronic games. Features – Advanced Linear Spatial Reference design ensures flatter-off-axis response for greater clarity at the mix position – RMC Room Mode Correction provides electronic control of room modes.


This review has been selected by our experts as particularly helpful. For the price range I could not have found a better monitor.

When I got these home and set them up using the RMC setup routine they fit the room better than I could have imagined. Took a moment to set everything up but once it was all plugged in and setup properly they have been a dream to use. Solid in every aspect.

Great value, but they could have been cheaper as it is with most things. I have yet to have ,anual problems with them as i’ve only had them a month and a half.

Lots of technology is running in these. They have very smooth lines that are quite appealing to the eyes and there is a db meter on the front of each speaker that fluctuates based on the volume being played. I plan on keeping these for many years to come barring any huge issues such as completely failing on me or exploding for some reason: P after the warranty is up.

Again the sound quality and versatility of these monitors is just astounding to me. I have used these monitors and was not really impressed with the sound. It was very clean sounding and mmanual to have the capability to sound nice but who ever set these up had them set up in such a way that it sounded so harsh.

I heard a pair of DS-8’s right next to them and it just blew these away. I own a pair of DS-7’s and i just love them to death. Ive been in the pro audio business for about 5 years now and have always been an audiophile which translated great into my career as an engineer and producer. As far as sound quality, i don’t think they’re worth the 1k price tag. I would look into something like ADAM professional if you have that budget, if not check out some Roland DS-8’s or 7’s if you don’t have the space.

As far as JBL’s technology for “removing” room resonance, i can tell you from experience and knowledge its a bunch of crap. You cant EQ out problem areas. So, if you have resonance in your room, look into building some bass traps and some broadband absorbers, failing that some Auralex and then maybe this speaker. So don’t be fooled by JBL.

It helps, but it don’t fix it. Seems pretty easy to use and set up. JBL always makes robust products.

JBL Professional LSRP User Manual – Page 1 of 51 |

Im thinking jhl demoing a pair in my room. I have acoustic treatments in my room, and I would like to actualy hear JBL’s technology coupled with that to see if I can hear things Manal wasnt hearing before.

A bit expensive for its build, but non the less I am intrested. People who bought this item also bought. Our gear experts can help! A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on zZounds.

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