College or University, Accepts IGETC and CSU GE. Alliant International University, Yes. Arizona State University, Yes. Azusa Pacific University, Yes. DIRECTIONS: Identify courses taken at IVC; list courses taken at other colleges; and/or indicate name of test and score (AP). All courses must be completed with. Click here to learn more about IGETC for UC. Choose a California Community College to see course articulation information related to this major at this and.

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In this class, you will also spend time working with grammar. Your major is called Liberal Arts and Sciences.


General Education Requirements Curriculum Handbook 7. Beyond this, they are ibetc to provide a theoretical and practical framework within which students can examine central themes associated with the development of an American historical narrative, political system, and its corresponding national institutions.

Critical thinking courses enable students to move beyond the passive collection of evidence or data and rather engage students in active analytical and evaluative thinking.

To view the agreements, simply select the links below. He is engaging and good-humored. Lower Division Major Agreement.

Colleges that accept IGETC and CSU GE

Please contact your admissions counselor or the Enrollment Services Office directly at: Students who follow the above curriculum can opt to continue their studies either in residence at UCCS or through an online degree completion program. In many but not all cases, the courses that comprise the certificate of achievement program are the same as those that comprise the major for the Associate in Science degree. The online program is for students who have completed the first 60 credits through IVC and who will complete their degree taking 60 credits in online coursework offered through the College of Business at UCCS.


Fall – Summer This comprehensive articulation agreement lists all. To ensure that this information is current, you should consult with a Liberal Studies counselor. Students who wish to earn a baccalaureate degree may complete.

There are many policies in place for current students that wish to take a limited number of courses at another school with the intent of transferring them to Pepperdine. It was developed to simplify the transfer process for students.

Option A General Education Complete one of the following, abor c: The combination More information. Students interested in Career Programs who also plan More information. He really wants his students to write good research papers. The faculty expects that all students receiving degrees from the college will meet minimum standards in reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and mathematics and be broadly exposed to the natural and social sciences, the humanities, the arts and languages, disciplines within which the human search for knowledge is carried out.

Are you sure you want to delete this note? If students choose to follow the IGETC, they must complete it before they transfer; otherwise, they will be required to satisfy the specific lower-division general education requirements of the college or school at the campus they attend. I don’t recommend buying the books, as most of the essays you read can be found online.


Associate of Science in a Specific Program Only courses with course numbers may. Essays are long but he isn’t a tough grader. Three courses required, one each from Group A, B and C. The final is not long and if you prepared for it, you should do well. However, in order to be accepted to the College of Business, students need a 2.

University Majors

And you should do well. Responsibility for filing this application rests with the student, and transcripts for all college work attempted must be ugetc file for the application to be considered. July 21, Applications received after a deadline date are included in the next semester.

This area More information. January 1,except where noted.

Dissent the Blog: IVC’s “Early College Program”: doing it wrong?

All coursework completed at other institutions will be computed into the California Baptist University cumulative grade point average regardless of course transferability. International Baccalaureate – IB. Students who expect to complete transfer certification must file an application with the Office of Admissions and Records in the semester that certification ivx to be completed.

No more than 6 units may be taken in a single discipline. Hope you had a good semester.