Howard Smoot, known as Dan Smoot was a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a conservative political activist. From to , he published The Dan Smoot Report, which chronicled alleged communist infiltration in various sectors of American government and society In , Smoot wrote The Invisible Government concerning early members. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Invisible Government, by Dan Smoot This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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Larson was often called “Mr.

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot

The others are generally second-level affiliates of the CFR. Now our own leaders ask us to give up the freedom and independence which our smolt won for us with blood and toil and valorous devotion to high ideals, to become subjects in a governmental system that would inevitably be more tyrannical than any which our forefathers rebelled against or any that presently exist. Other Council on Foreign Relations members–Owen Lattimore, for example–with gofernment influence in the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations, were subsequently identified, not as actual communists or Soviet espionage agents, but as “conscious, articulate instruments of the Soviet international conspiracy.

The idea of giving the President such power is as alien to American political principles as communism itself is.

All of this being obvious, it is also obvious that the President’s Commission on National Goals was not really trying to discover our “national purpose. If they had, Article 2 would have sounded rather strange and out of place in a military alliance. Immortality Wars rated it really liked it Mar 18, He claims that the union he advocated would be a step toward “formation of free world government.

Under the Commission’s proposal, the President would announce that he was going to increase or decrease governemnt. Knowland; Hugh Moore; Ralph D. Thus, inas always, the foreign aid bill was a special project of our invisible government, the Council on Foreign Relations. He was content to let America’s big businessmen ripen for a while in the sunshine of the New Deal’s “new” philosophy of government, before expecting them to give that philosophy full support.


Margie marked smlot as to-read Nov 19, He is a chief architect of President Kennedy’s tariff-and-trade proposals–which would internationalize American trade and commerce, as a prelude to amalgamating our economy with that of other nations.

It was possible to enlarge the size govsrnment the old American federal union without diminishing freedom for the people.

The legal and technical maneuvering which followed is complex and shady, but it has all smoog revealed and reported by congressional committees. The communists first win the support of liberal-intellectuals, and then use them to subvert and pervert all established mores and ideals and social and political arrangements.

Books by Dan Smoot.

House, Wilson’s all-powerful adviser. The organization was incorporated in September of that year, with Paul G. It was necessary for Roosevelt to take steps which the public would not notice or understand but which would inescapably involve the nation in the foreign war. When he was orphaned at eleven, Dan was sent to live with an uncle who forbade scholarly pursuits. If enough Americans had this information, our Republic would be saved. Bythe Council on Foreign Relations, and various foundations and other organizations interlocked with it, had virtually taken over the U.

The Invisible Government

Gemma recounts that Smoot, among his other aberrant positions, challenged Barry Goldwater during the presidential campaign for the nominee’s embrace of NATOwhich Smoot called a globalist organization of questionable value. Being intelligent citizens of a peaceful and civilized nation, they wanted to keep it that way.

The CFR does not have formal affiliation–and can therefore disclaim official connection with–its subsidiary propaganda agencies except the Committees on Foreign Relations, organized by the CFR in 30 cities throughout the United States ; but the real and effective interlock between all these groups can be shown not only by their common objective one-world socialism and a common source of income the foundationsbut also by the overlapping of personnel: Immediate, additional support for the foreign aid bill came from the country’s liberal and leftwing forces, who united in a passionate plea–urging the American people to support the President “in this grave hour.

When the American people found out what was going on, all of these “resolutions” were repealed–most of them before the end of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill agreed to enclose Berlin miles within the Soviet occupation zone.


One issue, for instance, was devoted to the Alaska Mental Health Bill ofwhich Smoot claimed was a communist conspiracy to establish concentration camps on American soil. Few Americans noticed that the UN Charter really creates a worldwide social, cultural, economic, educational, and political alliance–and commits each member nation to a program of total socialism for itself and to the support of total socialism for all other nations.

The American principle of federalism indeed, the whole American constitutional system grew out of the philosophical doctrine or, rather, statement of faith which Jefferson wrote into the Declaration of Independence: Kennedy, then a United States Senator, wrote a letter answering a question about his membership in the Council.

Dan Smoot – Wikipedia

She later worked for the Independent Americanthe conservative newspaper of Kent Courtneyand his then wife, Phoebe Courtney. The five centers are: In the Foreword to this book, the Americanism Committee says: At the Tehran Conference November December 2,Stalin seemed singularly indifferent to the question gpvernment which power would occupy which zones smiot Germany after the war. The lawyer is Theodore Tannenwald, Jr. The voter had only to select the opinion he liked best, and mark it.

The Invisible Government – Dan Smoot – Google Books

The most distinguished and respected Americans of our time, in the Council on Foreign Relations of which Mr. Kennan; now United States Ambassador to Yugoslavia Although the Council has tax-exemption as an organization to study international affairs and, presumably, to help the public arrive at a better understanding of United States foreign policy, not one speaker for any Council meeting represented traditional U.

Plans for America’s frenzied spending on national defense began in On August 29, Nixon, on the ABC radio network, said that he favored such “long-range foreign aid planning, financed through multi-year authorizations and onvisible appropriations.