Here is my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid schedule!!. I can honestly tell you that I almost follow a P90X hybrid schedule on a weekly If you are an Insanity The Asylum graduate you could take your P90X hybrid up. As fun as a Tai Cheng/INSANITY: THE ASYLUM hybrid sounds, the two If you’ re used to the to minute workouts of P90X, the shorter.

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P90X Hybrid

Feel free to post some comments if you have any feedback on any of my hybrids. Thx a lot greetz Joni. I just finished my first round of Insanity after doing P90X2 at the beginning of the year. Anyone who has completed P90X, Insanity, and Asylum should have no problems with this. Should be in your email inbox. At first, that jump was hybri drastic and had to go back down every once in a while but by the end I asglum using the heavier weights at all times.

Feel free to Contact Insanihy with any questions. On the link posted on my hybrid asylim, it will take you to the file hosted on Google drive and you can download it from there. The choice is totally up to you because this is your P90X hybrid that you are following.


But at the end of the day I miss my P90X and the the variety that it offers. I highly recommend anyone that is going to do this program to get some resistance bands for your arms and legs.

Here is my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid schedule!! | Dumbbells and Diapers

Hi, could you email me a copy of this schedule in excel format. Sure, I can send a template and you can modify it for a meter race.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Your email address will not be published. This hybrid is set for training for half marathons. I can honestly tell you that I almost follow a P90X hybrid schedule on a weekly basis. I just completed a half yesterday in which I did just Insanity and running. Therefore, my workouts are usually in the mornings around 5: You can get both of those and then alternate every other week of the two plans calendaf have a good Insanity-Asylum-Half Marathon plan.

I was wondering if you have schedules available for each training cycle? So you have completed multiple rounds or even one round of P90X and are now looking for something else or even better.

Fit Test Results Vol. That is up to you.


I think it is the perfect combination of any two Beachbody programs because you can take the resistance training from P90X and add in the Insanity level of cardiovascular fitness and have a serious program that will give you even bigger results. On the days when its a Beachbody workout paired with running, a lot of times I will do one in the AM and the second in the PM.

Other plans were only for one of these things. My first time through it I didn’t do as well as I could have because I didn’t have the sequence down yet. Thanks for any help!

It all depends on what you already have. I am training for a half marathon for October. Regarding the Spam Filter. I plan on using your schedule to help me achieve the look I am after. If you are interested you can get the DVDs from Beachbody: The reason being is so that I can get the soreness out before I run a 15K on July 4th. Can you specify what event s you would be interested in?