Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Henry Makow, author of the book Illuminati: the cult that hijacked the world. Makow argues that the Illuminati is a conspiracy of the. Free Shipping. Buy Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World at Get the best online deal for Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World Paperback. ISBN Compare price, find stock availability, specs and.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the Illuminati.

This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to charge interest on funds they create out of nothing.

Naturally they want to protect this prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly. This takes the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God. Thus, the people yijacked hold our purse strings are conspiring against us.

To hijackes and control us, they have used a vast occult network Freemasonry to infiltrate most organizations, especially government, intelligence agencies, education and the mass media. We are being re-engineered to serve the Illuminati.

They undermine institutions like marriage and religion, and promote depravity, dysfunction, corruption and division. They have orchestrated two world wars and are planning a third.

Henry Makow describes this conspiracy and shows how human history is unfolding according to Illuminati plan. Read more Read less.

Illuminati : Henry Makow :

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Social Engineering the Masses.

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Product description Review “Henry Makow is extremely dangerous. Because he is so bold and original, his ideas provokedare I say itthought. Makow thoroughly explains the wolrd for world government. That is why it is trying to shut him down. See all Product description. Kindle Edition File Size: Silas Green 1 January Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Henry is well read and informed about this subject. When I first discovered the same things that Makow has, and at about the same time, I was flabbergasted – but I couldn’t argue with the evidence. But as I pondered the facts, I had to face the fact that it wasn’t hard to discover. This led me to the conclusion that I and others were meant to discover this as we delved below the surface.

But the fact is So, what illuminxti the deeper truth that we are not meant to discover as we are diverted by the shallow dive below the surface? Many believe that they are the Khazars, and it’s true that they have taken over the world of Judaism, though they are not Semites from Shembut in reality biologically they are Japhethites.


Personally I believe those ultimately behind this nefarious “hidden hand” are Edomites, the descendants of Esau, Jacob’s twin brother. I believe illumjnati Esau’s descendants want to take back everything they think that Jacob stole from Esau. Ever since B. Makow, without apology or cuult, delineates the source of this evil power in the world – Satan and Satanism. Lucifer the light bearer. It’s all a ruse which has been building for centuries, especially the last five, though a case could probably be made that the machinations have gone on from further back than even that – it’s just that it becomes exceeding obvious in the last five hundred years.

Those who have been brainwashed by the controlled media and educational system will scoff at this, but the evidence, once confronted is simply too overwhelming to deny.

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It’s a little tricky rating this title in terms of “loved” or “liked” since these are not at all the terms that came to mind after I had finished reading the book. I found it both interesting and equally disturbing.

I believe there are two worlds, the one you hope you live in and the other one that is often hidden and far more ominous. Do you believe this book may give a true glimpse of a hidden world?

Would you really want the truth instead of the illusion? If you answer ‘no’ to one or both hijackex those question then this is not the book for you. When I began reading this book, it put me in mind of something a friend of mine said recently when I encouraged him to read a book which I found particularly interesting: Early on, in fact, I got the impression that the author had simply gathered every scrap of information he could find and everything illumintai could think of and threw it against the wall hoping that some of it would stick.

Worlx, as I delved deeper into the hijadked, I realized that if only half of what he said was true, the United States and the illumunati at large are on the brink of a world-wide catastrophe of immeasurable proportions: A “New World Order” featuring a one-world socialist government controlled by the international banking cartel which currently prints the world’s money and controls its credit. This book provides a great deal of credible evidence indicating that that is precisely where the world stands at this very moment.

But the book does much more than that! It also answers a lot of perplexing questions. What “is” the “Illuminati,” who founded it and why? What’s the connection between the “Illuminati” and “Freemasonry,” and what’s the significance of being a “33rd Degree Mason?

Why is it said that wkrld United States’ illuminnati is backed only by “debt”? Pierpont Morgan actually an agent of the Rothschild banking empire based in Britain? Are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers leading the effort to create the New World Order, and, if so, why would the wealthiest men in the world want to destroy the goose that lays their golden eggs?


Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World by Henry Makow

Who are the members of the “International Banking Cartel, led by the Rothschilds, how does it operate, and how has it managed to operate in almost total secrecy for over years? Why doesn’t the media investigate and expose these people and the ongoing effort to derail the world’s economy, destroy national sovereignty, and create their New World Order? What’s the difference between “Judaism” and “Zionism”? Why and how was “Israel” really founded, and do the Palestinians really have a legitimate claim to any of clt territory where Israel now stands?

Why is it that whichever political party wins the U. Presidency, nothing ever changes? Why isn’t “Christianity” ever portrayed in a positive light in the movies or in the media, and why is there such a constant press to destroy “Christianity,” but no other religion? You’ll be surprised at the answer And, finally, what’s the difference, if any, between Communism and “human rights,” “feminism,” diversity,” communitarianism,” and “world government,” etc.?

If any of these questions intrigue you, you might want to read this book. As a matter of fact: You’d be wise to read it anyway! But, be warned, it isn’t an easy read and it won’t help you sleep better at night.

For if you can believe even the tiniest part of this book, you’ll likely conclude that there are a heck of a lot more truly evil men in this world than you ever imagined. If you’re going to get a book on the topic, this one will not let you down. He writes in a disarming style, along the lines of, Hey take yhat step back, I wouldn’t believe this either, but This is some kind of Truman Show. This guy is the real deal and knows what he’s talking about.

Of course most people would never give this kind of book a second look and the older I get the more I accept dult and to a very small degree like it. Get to Know Us.

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