Ryan said: I have always been a big fan of Terry Brooks. Il secondo volume della minisaga Le leggende di Shannara, Il potere della magia, prende le Un demone molto potente, celato nei panni di un vecchio Stracciaiolo, รจ intanto sulle . Il Demone (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Il ciclo del Demone – 3. Il fuoco degli angeli (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device .

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The demon was at least a little interesting, and his death left me feeling like “that’s it? I love the blending of majic and reality and I will continue reading this series as, like I said, once I hit the middle of the book I couldn’t put it down.

The Measure of the Magic

I wished he would have worked the explanation of the dreams into the current plot rather than flashbacks that change tense and disturb the reading process.

Or at least, it was when I was there! The world building is as strong as ever and the action scenes continue to demons both vivid and exciting. The fallout from the murder of the elf king, sees his daughter Phryne accused and impri The second and concluding element of the Legends of Shannara duology is another exciting and interesting element of the Shannara prequels, detailing as they do the creation of the world that would become Shannara.

Open Preview See a Problem? Dec 04, Angela rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Il ciclo del Demone – 2. Il cavaliere del verbo

OK, that one is minor, but the sheer number of similar instances drove me to distraction. I would highly recommend this fantasy story to everyone who loves this type of reading. I have just finished reading the Measure of the Magic: In just demome book Brooks established the Ragpicker as one of the most capable villains in the Broos universe and it would have been nice to see how he would have developed over the course of an entire series rather than just the one book.


I usually don’t bother writing reviews for books. Without magic, how did she kill the boy friend with the vision? True, she has all these magical powers, which ward off the evil Feeders, but she has little control over the dysfunctional families of her friends i.

It wasn’t preachy or even very brpoks, but I still came away from the story with a very real sense of right and wrong. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. So I’ve borrowed some of her books brookw worked on getting caught up. Other books in the series.

The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks

It reminded me a bit of Dean Koontz’s writing actually! I got side-t Now that was just what I needed. This story introduces many of the formulas and the problems that the Shannara world of many years and many books later – explaining their beginnings. After really getting to know young Nest Freemark, John Ross doesn’t know if he will be able to do what he must if she makes the wrong decision about the use of her magic.

He bears his burdens, and does his duty, but mainly because he has no other choice. An uncharacteristically weak ending to this set of books. I will definitely be adding the other books to my reading list. The female characters were more fleshed out than Brooks normally does, but the audiobook actor was atrocious at voicing them.

They have such faith in their invulnerability. However, if you can go into this story without expecting the overall genesis of Shannara to be resolved then I think you can glean quite a bit of enjoyment out of this book. It served no other purpose than to move the story along and create an enemy that This book read like most Shannara books. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.


Il ciclo del Demone – 2. Il cavaliere del verbo by Terry Brooks on Apple Books

I have only read “Te Sword of Shannara” but have always wanted to read the entire series. I have raised 3 teenagers. In altre lingue English Modifica collegamenti.

His dreams take him to Hopewell, where he needs to stop an event that will destroy the future of civilization and throw the balance of people and feeders completely out of whack.

Now in walks John Ross to the town of Hopewell.

Jared, for instance nor can she do much to help with the crumbling relationship of her grandparents. It’s not the best Shannara story by a long shot, but still one of the better adventures I’ve read. I found the characters interesting with their quirks Gran’s smokes and booze, Jared’s catatonic fitsbut they were also overused at times I really only need to be told Gran drinks vodka and orange juice for breakfast a maximum of twice.

P50 letta da Wikidata Collegamento interprogetto a Wikiquote presente ma assente su Wikidata. This is the first time I’ve been disappointed, and was compelled to write about it. I read this one because broosk husband really likes this series and asked me to read it. Meanwhile Phryne Amarantyne searches for the legendary Elfstones, a cunning demon leads the villagers of Glensk Wood astray, and invading armies march towards both Aphalion Pass and Declan Reach.

From his first hit book, The Sword of Shannara, Brooks has been hard on his cast long before Game of Thronesand many supporting characters, and at least one major one, don’t make it through the book.

I had forgotten that he creates worlds that hold such dark things; that he isn’t afraid to kill characters, traumatize characters, forge them into weapons in the hottest fires of testing.