Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Alert Crown Saver Device – Near Miss.

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All Alerts issued will be archived on this web site. We welcome your ideas for future Safety Alerts. You can submit safety alerts one of three ways:.

Safety Alerts are now in PDF files. This material alertw presented for information purposes only. You can submit safety alerts one of three ways: Submit your Safety Alert here.

Safety Alert Submission Guidelines

All distributed Safety Alerts are kept anonymous. Crown Saver Device — Near Miss. Dropped Casing Results in Equipment Damage. Fatality on Drill Floor. Unintentional Unlatching of an Air Operated Elevator.

Fall from Equipment onto a Trailer Results in a Laceration. Hammer is Kicked from Work Basket. Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Improper Hand Placement Results in Amputation. Lack of Communication Results in Fatality. Struck by Incident Results in Leg Injury.

Pipe Dropped from Side Door Elevator. Unrecognized Hazard Results in Laceration to Leg. Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. High Pressure Release Results in Injury. Inattentiveness Results in Injured Employees.

High Potential — Dropped Pony Collar. Unstable Lifting Device Injures Crewman. Driller Inattention Results in Dropped Blocks. Lack of Communication Results in Multiple Injuries. Bee Stings Result in Anaphylactic Reaction. Inattention Results in Damaged Monkeyboard. Transfer Pumps Primer Cap Hazards. Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality. Horseplay Results in Injuries. Near Miss — Dropped Tong Weight.

  HCPL 2602 PDF

Safety Alerts Archive

Mud Pit Dump valve Handle. Crane Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality. Damage to Starboard Flare Boom. Lifeboat Property Damage Incident.

IADC Safety Posters – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Welding Operation Results in a Fire. Tank Welding — High Potential Incident. Large Container Lifted by Helicopter Downdraft.

Fire Starts From Falling Slag. MTO — Struck by the Tongs.

High Potential Incident — Dropped Light. Lifeboat Incident Results in a Fatality. Air Winch Mounting Bolts Failure. Helicopter Operations — Ground Resonance Phenomena. Dropped Object — Rigging screw Jaw End.

Dropped Object — Crane Boom Lattice. Kelly Disconnects from Hook.

Crane Failure Results in Dropped Load. Fatality — High Pressure Air Release. Rig Move Vehicle Incident. Galley Fire Occurs During Drill. Dropped Object — Falling Sledge Hammer. Derrick Operations Results in a Fatal Incident.

Injury Results from Working on Pressurized Equipment. Unsecured Load Results in an Injured Employee. Fatality while Trying to Fill Up Casing. Fall from Scaffolding Results in Employee Injury. Saffty with Rotating Control Devices. Hand Injury Results from Miscommunication. Employee Falls from Derrick Board. Loose, Unsecured Clothing Results in a Fatality. Personnel Hoisting Incident Results in a Fatality. Miscommunication Results in a Near Miss.

High Potential Dropped Object. Crane Operations — Dropped Dog House. Fast Line Guide Roller. Torch Cutting Operations Results in a Fire. Dropped Object — Satellite Dome. Near Miss — Lost Control of Drawworks. Dropped Crane Block Hook Latch.


Misuse of Alerta Pressure Cleaner. Serious Injury Results from Fall from Ladder. Near Miss — Dropped Joint of Casing. Self Retracting Lifeline Cable Failure. Mast Raising Line Faiulre. Derrickman Falls Across Derrick. Maintenance — Trapped Pressure. Confined Space — Unauthorized Tank Entry. Fall Results in Recordable Injury. Release of Pressure Results in Laceration and Sutures. Sling Parted and Dropped Drill Pipe. Short Fall Results in a Fatality.

Forklift Incident — Broken Leg. Near Miss — Exploding Battery.

Safety Toolbox – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Forklift Cut Electrical Line with Outrigger. Swfety Object from Derrick. Top Drive Impacts Stabbing Board. High Potential Incident — Dropped Kelly. Lost control of Drill Pipe Results in a Fatality.

Dropped Bushing Results in Amputation of Toes. Mismatched Hammer Union Results in a Fatality. Man-Riding Operation Results in a Fatality. Welding Operations Results in an Eye Injury. Labeling of Containers — Hazardous Material Incident. Suction Tank Confined Space Hazard. Dropped Accumulator Bottle Results in a Fatality.

Blocks Drop to Rig Alert.