Dr. Humphry Osmond’s remarkable medical career included decades of medicine. The popular press may today remember Humphry Osmond for coining the. Humphry Osmond who, over the next decade, was to do the largest LSD trials in the Humphry Fortescue Osmond, born 1 July , came from an English. Dr Humphry Osmond. Psychiatrist who explored hallucinogenics and coined the term psychedelic in a letter to Aldous Huxley. February 21 , am, The.

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Humphry Osmond front row seated, far leftwith the Paulings and others at a gathering in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Osmond is famous to both the medical community and to the public for related, yet separate reasons. In the field of medicine, Humhry, along with Abram Hoffer, is best known for his work in orthomolecular psychiatry. Working together, the two doctors performed extensive studies on schizophrenic patients in psychiatric hospitals in Saskatchewan, Canada, using niacin vitamin B3 and ascorbic acid vitamin C as potential cures for the disease.

Humphry Osmond, the Original Psychedelic Psychiatrist | PaulingBlog

In the early s, Huxley approached Osmond after reading an article on his research with mescaline; Huxley expressed a desire for Osmond to run a human trial of the drug with Huxley as subject.

Later, when discussing his flight of hallucinogenic fancy, Huxley, writing to Osmond, penned this bit of verse:. In response Osmond wrote some poetry of his own, in the process coining a term that soon spread around the world:.

Humphry Osmond osmonx born in July in Surrey, England, gaining his primary and secondary education from Haileybury, a long-established boarding school in Hertfordshire.


After the Second World War concluded inOsmond returned home and accepted a position as a resident psychiatrist at St. Together, Smythies and Osmond performed a number of studies in the late s on the chemical composition and effects of the drug mescaline — a hallucinogenic derived from the peyote hhumphry — having been inspired by the work of Albert Hofmann, who had discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD a decade prior.

It was at Weyburn that Osmond met Dr. Abram Hoffer, director of psychiatry at the hospital, with whom Osmond would collaborate for the next decade.

The results were encouraging: In addition, the Osmond and Hoffer studies provided data that added to the finding that niacin could reduce cholesterol, a result that was replicated and confirmed by the Mayo Clinic in This finding is now globally accepted and niacin is presently used in the treatment of high cholesterol all over the world.

David Hawkins, Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Treatment of Schizophrenia Over time, Pauling expanded his orthomolecular theory from the study of the mind to include the whole body, thus creating the field of orthomolecular medicine.

This initial contact between Drs. These memos were collected into a book, Predicting the Pastand published in Exchanges between the two men were often personal as well as professional. Pauling any information that he could find on the ocular malady, of which Osmond was also a sufferer. While there, he continued his research into schizophrenia as a physical illness.

Humphry Fortescue Osmond

In Osmond resigned his position at Princeton and moved to Alabama, where he taught at the University of Alabama, Birmingham as a professor of psychiatry. Osmond also numphry at Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa, the oldest and largest in-patient psychiatric hospital in Alabama. He retired from the university and the hospital in A complete bibliography of his works can be found here.


Colleagues of PaulingOrthomolecular Medicine Tagged: We poked around a os,ond and learned that, well, for starters we had misdated the photo in our original caption.

While there, Pauling participated in two panel sessions and may also have delivered a talk on biochemistry, though his notes from his pocket diary for the year are omsond little vague.

No speech manuscript is extant — chances are, he spoke without one. Top row, from left: Brennan, and John Bumpus [? Bottom row, from left: Pauling blog, post titled: You are commenting using your WordPress. You osmonf commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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