The Houston Texans are sneakily becoming the hottest team in the NFL, The Texans bandwagon is quite roomy, with drink service and free nachos let. I am new here and to Texans fandom. organization have turned their backs on their fans and the city that embraced them for so long. Ultimate Houston Texans Fan Quiz. 1. When did the Houston Texans join the NFL as the youngest team to date? a. b. c. d. Correct!.

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Discussion in ‘ Texans Talk ‘ started by Bourbonlegend78Jan 16, Log in or Sign up. Jan 15, Messages: Mods, please let me know if my post is misplaced. I am new here and to Texans fandom. I was previously a San Diego Chargers fan for 30 years of my life based on ties to San Diego in my younger years.

I have lived in Texas most of my life though. It was a tough 30 years to say the least but my loyalty never wavered until now. I am sure you are all aware of how the Chargers organization have turned their backs on their fans and the city that embraced them for so long.

It was with a heavy heart that my loyalty finally wavered under the circumstances. Upon some serious thought and deliberation, I am now throwing my fandom behind the Houston Texans! Although from North Texas, I have too many rivalry relationships with friends to back the Cowboys and have followed the Texans off and on through the years.

I do have one request in that I would like to hear some thoughts on the pros and cons to being a Texans fan to help prepare me for the years to come!

Texan Bandwagon Application Forms Now Available!

I look forward to hearing from ya’ll! Bourbonlegend78Jan 16, Sep 1, Messages: PapaLJan 16, Aug 22, Messages: Greatest fan community in hpuston world. Just when the organization gives you hope that things are looking better, they rip your heart out and crush it right in front of you.

Pantherstang84Jan 16, Jun 27, Messages: I think you’ll fit in well since the great appication here are former oilers fans. We can relate to what your going thru and the disgust you feel after backing a team so long. Bud adams is still in the same category as hitler for a lot of us or me at least.


Im sure you despise the charger owner just as much. Somethings to know about this wagon Stretch your legs if you like as there is a lot of room here. Bring thick skin and patience. Prepare for beatings in primetime games. We dont have a long storied history of greatness. We’re trying to make it. One of the biggest obstacles rexans have to overcome is qb. Your comming from a team led by Rivers. He would instantly be our best qb were he here. Backing our team will make you appreciate solid qb play more then you ever have.

The texans have had to fight and scrap for everything theyve ever gotten.

UPDATE: Fan covers Texans tattoo with Cowboys one | FOX Sports

The journey hasn’t and wont be easy. The pay off will be that much sweeter because of it. Rocketzzz13TexansBullDouble Barrel and 1 other person like this. Apr 30, Messages: CloakNNNdaggerJan 16, Double Barrel and 76Texan like this. Jun 12, Messages: Get ready for long dark ride, because this bandwagon hadn’t been a shiny luxury bandwagon. Its been more like a lost runaway train. TexecutionerJan 16, Oct 11, Messages: Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees. Welcome to the Texans family and board!

This forum puts the FUN in dysfunctional! I’d say the pros are J. Watt, best tailgating around if you can make it to a game in person heck the gameday experience is top notch in generalgreat defense, Nuk Hopkins, the logo and colors are nice, cheerleaders are pretty, and As far as cons, this team is very much aligned with ALL of Houston pro football history, which is a study in patience, frustration, misguided hope, and futility.

Double BarrelJan 16, ROO and Wolf like this. Dec 28, Messages: Dec 20, Messages: SigmaJan 16, ShowtimeBrandontx and 76Texan like this. Mar 2, Messages: Always remember a few things about this message board: There are several members here who have never forgiven the Texans for what the Oilers did 2.

There are several members who are quitting on a team that went to the playoffs the last two years 3. Winning seasons and playoffs make this team anywhere from mediocre at best to one of the most embarrassing teams in the league 4. Houston Sports Fan ain’t happy unless he is miserable. FuzzyLogicthunderkyssHervoyel and 1 other person like this. Apr 27, Messages: We all know the pain of a beloved team abandoning its city. Good for you for moving on from the chargers.


I loved my oilers but time heals all wounds.

And the Texans front office reopens them with a dull knife and pours Tabasco in it. May 10, Messages: I hope you have plenty of alcohol at your disposal. Jun 16, Messages: TexansBullJan 16, ROOthunderkyss76Texan and 1 other person like this. I appreciate the upfront responses and the warm welcome! The more I hear about being a Texans fan, the more it seems it will be a seamless transition! A lot of similar feelings and experiences from being a Chargers fan.

I will still root for players like Rivers and Gates until they hang the cleats up. I truly do wish Rivers would leave LA to become a Texan. I will say it was nice having a franchise QB but the organization continually failed him as much it did the fans! I have always had an insane amount of respect for JJ Watt as he seem to be a genuinely good person in addition to being a beast on the field.

He seemed to be a product of the team around him. Hopefully the organization can find a way to move on from him but I know the cap hit would be staggering!

Texans Connections | Houston Texans –

Apr 14, Messages: Texan fans, if they last very long, end up being drug addicts and alcoholics. If this type of life style appeals to you, as it certainly seems to for a lot of us, then welcome.

ThornJan 16, JBROOthunderkyss and 2 others like this. May 3, Messages: ArlingtonTexanJan 16, Thorn and ROO like this. Sep 19, Messages: You can even tease Cowboys fans from a position of superiority. I hope you like arguing over uniforms. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.