os Hit Hangjai Erdélyi énekeskönyv után érdeklődnék kedves -és mennyiért tudnám beszerezni az se baj,ha nem új:). ?v=cMXzZ1gf8R0 ÚJ SZÍVET ADJ, URAM, ÉNNEKEM. ?v=Yz4DKupRntM JÉZUS, TÉGED KERESLEK, BÉKESSÉGRE VÁGYVA.

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Olive Toad Chorus Mmabolela Reserve. Pre-dawn Ambience near Santa Rita. A family of Arctic Divers call as they swim on the the lake. The Hungarian Baptist mission after the previous anabaptist presence- was hti by Oncken Johann Gerhard who was, one of the most decisive persons in the Europion Baptist Mission. A Pileated Woodpecker calls throughout, along with other birds, crickets and cicadas.

On the surface of the frozen lake, ice melts and crackles Crocker Ranges, Sabah, Malaysia. Lambir Hills, Sarawak, Malaysia. Antarctic Petrels Dronning Maud Land.

Early summer in the Serrania de Ronda, Spain, and the Bumblebees are busy collecting pollen from flowering shrubs. In the distance, waves crash into the sands of Durras Beach. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Recorded shortly after midnight. Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom. A very rare recording of breeding Antarctic Petrels at the largest inland colony in Antarctica of this species.


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Enjoy your time in the gumtree hitt of Rocky River overlooking the Platypus Waterholes. The video went viral on YouTube attracting over 1.

They are nervous of predators, and indeed we’d seen several prides of lions in the vicinity in previous days. The sounds of waves and insects on an island in the northern part of Costa Rica. You can hear the loud, deep wingbeats at 3: In a Russian meadow, the unusual, wispy rattles of grasshoppers and bush-crickets, along with the sounds of other insects and birds make for a relaxing, gentle hangjaii.

Storm in Sinharaja Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Beskidy Mountains Soundscape Beskidy Mountains. Demerkazik Gorge, Taurus Mountains, Turkey. Coming Out Monologues Pics! West coast, St Lucia.

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Gamba Reserve Complex, Gabon. This lovely recording features the sounds of open country birds including Meadowlark, Great-tailed Grackle and California Quail. Some churches try to find and keep the traditional Baptist identity, some of them would like to open a wide gate towards wordly influences, hoping that more people will come to Christ.

Istorie Evanghelica Sine ira et studio.

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One Sea Lion is swimming in the front, a second one is roaring in a remote sea cave. Whitwell Hall, Norfolk, United Kingdom. The soft ‘chapping’ hhangjai geckos is heard, and as evening deepens, nocturnal crickets develop a hypnotising chorus of chiming rhythms. Hill Mynas, Emerald Doves, and a Green Imperial Pigeon call from the nearby forest, along with a chorus of frogs from the edge of the pond.


Crna Mlaka Wetlands at Night Crna mlaka. The sounds of tens of hngjai of cranes calling, singing and dancing as they arrive at their spring feeding grounds at Lake Hornborga. Skamania County, Washington, United States. Toads and frogs are singing at night in the pond, in the center of the small village of Diafarabe, on the Niger river.

This rich natural symphony reflects the incredible biodiversity of Borneo’s rainforest. Log in No account? In this clip are two exchanges of calls from trees close to the microphone. Morning at Umzumbi Mmabolela Reserve.

Rottmayer and his friends arrived in Hungary on May 20, — Their homecoming date was a milestone in the history of the newlyfounded Hungarian Baptist mission. Misty Rainforest Mount Lewis, Queensland.