Historias Zen: Taisen Deshimaru: Books – Historias Zen: : Taisen Deshimaru: Books. Results 1 – 16 of 22 The Zen Way to Martial Arts: A Japanese Master Reveals the Secrets of Sit: Zen Teachings of Master Taisen Deshimaru . Historias Zen.

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School Donation Program In Memory of How To Swap Books? Interested in the world, he abandoned his mother’s practices and studied Christianity for a long while under a Protestant minister before ultimately deciding that it was not for him either.

He returned to his own religion, Buddhism, and hiztorias came into contact with Rinzai teachings. Eventually, he also grew distant from Rinzai Buddhism and was unsatisfied by his life as a businessman.


This led him to meet S?

Zen Master Kodo Sawaki, whom he quickly became a disciple of. Deshimaru quickly followed in Master Sawaki’s footsteps and devoted himself to the practice of Shikantaza. Deshimaru received the monastic ordination shortly before Sawaki grew ill.

Sawaki is said to have expressed his wish to spread Zen deshijaru other parts of the world on his death-bed, and asked Deshimaru to travel to Europe and spread the teaching.

InDeshimaru came to Europe and settled in Paris in order to fulfill his master’s wish and spread the teachings of Zen.

Historias Zen : Taisen Deshimaru :

In histirias s, his mission grew and he received dharma transmission from Master Yamada Reirin and became Kaikyosokan head of Japanese Soto Zen for a particular country or continent in Europe. He trained many disciples, and was the catalyst for the creation of a multitude of practice centers.

His teachings and multitude of books helped spread the influence of Zen in Europe and America, particularly of the S? He died inafter having solidly established Zen practice in the West.


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