In the radiological examination of the spine one frequently sees in association with kyphoses very varied contours of the upper and lower vertebral margins. Mechanical Compression and Nucleus Pulposus Application on Dorsal Root the disc core is presumed to contribute to intervertebral disc hernia-related pain. This report examines 18 surgically proven L3/4 herniated nucleus pulposus ( HNP), all having myelogram, CT and adequate neurological evaluation. It will focus.

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Archived from the original on Ensemble encoding of nociceptive stimulus intensity in the rat medial and lateral pain systems. Epidural steroid injection ESI is an effective alternative to reduce the nukleua of the nerve root. The effects of compression upon conduction in myelinated axons of the isolated frog sciatic nerve.

A Systematic Review and Risk Assessment”. Overcoming Back and Neck Pain. Often, herniated discs are not diagnosed immediately, as patients present with undefined pains in the thighs, knees, or feet. Retrieved from ” https: While mechanical compression is still presumed to be of major importance, 2 — 4 leakage of nucleus pulposus NP from the disc core onto nervous tissue may also contribute to the experience of pain by causing a local inflammatory response and inducing both structural and functional changes in nerve roots.

Several ascending tracts carrying pulposue information from the spinal cord to the brain are relayed in the thalamus 31 — 33 and changes in evoked neuronal responses in the VPL nucleus may thus reflect changes in activity in a number of nociceptive pathways.


The systematic review of Huang W.

Lateral L3/4 herniated nucleus pulposus: clinical and imaging considerations.

Surgery may be useful when a herniated disc is causing significant pain radiating into the leg, significant leg weakness, bladder problems, or loss of bowel control. An experimental flow chart for the acute electrophysiological and behavioral experiments performed on day 2 is shown on the right.

Since disc herniation surgery includes a mechanical decompression while the possible chemical effect of the disc material may remain, series 1 included subgroups in which the effects of applied NP were investigated at the level of the thalamus with and without remaining compression. A critical review of risk and benefit”. Back exercises include the prone press-ups, upper back extension, transverse abdominis bracing, and floor bridges.

Spinal disc herniation

Experimental models designed to study the origin of disc hernia-related pain often include both a mechanical and an inflammatory component, and the results obtained have suggested that these two components may mutually enhance each other in terms of effects on behavior 141520 and neuronal activity.

Exercises that enhance back strength may also be used to prevent back injuries. Support Center Support Center. Regarding the role of surgery for failed medical therapy in people without a significant neurological deficit, a Cochrane review concluded that “limited evidence is now available to support some aspects of surgical practice”. Takahashi K, et al.


All experimental procedures were approved by the regional animal ethics committee. When the spine is straight, such as in standing or lying down, internal pressure is equalized on all parts of the discs. nuklehs

Over time, poor posture can cause the intervertebral disc to tear or become damaged. Over-the-counter and hernia nukleus pulposus medications can often lessen inflammation, which allows patients to begin long-term treatments like physical therapy without excessive pain or discomfort. The inflammatory effect of nucleus pulposus. Protection from disc herniation is best provided by core strength and an awareness of body mechanics including posture.


However, a statistical comparison of the raw data obtained as baseline records failed to reveal any significant differences between the experimental groups Kruskal—Wallis test; nonsignificant.

Nucleus pulposus | Radiology Reference Article |

Related Radiopaedia articles Anatomy: Experimental models of disc hernia including both components have resulted in changes in neuronal activity at the level of the dorsal root ganglion DRG and spinal cord, but changes within the brain have been less well studied. The projection of afferent pathways on the thalamus of the rat.

From Occiput to Coccyx”. When a tear in the outer, fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc allows the nykleus, central portion to bulge out beyond the damaged outer rings, the disc is said to be herniated.

However, acute application of NP to a DRG without mechanical compression rapidly increases neuronal activity in the thalamus, a major brain relay nucleus processing information from sensory pathways including ascending nociceptive tracts.

The patient is asked if he feels any differences between the left and right side.