Restoring the spiritual art of healing to the science of medicine, Healing Words guides us toward “a medicine that is both more effective and more humane. Proving prayer to be as valid and vital a healing tool as drugs or surgery, the bestselling author of Meaning & Medicine and Recovering the Soul offers a. In this New York Times bestseller, Dr. Dossey restores the spiritual art of healing to the science of medicine. Healing Words points the way toward “a medicine.

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All of us who are involved in providing comfort and strength for people afficted with AIDS ought to think about the power of prayer and the practice of medicine. Thanks to Larry Dossey, MD, we now have the means to consider this connection. In his book Healing Wordsthis physician-author shares a wealth of knowledge. In some instances, he cites findings from other sources. Dossey also permits us to gain insights from his own experience of responding to the needs of a multitude of patients who have turned to him for help in the midst of an illness-provoked crisis.

Not at all surprising, among his patients have been men and women who have manifested great faith in God, as well as those who have displayed either a lack of theological belief or some ambivalence when they have wondered if a Supreme Being has been an active presence in their lives. Advertisement Inasmuch as there is a perception that medicine and religion are not necessarily allied, Dossey offers a significant observation early in the book–namely that in some 15 to 20 percent of cases, there is advanced healing when the patient and others have prayed for divine assistance.


It is within this context that Dossey, whose practice is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, writes, “Prayer says something incalculably important about who we are and what our destiny may be. Thus, physical health and spiritual achievement become interrelated in a way which appears to be mysterious to most of us–be we physicians or latry As a result of maintaining faith in God, it seems that those who are ill are able to accept the negativity of pain and suffering and to transform it into something positive.

So, when relying on prayer as a healing instrument, these patients become focused, authentic, genuine, and accepting of their fate. And, simultaneously, they give evidence of having a power which may even enable them–and jealing physicians–to cause the regression of life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer.

Healing Words

This prompts Dossey to posit a theory and to explain in some detail a number of prayerful techniques that seem to have some efficacy, including certain kinds of therapeutic touching, transpersonal imagery, remote sensing, and the bringing on of telesomatic dossej. Next, the author asks his readers to consider the connection between prayer and the unconscious mind, so as to look at both psychological and physiological reasons why faith and prayer might cause extraordinary healing to occur.

Nevertheless, beyond that which is reasonably explained, he does have us explore such matters as the nature of prayer itself and the kinds of prayer which seem to have unexpected potency. And, given that love is intimately related with health, it can be concluded that both human love and God’s love enable some patients to recover, even when reasonable explanations fail to describe what has occurred.


Dossey then turns to his medical colleagues with a message: It is essential, he argues, that each member of the “healing team” has a clear understanding of his or her own theological concepts, and members must tap into their own spiritual resources as often as possible.

The balance of this enlightening and well-written book helps us to examine prayer from a scientific point of view, to read research evidence that clarifies yealing link between prayer and healing, and to have a better understanding of the essence of healing itself.

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