Guardianes del día (Дневной дозор en ruso, trans. Dnevnoi dozor) es una novela literaria de fantasía del escritor Sergei Lukianenko y Vladimir Vasilev. Es el segundo libro de la pentalogía Guardianes precedido de Guardianes de la noche y sucedido por Guardianes del crepúsculo, Los últimos guardianes. Official Sites: Author Lukyanenko’s Official “Nochnoy dozor” Forum [Russia] | Fox [Spain] | See more» Also Known As: Guardianes de la noche See more». Guardianes de la noche / Night Watch by Serguei Lukyanenko at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo –

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Guardianes del día – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

She was also not interesting in any way at all. His first-person narrator goes off on tangential speculations or infodumps just when I want him to get out of the way and let the story advance. Since the time immemorial, the knights who call themselves the Warriors of Light have been chasing witches and sorcerers who torture humans.

Apparently the Russian version of this book has a Please note: That might sound weird and dull, but it actually brings the triptych to a very satisfying conclusion. The sort of ‘old sage’ with fountains of information, who’s been there and done it.

Guardianes De La Noche/ Guards of the Night

The first enter into Twilight defines ones destiny. Not because of her decision or actions but because she is so very two dimensional. And all of this for the sake of the simplest rules. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Just look it up on the internet and pretend that you knew it all along like the adults do because this is a long book. Neither do I want to support them in any way.

I chose to read this be In this, the first book of the night watch trilogy we follow Anton. The cast credits have been moved guardiane the end of the movie; the title appears before the prologue as opposed to the Russian version, where it appears in the swimming llukyanenko scene.

Near the end, at a drinking party, several of the characters began to emerge from the miasma, to feel real and sympathetic. Still, the novel transcends all of this at the end, and we are left to believe that the love between two individuals might be more important than the battle between good and evil.

Both of these factions are known as ‘Others’, not quite human, but something else altogether. They have guardaines powers and all their emotions are heightened. Svetlana is especially underdeveloped. I thought there are a lot of interesting and unusual aspects to this book.


This is nocge different for Lukyanenko’s Night Watch, the same themes and outlook on the world are all there, if you look at even just the premise of Homo Zapiens you begin to understand just how greatly the world view of these authors differs to that of you or I and why countries again, as referenced by Lukyanenko in the third story from the Former Soviet states, Asia and the Guardiaes East will be the future of the world economy and interesting literature.

Effects are good not on par with Hollywood blockbusters – big shock, I know The subtitles I quite liked – they weren’t your typical subtitles, they tended to interact with the world around them. Also the story is mostly told from the pov of night watch agent Lukyaenkothe author does not give us any background information regarding him, and this guy just keeps thinking in his mind and his self pitying and self dialogues just become too much after point.

In Nomine was about the war between Heaven and Hell, and the players could take on the role of either angels or demons. However, we experience his difficulty in determining the right thing to do. I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a bad translation, because otherwise that’s just rubbish, arrogant writing. And we don’t have the right to do that Real life demands have left me with precious little time to call my own and, more frightening still, the books that have found their way into my hands have not been inspiring me to take to the webs and shout my opinions into the ether with my usual gusto.

Let’s not be surprised this is lukanenko modern Russian novel writing about modern Russia as a full-out UF with vampires, magicians, alternate dimensional side-realms, and a fight between the light and dark. It’s a worthwhile read even if it does give me a vague, nostalgic urge to break out the vodka, listen to Iron and Wine and consider life for the cruel, heartless, inevitable bastard that it is.

I’ve read this book twice, the latest time being December However each sub-story had its own focus an I thought there are a lot of interesting and unusual aspects to this book. Yes, I was in the grip of a mid-winter malaise second to none where everything I read, saw, or listened to just seemed either like it was For the past month or so I have been regrettably absent from the nets that I like to call my digital home. Could you license vampires to feed upon the innocent even if it helps preserve a precarious peace?


It also comments a lot on humankind, and by the end of the book I was kinda over being judged by this cynical Russian author who doesn’t know me at all. Maybe more perceptive readers than I will guardiianes out what is going on in the background, but a lot of this feels like a book by L E Modesitt, Jr. One who promises to yield great power but who has not as yet chosen between the Dark and the Light.

I was reminded a lot of my old writing gig, and all those In Nomine supplements I still have sitting on my shelf, while reading Night Watch.

Basically, Anton is average magician and he’ll never be extremely powerful, but with his charisma, he manages to be in the center of everything important. The relative brevity of each instalment was also matched by Lukyanenko here.

All three novellas in this book were 3 stars But if I’m being very honest, this is more of a 4. The alternate-reality world-building is wonderful. Sacrifice of the few for the many. If there is a problem with this book, it is that it becomes a little one-note after a while.

View all 3 comments. Spice up your standard recipe with extreme moral ambiguity, questioning of morals and purpose, blend the distinctions between the forces of dark and light creating moral greyness, add questionable authority figures, question View all 5 comments. Sep 17, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: I kept thinking I was missing something and that maybe that something had been lost in translation from its original Russian to English. Return to Book Page. He had some interesting adventures, but as mentioned, the scope just wasn’t there.

Anyway, he is also a magician, Night Watch and crazy as hell. And yet I felt I missed some of the details, the emotional impact of the whole. Naturally, both sides will cheat if they can get away with it. Like, he complains so much about humans being horrible and causing their own evil, and I totally agree that the world is a bit of a mess right now, but like Samwise said, ‘there’s some GOOD in this world Mr Frodoand it’s worth fighting for.