(From IIA Global Technology Audit Guide Auditing IT Projects). GTAG 28, 2, Project Plan and Approach, , Objective and scope, The scope of the project. Information for the audit program was also obtained as necessary from the Institute of Internal Auditor’s GTAG (Global Technology Audit Guide) #12 ( Auditing IT. Start studying GTAG Auditing IT Projects: Appendix A – Project Management. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study.

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Front page News Browsing. The basic concepts of information security. The ghag, dimensions, and basic principles of security. IT management and control framework systems. Service quality and service management. Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge.

Standards, and recommendations concerning IT security.

Information security policy, and strategy. Information security regulation and procedures. The place of the information security function.


Managing information security by applying standards. Implementing the information security strategy. Elaborating and operating the information security program. Security requirements during systems development and introduction.

Handling extraordinary security events incidents. Information security risk management, and typical risks.

Establish and maintain project management standards. | Control Result | Unified Compliance

Basic concepts of risk management. Typical information security risks. Information security risk management and compliance. Prevention and handling of computer fraud and abuse. Types of computer related damage, abuse, and fraud. Computer fraud in the Penal Code Btk.

Prevention of abuse and fraud. How data security software works.

Security in the cloud. Maintaining organisations in continuous operation. The frameworks of business continuity management. Continuity of IT services.

The fundamentals of internal audit. The history of control. The role of audit. IIA internal audit standards.

Issuing the audit report. Internal audit in the government sector. Audit of the information system. The concept of control and risk in information systems. The groundwork of information system audit.


Information security | Digital Textbook Library

Information systems audit in the ministries. Official information systems audit standards, and guidelines. Information systems audit guidelines.

Best practice assisting the information systems auditor. Methods, and procedures of information systems audit. Information systems audit types.

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The process of information systems audit. Preparing for the IT audit. Cooperation by IT auditor in auditing business processes. Continuous control monitoring CCM.