The pay review committee, headed by Prof Goverdhan Mehta, set up for The Goverdhan Mehta committee will also submit another report on. Goverdhan Mehta is an organic chemist who has made valuable contributions to the field of molecular synthesis. In addition to developing synthetic pathways for. GOVERDHAN MEHTA the present Review Committee is appended to the Report: Report for discussion by the Advisory Committee of IIT Bombay.

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University of Poona with Dr. Honoris CausaUniversity of Marseilles.

Over his carrer, Dr. Goverdhan Mehta had delivered over lectures at various national and international meetings, universities and research institutions.

These include over 25 Plenary and Invited Lectures at international conferences including some of the foremost in the field of Organic Chemistry such as: Pallavi, From hydrocarbons to polyols. Cyclooctatetraene to novel mehat, Chem. Muthusamy, Tandem cyclization-cycloaddition reactions of rhodium generated carbenoids from a,a-diazo carbonyl compounds,Tetrahedron58, Tetrahedron Report No Singh, Hybrid systems through natural product leads: An approach towards new molecular entities, Chem.


Goverdhan Mehta

V Sriram Sarma, A rapid, two step construction of novel C 48 H 24 and C 54 H 24 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons represented on the C 60 -fullerene surface through three-fold intramolecular Heck coupling reaction, Tetrahedron Lett. Gadre, Electrophilic additions to 2-methylenebicyclo[2.

Probing diastereoselectivity for electrostatic and orbital effects, Org. Islam, Total synthesis of otteliones A and B, Angew. Umarye, Studies towards the total synthesis of diterpene antibiotic Guanacastepene A: Construction of the hydroazulenic core, Org.

Goverdhan Mehta Committee Report … | Materialia Indica

Lakshminath, A norbornyl route to aminocyclohexitols: Synthesis of diverse aminocarbasugars and ‘confused’ aminocarbasugars, Tetrahedron Lett. Narahari Sastry, The bicyclo[2. A new probe system for the experimental and computational study of electronic effects in a-facial selectivity in nucleophilic cmomittee, Tetrahedron Lett. Uma, Stereoelectronic control in Diels-Alder reaction of dissymmetric 1,3-dienes, Acc. Uma, Role of heteroatoms in diastereofacial control in cycloaddition to a dissymmetric cyclohexa-1,3-diene moiety in a polycyclic framework.

Remarkable stereodirecting influence of distal protective groups, J.

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Synthesis of new tetraoxa-cages and their C-H O mediated solid state architecture, J. Novel condriutol and carbasugar hybrids as a new class of glycosidase inhibitors, Chem. A general approach to benzocorannulenes: Synthesis of mono- di- and tribenzocorannulene, Chem.


Venkateshwaran, Haller-Bauer reaction revisited: Ssynthetic applications of a versatile C-C bond scission reaction, Tetrahedron56, Chandrasekhar, Electronic control of facial selection in additions to sterically unbiased ketones and olefins, Chem. Singh, Progress in the construction of cyclooctanoid goverdhzn New approaches and applications to natural product syntheses, Chem.

Reddy, Enzymatic goverdhah of dioxygenated dicyclopentadienes: Mohal, Norbornyl route to cyclopentitols: Synthesis of trehazolamine analogues and the purported structure of salpantiolTetrahedron Lett. Mohal, A norbornyl route to cyclopentitols via novel regiospecific fragmentation of a 2,7-disubstituted norbornaneTetrahedron Lett.

Goverdhan Mehta | Hikal | India

Srinivas, A stereoselective total synthesis of the novel sesquiterpene kelsoene, Tetrahedron Lett. Rao, Synthetic studies directed towards bucky-balls and bucky-bowls, Tetrahedron, 54, Formation of exceptionally stable diozonides with novel, C-H. O hydrogen bond directed, solid state architecture, Chem. Resources on the Web Homepage: Tetrahedron Report No G.