Gerhard Wisnewski. + Follow Dec 14, by Gerhard Wisnewski Verheimlicht – vertuscht – vergessen: Was nicht in der Zeitung stand. by Gerhard. Books By Gerhard Wisnewski Dec 14, by Gerhard Wisnewski · Kindle Edition. $$ verheimlicht – vertuscht – vergessen · Hardcover. Verheimlicht – vertuscht – vergessen: Was nicht in der Zeitung Stand. Gerhard Wisnewski: Published by Knaur, München (). ISBN

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But it takes even more chutzpah to sue journalists who report your apparent foreknowledge. Gutjahr, apparently not lacking in chutzpah, sued German journalist Gerhard Wisnewski for reporting the highly suspicious facts.

But even in Zionist-owned-and-operated Germany, such chutzpah was too much for the courts to stomach. Anybody out there who can rendition him? The judges quashed a lawsuit against Wisnewski, a founder and guiding force of the truth movement in Germany book titles: The reporter Richard Gutjahr had sued the author because he allegedly aroused the suspicion that Gutjahr could have had some foreknowledge in connection with the attacks of Nice and Munich July 14 th and 22 nd In MarchGutjahr sued Wisnewski for omission.

The question of prior knowledge turns on the suspicion that Gutjahr is capable of tolerating two mass murders in order to promote his career, according to the accusation. In this specific case, the court said, no suspicion concerning an offense or any other grave misbeheavior by Gutjahr was mentioned revision not allowed, by the way. The book series concealed — covered up — forgotten will continue as usual.

The next issue will be published in December As only the german version is mandatory, please look for the german original here: I would have thrown him in the slammer — confidentially client privilege or not — 2 huge murder felonies took place. This is a small win compared to the Injustices Done. I would love to see a calculation of the probability of being present at two terror events, within a week, at the exact time of them occurring. To get a feel for how low the number is one would look at the probability of a terror act happening in a given location because from that the numbers just get lower probabilities are multiplied.


Well it turns out someone can help us. I use numbers to understand what we ought to vertuxcht afraid of, and how afraid we should be. So here are some numbers: In France, in the last two years, there have been eight attacks, killing a total of people. There are 66 million people in France.

verheimlicht vertuscht vergessen: Was 2014 nicht in der Zeitung stand

At the current level of activity, their odds of being killed in a terrorist attack in a given year are less than two ten-thousandths of one per cent. Even if the current level of attacks continues for 80 years which would be unprecedenteda child born today in France would have only one percent of a one percent chance of being killed in one. It is still available from http: Gutjahr is mentioned on page 7.

I just recognise that history is largely a chronical of the ministrations of psychopaths, and that they have unjustly given the mainsream religions, as well as the countries towards whose governments they tend to gravitate, a bad name.

The people are nevef tarred with the same brush as their rulers, however brainwashed they can be come via propaganda. The question Wisnewski posed p.

Verheimlicht – vertuscht – vergessen: Was nicht in der Zeitung stand by Gerhard Wisnewski

I think I understand some rudimentary German ……. Thank you for this article. On the micro level, the Goodyear blimps of the world: Grabbing the limelight whenever they can, wherever they can. From my understanding, this Gutjahr was a pretty boy snooze caster.

Narcissistic people tend to think the world revolves around them, and any publicity is gut publicity. He was a tool, used by Mossad to get even more of Germany to turn on a dime, and hate a group of people once again.

Geghard found out about the Gutyear blimp floating his 99 lead luftballons on several Youtube channels at the time of these phony fake shows. But, alas and alack. They do their stabbing in 20112 back. Too bad when we get on the Youtube phone gerhars tell somebody.


verheumlicht They are making sure that what we see next. Fascism is, as fascism does. Albeit, an appeals court. I forgot her name. Kevin, an update please. All content herein is owned by author exclusively. Some content may be satirical in nature.

Middle East Russia Veterans. Log into your account. Monday, December 31, VT correspondent Alla Pierce update on Ukraine elections. Why Is the Ocean Salty? Centuries vertkscht Arab Jewish culture genocided by Zionists. Speaking Truth To Empire: Talking Yemen War with activist Kathy….

False Flag Weekly News…. Tribute to late William Blum: Gordon Duff meets with Robert David Steele. All Military New World Order. Syrian War Report — Dec. US Forces Withdraw From…. As Syrian War winds down, Ukraine appears to be next hot…. Janice Kortkamp on life veregssen Syria. My edited book Orlando False Flag documents the very strange case of Israeli black ops queen Einat Wilf and her “lucky” photographer husband, Richard Gutjahr.

Such intelligence, yet such stupidity to think no goyim would notice. Rule 1 — they work both ends against the middle. What I mean by the sound.

The death of Freedom of Speech. Dean, Managing Editor – December 30, 1. Dean, Managing Editor – December 30, 2. Syrian army enters Manbij near Turkish border, raises flag Jim W. Vefgessen, Managing Editor – December 28, South Front – December 31, 0. VT Senior Editors – December 30, 8. Alexis – December 30, 3.

US Forces Withdraw Verheomlicht