Description: This moss consists of an erect leafy stem (gametophyte) about mm. tall. The stem is brown below, light green above, and unbranched; it is. Funaria hygrometrica: cord moss: America; the most common is F. hygrometrica, which is often described in textbooks as a representative bryophyte (member. Funaria hygrometrica is rather inconspicuous when sterile (when the more conspicuous sporophyte has not yet developed). The obovate leaves form a bulb -like.

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Funaria hygrometrica is a common world wide water moss which grows on moist, shady, and damp soil. It can also be found on moist walls and the crevices of rocks and places where recent fires have taken place.


Up to 30 mm. The plant body Gametophyte is green, soft, and upright.

Funaria hygrometrica

The rhizoids present in this species are multi-cellular and branched. They have oblique septa. The main axis of the plant, which is upright, bears a set of spirally arranged, sessile leaves having a clearly distinguishable midrib.

At the apex of the main plant axis, the antheridia is borne. This is the male part of the shoot sporophyte. Morning dew on this moss The structure of this moss. Poisonous plants in New Zealand. Animals New Zealand’s Marine mammals.

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Dicranoloma menziesii Distichophyllum pulchellum var.

Funaria hygrometrica in Flora of North America @

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Funaria hygrometrica – Wikipedia

Weeds and Escapee Plants Botanical names. Ecological importance of Muehlenbeckia australis. Friends of Pukekura Park 3: Taranaki Kiwi Trust 4: Friends of Funagia Henui 5: Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society 6: Royal Forest and Bird Society, Taranaki 7: Rotokare Scenic Reserve 8: New Zealand Herpetological Society 9: Funaria hygrometrica Funaria hygrometrica is a common world wide water moss which grows on moist, shady, and damp soil. Sitemap Sites of Interest Disclaimer.