(Anal. Ed.) 17, Burriel-Martí, F., and Ramírez-Muñoz, J. (). “Fotometria de llama,” Monografías de Ciencia Moderna, Vols. I and II. Consejo Superior de. UES FQF Ciclo II Practica No 6 Fotometria de Llama. Henry Hernandez. Uploaded by. Henry Hernandez. Download with Google Download with Facebook. HP/Agilent N (GN) gc-cromatógrafo de gas con detector de fotometría de llama | eBay!.

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The imaging protocol included orogastric administration of iodinated contrast material mixed with water. Histological sections showed sperm in the lumen, immersed in substance, positive for acid mucopolysaccharides.

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En studie om lama Lama glama och alpacka Vicugna pacos och deras beteenden. The diagnostic evaluation included the use of computed tomography and an excretory ureterogram to confirm and llamx the location of the ectopic ureter.

A tissue biopsy specimen of the liver was obtained, and histologic examination revealed moderate diffuse lipid accumulation within the hepatocytes. On the other hand, one pair of isolates from different subgroups 1b and 1j shared antigenic similarities indicating antigenic relatedness. Lesions were raised or plaque-like, erythematous, firm to soft in consistency and were observed on the face and skin of the axillary, abdominal, perineal and inguinal regions.

Serta mengunakan metode pengujian secara langsung dan pengumpulan data kadar etanol hasil distilasi cairan fermentasi 3, 5, dan 7 hari.

Carcass characteristics of llamas Lama glama reared in Central Chile. Treatment of fractures in 7 limbs of 4 llamas and 2 small ruminants with this technique are described.

Carriers with functional null mutations in LAMA 3 have localized enamel abnormalities due to haploinsufficiency. Specific amplification of S. Medical students have the risk of myopia because of long and intensive reading. The informant of this research are the local figure, local citizen, and local authority. In this review we fotometrka to compile and summarize the diverse and often contradictory material presented on the reproduction of llamas and alpacas hereafter referred to as lamoids.


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Blood samples for LH measurement were taken every 15 minutes from 1. The schistosome Heterobilharzia americana infects several mammalian species in the southeastern United States, including horses, but infections have not been reported in camelids.

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Assessment of the effects of feed restriction and amino acid supplementation on glucose tolerance in llamas. Four treatments were compared: These contributions can be seen in the social, cultural and religious aspect based on factors on Place Attachment.

All fractures healed to permit full use of the limb.

With CO 2 or butyric acid in the test solution, permeability was highest, it was low when food was withheld and when fotomwtria volatile fatty acids were present in the solution. The nonsurgical embryo transfer procedure and the nutrient requirements of llamas are also discussed.

To assess the feasibility and usefulness of CT enterography to evaluate the gastrointestinal tract in clinically normal llamas and alpacas. Three hours later, helical CT scanning was performed of the entire abdomen with transverse and multiplanar sagittal and dorsal projections before and after IV iodinated contrast agent injection.

Full Text Available Sexual behavior evaluation was evaluated, collecting and interspecies embryo transfer inter species in llamas and alpacas during non-breeding season, 10 and 10 donor alpacas llamasalpacas and 20 receiving 20 llamasfptometria alpacas and 5 llamas males were used.


Carried each year by llama ‘s caravans down to the other ecozones, as far as oriental or occidental valleys, and there bartered, it helps each community to obtain complementary row material which is necessary to their subsistence: In addition, a close relationship between behavioural estrus and ovulation is not registered in llamas. The current study documents a Medical records were searched to identify llamas or alpacas in which a histologic diagnosis of HL was made.

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Our results encourage further studies to elucidate the role of these proteins in reproductive oviductal events. Due to the complexity of these sites, building 3-D models is time consuming and difficult, usually involving much manual effort.

Transfer of body urea into the temporarily isolated rumen cleaned and filled with a test solution was measured in the llama. Only 1 positive camelid younger than 18 months was found. Computed tomography is a valuable asset to diagnose the presence and terminal location of an ectopic ureter fotometdia llamasand nephrectomy appears to be a viable procedure to resolve the subsequent urinary incontinence.

Llama use in wilderness is projected to increase over the next 5 years. Preferred trait groups for llama males according to farmers’ responses were body conformation, fibre, testicle conformation, fleece colour and height at withers.

The guanaco was an intermediate selective consumer. The procedure was completed in 5 to 8 minutes, and animals did not have any adverse effects. Analysis of genetic diversity in Bolivian llama populations using microsatellites.

A total of 28 putative phosphorylated motifs highlighted a complex heterogeneity and a potential variable degree of post-translational modifications.