Rereadings: It caused outrage at the time, but Forever Amber Kathleen Winsor’s story of an English adventuress who becomes one of the. Kathleen Winsor’s Forever Amber, the naughtiest novel of , has just been reprinted. Lock up your servants. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Kathleen ioned.

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I loved the hell out of this book because Amber and Bruce were such flawed human beings. It’s katgleen to have main characters that are self serving and ignorant because real people are. Also I qinsor you need to consider the time period and how people were behaving. If you were a man you were expected to have a mistress or else you would be mocked and wantonness was encouraged in women hence why main people were cruel towards Francis Stewart. Bruce and Amber were a product of their time.

I also like the relationship between Amber and Bruce because it’s good to have historical fiction that doesn’t end happily. She fell completely in love with Bruce when she was a naive country girl and she never stopped loving him with the same slavish devotion. He just used her for sex yet she couldn’t help hoping that he would fall in love with her.

It’s a really sad and obsessive unrequited relationship but it’s also very real and I see happening a lot to my single friends. Amber is beautiful and witty and rich and still the man she loves doesn’t give a damn about her. She also uses many people and lovers, who did really care for her, as a means to get Bruce’s attention.

She could have been happy yet she was so fixated on Bruce she ruined everything for herself.

Forever Amber – Wikipedia

And I like that after striving to have wealth and title she’s still miserable and rejected. I couldn’t have said it any better than the person above as I loved the hell out of this book as well. I first read it when I was sixteen and it has been my favourite book since then almost 50 years. Apart from loving the plot and even loving the “evil” Amber and BruceI love how it sticks very close to the true history of those times, portraying the restoration and reign of Charles II, the plague and the great fire of London.

A great historical novel. I think that most of the wealthy and powerful people in those days were immoral and selfish not much different than today really and it is quite easy to believe that these characters of Kathleen Windsor’s could have existed. I just wanted to add something that I really should have mentioned in my earlier comment. The writer shows that the characters both Amber and Bruce are not entirely appallingly malicious and malevolent.

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When it does arrive and she discovers that he has symptoms of the plague, she stays behind with him and risks the plague to, alone, nurse him through the illness, which she does. When he finally starts to recover they make plans to again get out of London but unfortunately Amber then catches the plague and Bruce out of gratitude not love stays behind and looks after her. The initial reviewer sounds to me like a puritanical religious fanatic I suggest you stick to reviewing biblical historical fiction so that I will be unlikely to stumble across another off your reviews.

I can’t say that I “loved the heel out of this book”, it had its flaws, but those harped on weren’t flaws, they were a portrait albeit somewhat embellished of the real immorality of King Charles ll’s court.


His own immorality is well documented, and it was common for the King’s court to follow his example. Additionally, please forgive the typos, my phone misrepresented my typing and I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

I’ll even forgive your comments on my character and tastes in public entertainment! Speaking of entertainment, I’m often amused by the furor this post generates. I understand if you love this book. Some of you have made interesting comments about why it isn’t as horrible kathlren I found it, and wisdom comes from a multitude of counsellors there’s another Proverb for you so please do continue making such comments–and see comment policy on the sidebar at the right.

All this said, y’all seem to have the idea that I must not know anything about Restoration ,athleen to be so disgusted by this book. Just to clear kathleen up, I am in fact well winspr with the basic facts of the period, including the gaudy excesses up to which Charles and his merry crew regularly got.

Still, the fact that the Restoration court frequently wallowed in the gutter is no reason why I should join them there. And so, in a friendly way, I would just like to say– To Hell with that! Only someone who has never loved and lost would fail to understand the heroine’s actions and underlying emotions.

This book was considered racy and immoral in my grandmother’s day. I do know that time period. It really takes you there, truly. It forrever decadent then.

Forever Amber

Women like Amber with no social station would have been a housekeeper at best – wench at her village if she stayed. She had no good options.

Plus she represents the inner bloodline that she felt in her bones. She was a fish out of water in Hicksville. She liked bad boys Bad boys want good girls. When the two met, Amber knew that she climbed a ladder only to look down and her competition standing firmly on the ground. Her insecurity was apparent from that altitude. But she never wasted one second being a statue like her Virginian rival. In Amber’s mind Bruce wanted her because she demonstrated her love.

She made his decision easy. But she had outgrown him. She had a different view atop the ladder. Still ambee didn’t do all that for nothing. She would possess his heart or die trying. The reason the book appealed to women is that she thought like a man armed with the tools of a woman.

That combination can only have short-term rewards in that era. By Quaker era, England thought women were too dumb. In America they were not. As Americans, we ambed understand how different it was for women there We are transported to her world her quick decision-making.

We would crumble in debtors prison! Who are we kidding. So this book allows to get the thrills without the consequences. I just finished reading this pile of excrement and I have to agree with you on einsor points. The Kindle version also has a pile of misspellings and mistakes that apparently no one on the editorial team caught. To me the most shocking thing about the book is that any woman existing zmber the s could find this book good or romantic.

The anti-heroine Amber only exhibits decent behavior once or twice. She loves her children, just as long as she doesn’t has to actually take care of them and she selflessly cares for Bruce when he contracts the plague.


After a while the cycle of screw-marry-manipulate-screw Bruce-bear a child becomes dull, like watching the annual childbearing of your neighborhood fundamentalist. Amber was extremely naive. Having been drugged by the forevrr man and taken to a hospital, she ran from him.

Forever Amber : Kathleen Winsor :

Not wanting to be with him. Driven crazy by them and made to look real bad. There was no instruction manual and she can’t fix anything. After 3 years of her torture, she finally sees the truth. How does she stop it? When she finally realizes their romance is not what it is about. She kept her children at a distance because she fears for them. I think she may have thought she was just delusional. Anyways, the characters if a movie were made would be look alikes and it would be poorly made.

If only this book was not poorly written I see it as a chance for an author to steer plot lines into untrue to character and life actions. It is not true to life. How could such a delusional book ever be reality, right?

I just saw the late-night ’47 movie Anyhow, figured out it was romantic fiction pretty quick. From your description,I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to find it to read Thanks for the heads-up Both of these so-called “heroins” are presented like narcissistic idiots This review is sad.

Women back then were not allowed to do anything, they were allowed to be nothing making it hard for a woman in that time wjnsor to advance in the forfver so many used what they had and knew would get them advancements in the world; their body.

It’s entirely relatable even in today’s century, there are many famous women who though they don’t have sex for advancements though some still dothey do exploit their own beauty and sexuality which is what Kathlren did.

She knew she was pretty and used that to reach things she thought would make her happy or safe in a world dominated and controlled by men. Humans are flawed, humans are selfish, we want what we want when we want it and not everyone but most will do what it takes to have it especially when one is young and in love. It’s easy to judge a character in a book, to point out the flaws and say this book is trash until you look past your distaste and understand how women must have felt back then, that those women made mistakes, the same mistakes we still make today.

You make not like her but at some point in your life you have been her character, we all lie, we’ve all used someone else in someway to get ahead even if it’s not drastic. I think the people who don’t like to read this book see kathoeen much of themselves in Amber or they’re too focused on the sexuality of the book and can’t delve deeper into why she took such actions in the first place.

She’s human, she represents low self-esteem, loving someone who will not love you back the way you need them to and making terrible life decisions because of that love and constantly seeking wisnor and approval.