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Many ofmy Mer-Ka-Ba students have been telling meand I myself haveseen thisthat the moment they activated their Mer-Ka-Ba for thefirst time, they sometimes found themselves surrounded by blackhelicopters. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. According to them, theChinese government tested over one hundred thousand childrenwho they had found to be super-psychics who could “see” withoutusing their ,elchizedek.

All I knew was that they worked. There were many different kinds of demonstrations of these chil-drens abilities, but the bottom line was pretty easy to understand: It had not rainedfor months and months, and even some cacti were dying. And then it happened. When my wife first exposed me to these images, I could find nothingwithin me to explain what they were or how they were working upon thehuman soul.

Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek – [PDF Document]

We only had one acre andabout half melchizeddk that was walled in for the house. We all won-dered about what we had witnessed. So these words are my gift to you, for truly I know who you areand I love you as the Earth loves the Sun.

I was back in the room at the East Coast of the U. Yes, mis was veryexciting. Notify me of new posts via email.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Az let Virgnak si titka II.

To say that I was excited doesnt even come close to describing howI felt. What it does is ground the experience of theinternal humming of the heart into this physical world, which thenalso presents another reason for doing this: The husband, who felt that he had not had the experience, said to hiswife, “I feel bad that nothing happened when I went into the medita- Now there was absolutely no doubt of the validity of a secretplace in the heart.


It was clear that Mia could now “see” like Inge. Then the other object, the coin or thesmall rock that was sitting at the edge of the table, would float over tothe empty but still floares bottle and pass right through the glass wall,to be found inside the sealed bottle.

To find out, I hold a finger in the breeze. It was verysubtle but ultimately paramount to the experience of where all thiswas leadingthe secret, hidden place within the flowrea that gener-ated these incredible images the children were seeing and gave themtheir knowledge.

Kauilapele’s Blog Today’s energies from Hawai’i MaryAnn somehow knew I was plugged into her vision, and sheremarked, “You can see now, cant you? The KogiMamas told me to try communicating in this manner with animals soI could see this truth for myself. Exista acolo, un loc mic unde Sursa Vietii, traieste, este Vie.

She then “went” across the hall to the bathroom andagain described the room perfectly. Immediately 1 was at the ceiling of a room inthe Colombian womans house, looking down at her as she wassleeping in her bed. Theschool was making some very powerful claims that, if true, wouldultimately change the world forever. The comet fragments were moving behind the Sunat that moment and were about to have a final drjnvalo with theirdramatic destiny in astronomical history, by crashing into the sur-face of Jupiter.

The next day they took me into one of their kivas and keptme there for three days and nights. Joy flooded our hearts and overpowered what had just hap-pened in the field.


Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek

Nothing ever changed nor did I ever dis-cover anything new, until perhaps a year after Id first discoveredthe cave. One dark night, during a bitter cold snowstorm, there was aknock on the door of the bus. The MerKaba activated from the Heart replaces the old MerKaba activated from the brain, that is activated at the Flower of Life workshops. While there 1 asked about thesuperpsychic children, and members of the Academy admitted tome that there were thousands of these children in Russia and thatmany are now about thirty years old.

I remem-ber I actually felt fear for a moment. Inima este cea care contine adevarul si autenticitatea personalitatii noastre iar cand ea preia controlul asupra mintii, incepem sa “curgem” cu fluxul Vietii, ne inunda Inspiratia, Creativitatea, Spontaneitatea, Acceptarea a TOT asa cum este si Compasiunea. My interest was piqued. I found her to beincredibly interesting in her approach to the nature of the reality welive in, which she perceived as a series of images that originated from I wasnow in a completely dark space with my eyes closed, waiting forsomething to happen.

I asked Inge if shehad touched Mias shoulder at a specific place.

The images are purposefully simple. Without hesitation the man responded, “I will relay the message,”and left without another word.

Again, he spoke little and worked hard as we unloaded our things. Finally, I sent another letter to the City of Phoenix: It is written from the heart, not the mind. Inge asked, “Would you like me to tell you anything about thepeople or the house?