Maths Solutions: Ex and Ex Fitzpatrick textbook Ex 35a) Question 1. We want a copy of fully worked solutions for EVERY question in the Cambridge and Fitzpatrick 4U books. (Cambridge is floating around. Coroneos 4u. Grammar Notes 4u (basically a 4u book that was written by the guy who made the 3u cambridge books) Fitzpatrick 4u. Patel 4u.

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No products in the cart. Search the forums now! What are you searching for? FREE lectures this January. Places limited and going FAST. Please login or register. QC Forum Regular Posts: So there are a lot of 4u textbooks out there Right now I have access to: Terry Lee 4u Coroneos 4u Grammar Notes 4u basically a 4u book that was written by the guy who made the 3u cambridge books Fitzpatrick 4u Patel 4u Cambridge 4u KA Dan Each of the topics, each book seams to have individual strengths and weaknesses.

For example, in Complex Numbers, I have heard that Patel and the Grammar notes are really good but Fitzpatrick gives good notes at the end. Or, is it just better to try and do a mix from each book so I can do as many questions as possible.


Maths Solutions: 3U + 4U (Fitzpatrick textbook) – AsympTotally ArithmeTerrifically InterGreat!!!

I haven’t seen ALL the textbooks listed. Only heard of nearly fitzpatrcik of them. As a rule of thumb, Terry Lee’s textbook is aimed at students from selective schools. That’ll give you an idea of what to expect fitzpatric, of it.

If you’re targeting teaching theory and having better exam style questions specifically: Fitzpatrick ain’t half bad, but it’s hard to follow every now and then. Cambridge is exhausting to follow due to the lack of formatting, but the questions do pose reasonable difficulty and can get things in your head. Grammar Notes are really good, but it’s a textbook that’s really hard to get your hands on. You can’t get better in the conics topic than Patel I reckon. Doing about 60 or so conics questions out of there I think they have somewhere between conics questions was what made me decently good at fitzptarick during the year.

So it’s not really much surprising that Grammar Notes would probably be your best protocol for 4U exam-style questions in textbooks.

Reminder that you can’t get better than past papers though. Only thing I really know about Coroneos is that it has integrals. And because I had a massive headache that day, it took me 10 hours to get through them.

Sorry, felt like inserting a fail brag. January 30, RuiAce on January 30, Oh god, luckily, I don’t even have enough knowledge to do it yet. I’m assuming it will require a variety of 4u techniques like by parts etc. Is there anything else like this where there is basically just a list of a lot of the main types of problems that can appear in 4u.


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Btw I found terry Lee for complex to be absolutely amazing although incredibly time consuming. That and grammar notes is pretty much why I did well in my first assessment. I’m currently working out of Terry Lee for Polynormials and absolutely love the worked solutions.

Haven’t looked at the rest of the textbook but I assume it’s vitzpatrick Yea it’s pretty much the best textbook for complex numbers and it’s good for conics aswell, there’s a good explanation for loops and fishes in curve sketching. Those are the only topics I’ve done but yea terry Lee is really good to do. That and Sydney grammar notes. QC on January 30, Is the Grammar textbook good?

Where do you get it from? What makes it better than the other textbooks?