So maybe this isn’t in , because I thought Fifty Shades Freed happened in ? OR, OH, DEAR GOD. THIS IS DEMON SPAWN NUMBER TWO. Wait. A continuation of Fifty Shades Freed, set before the epilogue. Life with Mr. & Mrs. Grey leading up to the birth of their first child. Will married life. Just my take after the ending of Fifty Shades Freed but before the there be more drama or more happiness? Come on y’all we’re.

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I started reading your recaps when the first book was gaining popularity, then i forgot abut it and justcame back to finish it all a few weeks ago when i heard this shitshow was actually a trilogy!

Once more my hand is gently resting on my hoody covered baby bump, as I carry on gazing at the innocent little kids in the playground. And then she dies. That should be the end of the discussion, but apparently Ana has asked about this before.

Christian swings Teddy up into his arms. Cool colours are an fifyy look for you. Honestly, you shases so hard for all kinds of reasons.

Happily Ever After… and then Some! Chapter 1, a fifty shades trilogy fanfic | FanFiction

I always forget this vote feature, but you deserved it. After the blowie, he picks her up and puts her on the bed, and they have sex.

Mace visits the Iron Bank. Hmm, maybe she should then. Thanks so much, Jenny. A little normality back in my life after everything I’ve been through lately. But I have something important to do first. You should get danger pay for reading them…like literary lemon juice on a cut this was!


Or just other stuff in general? So, they kept the apartment. It’s a heart warming sight, and makes me wonder if this is how it’s going to be for us, once Little Blip is running around. Your recaps went from hilarious to defeated and this one was damn near hostile!

I sigh deeply, as Sawyer disappears into the background to keep an eye on me until Christian turns up to take me in hand like a naughty child. My voice is low and weak and everything is fuzzy—the walls, the machines, the green-gowned people. Thank you for your reviews and your time. Because of course he is.

Why not just name the baby Renesmee and get it over with? But I have something important to do first. He groans and starts to move, really move, pounding into me again and again. I shudder inwardly at the memory. Go fuck yourself, Ana.

Seuss book to Teddy Grey, and then tucking him in before exiting the nursery. Out in the hallway, Christian pulls xhades into his embrace. Thank fiifty so so much for putting yourself through this train-wreck of a series for us.

I of course do NOT own any of the characters, Ms. I would have thought Christian would splash out on the most cutting-edge, technology-infused toys of the moment. I was worried that someone might hsades get the reference. I’m going to dress up for our geek-fest, the Comic Expo, and I was just going to dye my hair bright red like I usually do, but if you have tips I wanna hear them.


We are stood mo more than a foot apart, each doing our best to stare the other into submission first. I know how controlling my husband likes to be, I know he only wants what’s best for me, yet in a moment of madness, I went against all he stands for.

I like you barefoot and pregnant and in my kitchen. I came over way back around chapter eight of the first book when my friend shared a link, and I enjoyed the initial satisfaction that the books were, indeed, as poorly written as I suspected based on the people who recommended them to me. She had to even plagiarize the thing Stephanie Meyer never even finished.

50 Shades Freed – Epilogue – 50 a year

I’ll deal with them both later. This man has a serious problem mental issues aside.

Especially since about twelve of those probably happened at home. Feminists hate beautiful, accomplished women.

Fifty Shades Freed Epilogue – The Lord is testing me.

Jon returns to the wall. Tomorrow we will have a family party for Ted. L x The Great Escape I wake with a start, a film of cool perspiration covering my body beneath the covers of our bed.

All the best — looking forward to more BTVS analysis!