x58 classified 4-way manual by T04dSt0n3d – Thursday, June 17, PM. Re:x58 classified X4 W PSU PNY GTS MB DDR3 2x SLI. #1. EVGA’s X Classified 4-Way SLI Edition is a perfect match. To enable 4-Way SLI flip the drivers and you are ready for 4-Way SLI action. X-Cool. This is for. After removing the EVGA X58 SLITM Classified from its packaging, place it on to a nonconductive surface. For For the latest drivers and updates for your.

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All right, let’s get our hands dirty.

A motherboard with distinct looks and nearly excessive overclocking options, in a positive way of course. Several key elements jump into perspective claswified, for example the motherboard has a phase Volterra digital PWM circuitry with dual 8-pin 12V inputs that allows Watt of current for your CPU. Why so excessive your ask? Does W sound so weird now?


Even things like DDR3 memory are addressed slightly different as well, it has a 4-phase circuit, also and 3-phase North bridge power. Check out some of the Classified features and then we’ll chat some more.

Along with that concept the comes a small external PCB. And surely they will provide users with the E-LEET tuning utility as well, which enables easier overclocking and system monitoring from within Windows, on the fly.

EVGA – Articles – EVGA X58 Classified3

A high-quality CPU socket is also used, with three times the normal amount of gold content for the lowest impedance and highest current transfer. Also, the layout and cooling So yes, you could go for four graphics adapters with this bad boy if you desire that of course.

Some of the more prominent features: An X58 based motherboard with more features, more design and aesthetics that make you scratch that head of yours. Armed at the really enthusiast end-users that wanted to create something so special and exclusive that it would bring shock and awe in the retail channel. This time from the folks at eVGA. Manuap with a USD sales price this motherboard seem to be very impressive.



But since it’s eVGA, they decided that classifird motherboard should be all about overclocking, and nothing else. We’ll cover the motherboard from A to Z, and to spice it up a little I’ll slap on some water-cooling and overclock our processor towards 4. Onboard LAN with Teaming.