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General product information 3. The direction of airflow should always be from behind the operator. This air supply should be kept to a eurotce consistent with smooth powder flow to prevent powder from being ejected into the surrounding air.

Box vibration is supplied by a quiet high efficiency pneumatic vibrator with low air consumption. Airborne powder of different type within a contaminated spraybooth, or sucked in from dirty surroundings. Excessive moisture in compressed air supply. Check that the powder is not damp.

The new Maier C6 – economical, accurate and fast

Connect a suitable airline to the ‘mains air supply in’ air fitting. Pass the four un-connected airlines through the hole in the front face of the vertical column below the Gun Control Unit and connect them to the air fittings on the bottom of the Gun Control Unit as follows: The discharge potential kv required will depend largely on the object to be coated, although such parameters as environmental conditions may affect the C85D 3.


Remove the hand gun from the carton. It will be found that aluminium parts require lower settings than steel parts and that re-coating of items which have already been powder coated may require very low settings such as kv.

The new Maier C6 – economical, accurate and fast | EUROTEC – EN ???????? FR ???????? DE ????????

This setting has no effect on the generation of the electrostatic charge, it simply enables the discharge current ua to be monitored on the electrostatic meter. The small flow regulator on the left hand side of the spray gun is used to control the air flow which passes forward through the nozzle.

Remove the nozzle from the gun and clean internally and externally with compressed air. This interference may also affect computer systems and process controllers. Do not re-use any fasteners More information.

Switched Auxiliary Air Supply Valve When switched to the “On” position the Switched Auxiliary Air Supply Valve enables the fluidising pad to operate via a flow regulator mounted on top of the vertical column and supplies air to the gun which is d6 using a flow regulator on the side of the gun handle.

The unit is now ready for use. Also controls air supply to the ‘switched auxiliary air supply’ valve on the top panel which supplies the fluidising pad see below.

Plumbing repairs are seldom dangerous unless leaking water is soaking areas where there are electrical More information. Use a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner for clothing and wash skin with water.


Wipe the venturi seal clean and put in a safe place. Set Up Procedure 0. The Item Numbers are in a circle with an eurltec pointing to the specific. Remove the powder box. The latter model uses a special guide bush and can be transformed in just 20 minutes. Please leave this leaflet More information. Applied coating is too thick.

Many options to complete the offer Numerous options allow customers to change the standard C6 machines into tailored solutions. The operator must carefully read and follow More information.

YOU are responsible for the safe operation of this equipment. If it trips again, switch off unit and refer to an authorised distributor or x6 agent. Insert the suction tube through the fittings on the front bracket of the articulated arm, fit the sealing washer and then clip the venturi onto its mounting clip.

Each workpiece shall have a resistance to earth of not greater than Mohm. Protection up to bar or 40, psi One size fits all money-saving design Modular design allows you to buy only what you need Replacement More information.

Dust or dirt in oven.