Learn & play tab for lead guitar and keyboard with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Click the button to download “Erotomania” Guitar Pro tab. Erotomania pro. ?artist=Dream+Theater&song= Erotomania&utm_source=tabs&utm_medium=Song&utm_campaign=List. pro . Get the best Erotomania Guitar Pro tab by Dream Theater @ – tabs search engine. Last updated on

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Fractal Audio Systems Forum. We would like to remind our members that this is a privately owned, run and supported forum. You are here at the invitation and discretion of the owners. As such, rules and buitar of conduct will be applied that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire.

These include, but are not limited to, removing content and even access to the forum. Please give yourself a refresher on the forum rules you agreed to follow when you signed up. May erotomanis, Messages: Hey guys- I’m making a backing track for a friend, and I’m trying to emulate the guitar sound on Dream Theater’s “Erotomania”.

It’s also double tracked, ’cause it sounds awesome -What do you think? Is there something you’d recommend I change? Should that bother me? How do I get rid of that? Dec 18, Messages: Personally, I would check this guy out. He’s almost dead on.

Dream Theater Guitar Tabs PDF

I use these for pretty much all my JP style stuff. Dec 8, Messages: Hey Legato, nice job what you have so far. Interesting info about the two different amps! Soundshell, the guy in the video really has it down!

Thanks for the links. Al he does is take the Petrucci Ryhthm setting, I think it’s patchor something I just called called mine Dream Theater, and turn the drive up to seven. I do agree that what you had was pretty damn close though.

Trying to match Petrucci’s tone on “Erotomania” | Fractal Audio Systems Forum

Axisman, thanks on the info as well. Id love to have one. Glad to be of some help, I love JP’s tone on that album, there’s some great songs on there. I just wish my fingers could play them.


I do have some patches that I’ll upload, just be patient with me, I’ll have to scroll through and find them. I based this off an interview where JP says he blends a 57 and a with the lowered back in the mix and they were on axis right up on the grill.

You can also try using the cone position but I preferred the cap-edge. Then use 2 hi-res cabs, 1 with the Redwire JP mix and cab2 with the stock “Cali”. Then blend to taste, both balanced in the middle and blend the volume of the Cali cab maybe -3db to -6db lower than the Redwire. Now that’s for mainly jamming, for recording maybe just use the Redwire JP mix with one cab and do double or quad tracking with that.


Here’s one that uses the two amps for that album: Hope this patch helps you, may guitaar to adjust the gain and possibly lower the treble on the MKII. Wow, thanks a lot dude. Sorry to ask this stupid question but: Very underrated album in wrotomania career. I’ve run across this problem before with a few others.

Don’t fret no pun intended. I’ve had this problem also. This is a fix I’ve had to use errotomania. Sometimes, I’ve simply errotomania unable to use others tones, much to my dismay. For some guigar this just happens, and I’m not completely sure why. Below is ONE way to fix this problem.

This is taken directly from a posting I replied to, where someone had the same problem. If this doesn’t work: Sometimes this is in the Fractal Audio Cache, or Downloads folder on your hard drive. If all else fails, try the instruction below. If there is no luck, I’ll get a template made where others, including myself can just type up there patches in text form, so others can dial them accordingly.

I can do this for you if you want. Trust me I understand how frustrating this is. You definitely have my sympathies and understanding. I also included the patches for you. This worked fine for me.

This is also how I download others tones. I am on Axe Edit, latest version 0. You might be unable to use the tones correctly if you do not have this configuration.

Open Editor, open Preset Manager. Left Side, go to Banks, and click the Source tab. Direct it to your stored “user” banks or presets. The tone should be in the slot you just imported it to. This should be in the all of the “user” bank or presets that you have savedas well as the new tone you just downloaded. In the upper right hand side, click save. This should put you on the first default bank and tone on your Axe.

Next to the where the name of the tone is listed, there should be a square with three letter A, B, and C. These are your banks on your Axe.


Select the bank you put the downloaded tone on, and it should show the tone you just downloaded, along with the other tones from your Axe. Select the erotoamnia you just downloaded and imported.

If something doesnt work, try step 12 again. Sometimes I have to repeat 12 for the tone to load. If you select, Save, Save as bank file, just overwrite the erotomabia bank you imported this tone into, and you’ll have all your presets, plus the one you guitat downloaded, and imported into you Axe saved for life.

I just downloaded Axe-Edit, and have spent the past hour gguitar to get it to communicate with the Axe Fx properly. It’s weird- it recognizes the Firmware and everything, but when I change presets in Axe-Edit, it just shows me the patch number without it’s name or any effects, and the same thing shows up on the Axe Fx!!

It’s like it temporarily deletes the effect Sorry to rant about this. I really appreciate your help! I just need to get Axe Edit working first before I follow any of your instructions. Got to sleep now! ITMT, I thought I could offer some general troubleshooting tips that might help get you up and running.

First, to clarify some confusion evident eroto,ania your report, Based on your report, there may be a problem with your MIDI configuration, so I’ve provided more detailed troubleshooting below to verify, but here’s the usual checklist in case something simple has been overlooked. Both connections are required for use with the editor. On OS X, this file is located erofomania I suspect you’ve check that checklist twice, so the next step is to take the editor out of the equation and verify the MIDI configuration is working as expected.

It’s not entirely clear to me from your report how you managed to downgrade from If successful, this will confirm the MIDI OUT port of the device is configured properly and have the bonus side effect of getting you back up to This page should confirm the firmware as being In SysexLibrarian main window: Select the “Record One” button: You must eerotomania in or sign up to reply here.

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