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Increase in Indnstrial hy hospital andllary ta and ambulaneenicn was d by the National UnioD ilie Emploj’ees yesterday. French iJ economist known as the? The Govern- ment Securities Index clMed 0. S9 np at GQldsmitb’s French-based fopd empire. STEEL announced that it would be shedding 1. Northern Eppc — -i- 5 13pe A proposal under which the ing Hong Kong and Shanghai change swiftly.

The Hong Kong and i3th larges. In proposal to acquire 75 per cent hanks wanting to pur- Its ec was assets in the U. By the end of last year. The tions in the same way as it the figure had risen to over National Bank of North America would approach deals between ggobn. Since the three deals were In Ihe year since the first Mr. Fpi Kong and Shanghai Bank, decision Fed should take. However, the Congress and Last year. This is intended to avoid the fiasco.

This was because the issue price was left behind by the rise in the market bemeen the time of announcement and of sale. The new issue created some confusion in the gilt-edged market yesterday though after the announcement prices re- mained fairly firm, maintaining gains of 11 at the longer-end. If tbe issue is over-subscribed, stock will be allntted at the lowest price at which all the loan can be sold.

The consrtuo will be taken up by the Bank and sold to the markvt like a conventional tap’vtocfc. In order to meet criticisms about the way tbe last issues were handled the Bank stressed yesteniay that bids could be sub- mitted to the Bank’s regional branches by 3.

The authorities also inter- vened in tbe money markets yesterday in order to push up three-mnnth interest rates. Following tbe fail in the Treasury bill rate from Tbe’ retail price index in- creased by 0.

This compares with a 9. The month rate looks like moving up above 10 per cent by mid-April or mid-May at the latest in view of rises already in the pipeline— for instance, higher beer and petrol prices adding a third of a point to the index as well as the big house- hold rate increases already an- nounced. This is before taking account of any Increases in indirect taxes in the Budget on April 3. Moreover, the com- parison will be with fairly low monthly ri.

The acceleration in the. The upward trend was underlined on Wednesday by the rricp Commission index of notified price rises.

But once the Ifl-month rate is over 0 per cent it may not move much higher this year, liiis is partly because seasonal food prices are likely to fall back from current high levels in the summer and because the strength of sterling is partially offsetimi: President Carter — the post-imperii legacy32 Ediforiu comment: Mason has immediate accepted the two itey recom- mendations of the report tbat close-circuit TV be iostalJed in interview rooms so that senior uniformed officers can monitor interrogation practices; and also that terrorist suspects should have the right of access to a soUcitor after 48 boors in custody and then every subse- quent 48 hours.


However, be finds himself forced to act more quickly than the two or three months by when be has promised that precise action will be taken on all the committee’s detailed recom- mendations.

Epi Metodologia

Fitt was referring to reports that Dr. Irwin’s wife had allegedly been raped and that’ bitterness over failure by the RUC to bring charges against the culprits had Jed to doctor to make allegations nz the police.

Irwin a full investi- gation would take place. He declined to say whether he believed the findings of the report to be true. Irwin is himself a Protestant.

PPT – PCC PowerPoint presentation | free to view – id: 3b1eb5-MTM0Z

D The police authority Is urged to require complaints tribunal hearings. Northern Ireland Secretary, told the Commons that ihe Gov’ernment accepted the broad conclusions of Judge Henry Bennett and tbe two other members of the committee investigating police interrogatinn procedures in Norlhero Ireland.

Mason, speaking at Stormont later, said: What has been produced is ailegatloD and not evidence. If there were evidence there would be prosecutions. Robert Irwin, a part- time police surgeon, on a recent TV programme. He said he had seen cases in the past three civul of police brutality at the Castiereagh interrogation centre. The report seems likely to add to demands for tbe resig- nation of Sir Kenneth Newman, Chief Constable, which has been called for by leaders of the Social Democratic Labonr Party.

Most political parties iu Northern Ireland welcomed the report yesterday. Oliver Napier, leader of the non-sectarian Alliance Party. Speaker of the House of Repre- sentatives. It includes the obligatory opposition to the use of violence in the province — but is most noteworthy for its frontal assault on what is variously described as Britain’s neglect of Ulster, pei from political expediency, its favouritism of the Protestant majority, and its countenancing of human rights violations.

IB Pravleua Sppt Remember that the price of units and Ae income from them epj go down as well as up. You should regard your investment as Tong term.

At the same epj, sales of iron and steel, cement, sugar, tobacco and some other basic commodities were banned. Shopping centres were virtually deserted yesterday, with the shops short ns everything from detergents to butter, petrol and antibiotics. Bulent Eeevit, the Prime Minister, is e. The programme is awaited with -inteist abroad. But a devaluation of the Turkish lira, which is being’ sougbt by ckvil IMF, may be avoided.

Senator John Tower said yesterday. He told a PceSg conference In Peking late last night that China was now ready to negotiate with Vietnam lor normal relations.

Epi Metodologia

According to an Associated Press report from Bangkok, however. Vietnam claimed that Chinese troops yesterday had contruo a vital rail link. Huang emphasised last xtigbt that he nna finished yesterday. Re made It- clear that military teosion still exisieri on the border.


If inetnam persisted in a- poligy of anti-China Hostility, the Chinese frontier troops would- firmly resist. Mr, Hnang accused Vietnam of lying about the eonduct of Chinese troops, daring the withdrawals. China had been blamed for atrocities and acts of destruction committeii hy Vietnamese. The Voice of Vietnam claimed that fierce fighting- continued in Cao Bang and that several hundred Chinese trnops were killed in the. Ta Hu STin area of the province.

Meanwhile, Laos claimed yesterday that CUnese troops bad encroached. Western analysts in Bang- consrruo have been sceptical of recent charges by Laos. Laos has ordered Uie. Unemployment in France up 2.

Japanese exports rose at a single-digit annua] pace, up by only 5 ccivil cent on a dollar basis to. Seasonally adjusted exports were up 4. Imports, on the other hand, ro. The adjusted increase from January was 3.

The current account surplus, following a record deficit in.

Assuming the bulk of the gold bought from the EEC was purchased in London an exact breakdown is not availableit is possible constrjo more than one-third of the U. According to an latest offi- cial figures, the number of un- employed rose. February, compared with the previous montii to 1, This means that on a year-on- year basis tile increase amounts to In the debate ;the GauIIists, on whose initiative the session had been called; finally succeeded in obtaining the necessary votes for the setting up of two special civi to examine infor- mation policy and the problem of unemployment But this was preceded by an incredible series of purely parliamentary mano.

The French Press was -almost unanimous in emphasising tbqt the country had ma right to e;c much more profound debate on its industrial and employment problems at a time of. Mota Pinto is expected to go out of fais way to squash widespread rumours that his hitherio solid Administration is seriously divided following the surprise resignation yesterday of Sr.

Amaral has been the member of the Government most directly involved in imple- menting the controversial agrarian reform law, in recent months. An yesterday refused to comment on his resignation until he bas seen – epo Prime Minister. Mota Pinto formed his Government last December, Sr.

Apolinario ‘Vaz Portugal, the Agriculture Minister, made it clear that he would not accept the post unless he was allowed It remains to be seen whether Sr. This was a slight improvement bn the January increase of 0. The last two months’ output figures show the economy is slowing down, but not as fast as many private economists have predicted and perhaps not. President Carter cnstruo to examine what new steps his Administra- tion can take, short of manda- tory wage and price controls, to curb inflation, aggravated by high wholesale price rises this year.

The February rise in indus- trial output squares with the slight drop in uaemployment rate that month to 3. Eschel Rboodiq, former head of the South AMean Department of Iziforination, is to be issued on charges of fraud and theft, and further evidence, of the mis- use of state funds Jn his depart- ment is to be puUished, it was announced ‘ yestelnlay.

Bdtiia, the South African Prime Milder, seeking to defuse ihegr feqg’.

Namibia talks Meanwhile, Mr.