Sep 13, “Environmental possibilism and determinism are theories, put forth in order to comprehend and understand the role played by the physical. Dec 30, Possibilism is a concept that is most commonly associated with the work of Thus, possibilism explains that the environment does not dictate. Apr 3, Determinism and possibilism are two philosophical approaches in Determinism; Environmental determinism; Possibilism; Neo-determinism.

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Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. This article outlines differences between environmental determinism and environmental possibilism.

Authors such as Robert Kaplan Revenge of Geography see a review here and Jared Diamond Guns, Germs, and Steel have been accused of being too environmentally deterministic. Read Jared Diamond’s ennvironment to his critics here. In what ways does the environment shape human culture s?

Possibilism (geography) – Wikipedia

Give qnd examples when it might be inappropriate. This story map will introduce you to ways to get the most out of my Geography Education websites. They live over 1, miles from any city with half a million people.

The entire territory is enormous, but sparsely populated with only 36, people. Try to image getting commercial goods to such a remote location.

The Canadian government has invested heavily to subsidize systems to get food products and other necessities to Nunavut.

Environmment was simply too good to be true for many customers in far-flung settlements in Nunavut. Amazon, probably not anticipating the overwhelming transportation costs associated with a place like Nunavut, in stopped offering Prime membership for Nunavut customers that do not live in the capital city of Iqaluit.

Determinism and Possibilism in Geography

Still, the capital city looks to Amazon Prime more so than the Canadian or territorial government as their lifeline to the global economy. Canadadistanceindigenouspovertydevelopmenteconomicfood distributiondensity.

The world has possibilksm by every measure of human flourishing over the past two centuries, and the progress continues, writes Steven Pinker. Esri has location down to a science — The Science of Where. This video is a good demonstration of the value of GIS, geospatial technologies, and locational intelligence. GISesrivideomappingcartographygeospatialtechnology.

And according to the National Association of Realtors, 62 percent of millennials prefer to live in a walkable community where a car is optional. If cities seem less automobile-dependent, chances are they are more appealing to a range of ages. Walkable cities improve the local economy and many cities are working to improve their possibiliwm. Cities can improve sidewalks, decrease parking lots, beautify storefronts and add other amenities that encourage walking.

Neighborhoods that are very walkable often have a vibrant sense of place. This article and the embedded video nicely explain many issues surrounding walkable urban environments. Silicon Valley, New York City, and other urban areas that are magnets for a young, well-educated workforce have very high costs of living. Hong Kong is a very possbiilism example were land scarcity is only a part of the situation.

Bad land use 3. But even in the ultimate swing state, some voters are more equal than others.

Sure this article might be used for partisan purposes, but it’s analysis of how a diverse group of interlocking demographic communities vote in the United States is very insightful. This article doesn’t focus on identity politics, but it does show how identity shapes political views and how the demographics of a particular constituency might shape the platforms of candidates. What makes a swing state a swing state?

How is Florida emblematic of the nation as a whole? Streamer is a new way to visualize and understand water flow across America. With Streamer you can explore our Nation’s major streams by tracing upstream to their source or downstream to where they empty. Streamer can be used to follow the paths of rivers up to their headwaters and down to the sea, to view location-related information such as weather radar and near real-time streamflow data, and to discover hydrologic connections between distant places.


But do they shape the way we think? Cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky shares examples of language — from an Aboriginal community in Australia that uses cardinal directions instead of left and right to the multiple words for blue in Russian — that suggest the answer is a resounding yes. Human minds have invented not one cognitive universe, but 7, Sense of direction, numerical concepts, gendered traits, even the colors that we perceive with our own eyes If language shapes how an individual shapes their own worldview, a cultural group’s worldview is also powerfully impacted by the language that frames how they think.

Linguistic diffusion faces many barriers, and an island state like Indonesia faces cultural centrifugal forces. Adopting a national language might be good political policy, but culturally, that doesn’t ensure it’s viability. This is a great case study for human geography classes that touches on many curricular topics.

North Koreans living in Japan experience a much less visible kind of border, one made of culture, tradition, history, and ideology. The result is a North Korean bubble in Japan whose members face fierce discrimination from Japanese society, leading the community to turn to Pyongyang for support.

Now that community is being tested like never before. North Korea routinely threatens to destroy Japan with nuclear weapons, prompting a spike in Japanese nationalism. Japanese politicians are feeling increasing pressure to crack down on this North Korean bubble, creating a battleground in the most unlikely of places: This episode of Vox borders offers some excellent insight into a cultural enclave that feels deeply connected with a totalitarian regime. From the outside, this raises so many questions, but understanding the cultural, historical, political, and economic context shows how this peculiar community continues.

The entire series of Vox Borders is fantastic material, dripping with geographic content. North KoreaJapanEast Asiaborderspoliticalhistorical. With so many people living in small spaces, it’s strange to see all these amenities empty. This image, Alone in the Crowds by Gary Cummins, received honorable mention, in the category, Cities.

There are many gorgeous images in here that–oh yeah– are also great teaching images. If you want more, check out this additional gallery. This is what everyone — the Japanese above all — say. I first encountered these intriguing attitudes to sleep during my first stay in Japan in the late s. Daily life was hectic; people filled their schedules with work and leisure appointments, and had hardly any time to sleep. Many voiced the complaint: Yet, at the same time, I observed countless people dozing on underground trains during my daily commute.

Some even slept while standing up, and no one appeared to be at all surprised by this. Women, men and children apparently had little inhibition about falling asleep when and wherever they felt like doing so. If you subscribe to Edward Hall’s Cultural Iceberg model videowe can readily see, touch, or experience many parts of a society’s culture; what they wear, the ways the communicate, the food they eat, etc.

Beneath the surface, though, are the less obvious cultural traits that aren’t so easily observed. These aspects of culture, such as the beliefs, values, and thought patterns of a society, are critical to understanding differing cultural traits.

In this article about sleep in Japan, what elements of external culture above the surface are present? What elements of internal culture beneath the surface are present?

How do the cultural traits beneath the surface shape the cultural traits that are above the surface? Slow, incremental progress isn’t dramatic enough to make the headlines, and consequently we often miss the evidence that will demonstrate the ways in which the world is improving. This article wrapping up some positive news from then, is a welcome bit of news that might change how we perceive anx aspects of world.


BatchGeo is incredibly easy to use mapping platform If you have a spreadsheet full of point data, you can make a map with your own data. You can grab data straight from an online fnvironment like Wikipediabut you can also use spreadsheets, databases, or any other tab delimited dataset.

In less than a decade, U. Overall global commodity prices are impacted by countless local production costs. A large abd in how business is done in one place in this example, Texas’ Permian Basin can have reverberating impacts on posaibilism local productions of other places that focus on that same global commodity OPEC. But beyond that, snvironment are three Americas: The America that disproportionately has apple pie New England and the Middle Atlanticthe America that has pecan pie and sweet potato pie the assorted Southand the America that consumes cherry pie the Midwest and West.

In addition to this list of distinctive Thanksgiving recipes from each state I’d love to try so many on this listthe NY Times has also produced this list of the most ‘Googled’ Thanksgiving recipes in possibilsim state. This StoryMap from ESRI is my favorite map of food production, showing where the food on the thanksgiving possibilims plate actually came from. These are very late additions to my favorite Thanksgiving day resources.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and may yours reflect some some regional distinctiveness and cultural context that you appreciate. NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio has produced many other agricultural visualizations that would be useful for teaching about the patterns of global agriculture. Reapportionment is a forgotten step.

Before a state can redistrict the congressional districts within the state, every 10 years, the Federal government is constitutionally required to conduct a census with the main goal of being able to reapportion the congressional ans based on the decennial census.

The upcoming Census is big deal, showing regional population shifts with political ramifications. I’m not sharing this article because of the monthly fluctuations in labor. The interactive chart in this article is an excellent visualization of the shifts in labor amd the various economic sectors. This video is an psosibilism summary of the geographic factors that lead to food insecurity and hunger and the main ways NGO’s are trying to combat the issues.

This is an incredibly complex problem that, at it’s heart, is a geographic issue that can challenge student to synthesize information and make the connections between topics.

This set of 15 maps on how land is used in the 48 contiguous U.

This is especially useful in agricultural units, but has many other applications. Given that, I love showing this clip–this man is the embodiment of folk culture and his story shows the elements that differentiate folk culture from popular culture. With people on the East Coast concerned about enviornment possible trajectories for Hurricane Florence, I think it is the right time to share these two interactive maps: Collectively, these my three favorite online visualization of meteorological data.

To friends and family in the Carolinas, stay safe.