Enphase software puts you in charge of solar monitoring. With Enphase MyEnlighten, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Enphase Enlighten Manager. Enphase Energy: Smart Solar & Clean Energy For Everyone. Username *. Enter your Enphase username. Password *. Enter the password that accompanies. Enlighten-module-arizona-solar-phoenix Another compelling piece of the Enphase story is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis system that gives you.

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Enphase panel monitoring is a great feature. But some Enphase installers flat out refuse to enable it. There are many people in this world who enjoy monitoring the output of their rooftop solar systems.

But other people — not so much. If you want enphxse see the output of each panel you will need either microinverters or DC optimisers. But there is not a lot of information about it there, apart from snphase fact that the warranty on the Envoy monitoring hardware is only 5 years. So thank goodness my good friend Ian has provided me with detailed information on his experiences with getting and using the Enphase monitoring system 3.

We began our solar journey looking at lots of things. As we have moving shade issues due to trees on a neighbouring property we ended up selecting the Enphase microinverter based system. I always planned to use panel monitoring to decide their ideal placement over the enliyhten of a year. After two false starts we found what we thought was a good company to install the panels and microinverters as we wanted.

The installation went well and, after a couple of calls to sort out the internet side of things, the system worked beautifully. We were happy and saving money. But after a month I still had not heard from the installers about the software upgrade to monitor individual panels. I persisted for about 6 months and with no result was quite annoyed. I then took the matter up with Enphase in Australia and their technical people were sympathetic but not much help, suggesting I go back to the installer or try another installer.

I then managed to find a contact at Enphase in the US and asked a lot of questions and got mostly useful technical responses but no software.

Enphase Enlighten Energy

I then embarked on a campaign to call Enphase agents in WA starting with those closest to me. Eventually I found Surfside Electrical and they were very helpful. They did also warn me about the issues with things such as bird poop and the fact that false alarm call-outs would be charged.

I told them I am an engineer and that bird poop would not be an issue. Monitoring hardware needed to be upgraded for consumption monitoring. Either the original company were incompetent, deceptive or wanted to sell something they had in stock. It seems that the Enphase systems are very sensitive to the signal quality of the Wi-Fi connection particularly when using the Enlighten management software.

An investigation followed and the company that fitted the stuff recommended we:. As we have a business we got our normal IT contractor to undertake this work as we find a single supplier works best in these situations. I should add that the normal Enphase system operates by communicating using the volt wiring in the house. If you do then the system may not work well or will work slowly forcing you to use either Wi-Fi or cables. Just something to keep in mind.


Bare Bones Enphase Enlighten Software: No consumption, no panel level monitoring. You can clearly see the production, grid consumption, and exports in the left hand column and of course you see the total usage. God bless air-conditioning on hot nights!

Now we come to the individual panel performance. Enphase has the data side well sorted. Please note our system was operating for sometime before the metering software and hardware being added hence the total usage figures are quite low compared to total production.

So would I do it again? The quality of the Enphase data management and products to date has been excellent. They manage shading issues well and enable after some aggravation individual panel level monitoring as well as detailed system analysis. I also like the modular nature of the entire Enphase systems, as one defective microinverter or battery does not knock the system over.

I see their advantages as well as the safety advantages with no high voltage DC on the roof. However, the difficulty he had in getting it installed makes me want to grunt and go join my father in making stone tools.

What Ian had to go through is flat-out ridiculous and he is not the only person who has had problems. As panel level monitoring is one of the advertised benefits of Enphase microinverter systems, I think people are entitled to it if they ask for it.

Robin from Enphase explains how existing Enphase owners can pay to upgrade to panel level monitoring in this comment ]. In the meantime, anyone buying Enphase who wants panel level monitoring should make that clear to the installer at the quote stage, and ensure it is a line item on any quote. Some installers have a policy of not enabling it for customers, others are happy to, and it is best to learn of this before the quote.

If anyone has questions for Ian about his system you can leave them in the comments. Many years ago now, Ronald Brakels was born in Toowoomba. He first rose to international prominence when his township took up a collection to send him to Japan, which was the furthest they could manage with the money they raised. He became passionately interested in environmental matters upon his return to Australia when the local Mayor met him at the airport and explained it was far too dangerous for him to return to Toowoomba on account of climate change and mutant attack goats.

Ronald then moved to a property in the Adelaide Hills where he now lives with his horse, Tonto We initially had some communications issues, but being reasonably smart, overcame those quite easily by reading the instructions. I always avoid panel level monitoring if possible for a good reason commercial being the exception. As far as the backup goes, most manufactureres are trying to avoid this for what I see as a valid reason. You need to have charge in the battery to supply backup.

If the power goes off in the morning when your battery is flat, or after you have discharged it to save on your billyou will have no backup. Me — I will avoid backup like the plague.

I have just relocated from North America to MY. The Enphase system is not intended as a back up. As for software issues enlighteb related questions, I would recommend that you contact Enphase in the US. All of my questions have been answered in a timely manner. Go to the training site on their website and sit in on a webinar. Enlighren hosts all take time to answer questions from those in attendance. I ask several per session.

  DYNOJET 4165.001 PDF

There is little direct communication about upgrades and known issues between Enphase Australia and New Zealand and persons who have purchased their system. They do not have a telephone support centre even though their website gives the impression that one on one support is available.

If you ring the published number you are simply message directed to use their email support client. If you use the email support client you get an automated advise of receipt followed by a long period of silence cumulating on occasions in no response at all.

A Reader’s Frustrations With The Enphase Enlighten Monitoring System – Solar Quotes Blog

When it comes to the MyEnlighten reporting system as to functionality you would be forgiven for believing that there is a disconnect between the technical department how the system actually works and those that write the MyEnlighten software. I have written to Enphase [Facebook Messenger] set out what I believe needs to be resolved in relation to report generation enligthen that which is being reported as battery charging and discharging watt-hour values.

Having said that from a production point of view I have never epnhase an issue with the System and more than happy with its performance. Enphase does make it available to installers who wish to provide it to their customers.

Password Reset

Is there a way to enable the panel level monitoring with out the manager view? I had an Enphase micro-inverter system installed in mid July Enlighten worked from day 1 and individual panel access was paid for, implemented and working well by the end of that month.

Well done Envirogroup, Martyn Solier actual installer and Enphase. I think going for the whole box and dice as you have adds a hefty cost: I also understood that panel level monitoring is standard in the States: My understanding is there are two versions of MyEnlighten.

One intended for use by domestic users and a version for installers which has more functionality. My understanding is the Installer version can report on individual panels. You can purchase the Installer version. I understood there was a box you could put at the side of the house that was NOT wi-fi enabled.

This suits my situation but I have not found any information on a non-wi-fi solution. Here in the US MyEnlighten, which is system-level monitoring, is the standard customer view of their system production. Early on Enphase charged an annual subscription fee for Enlighten, which was by default the panel-level monitoring.

At least here in the US. Then for a few years they moved to panel-level monitoring at no cost. But since the release of MyEnlighten that has been the default customer view, with the panel-level view available for that one-time cost.

When I bought Enphase, I was told by the installer I would get panel level monitoring.

All user enquiries are told enllghten contact via a eenlighten support page. I never got a reply or peep from Enphase after many times logging a question. No support from the installerno help from Enphase. My advice — check if your installer can get after sales support from their supplier. Module level monitoring is a standard option available at additional cost with all Enphase systems.

If a homeowner has problems accessing this it is the installer who is letting them down, not the manufacturer. Enphase make free product training available to all installers, but of course not all installers make time for this. Are they still available?