New English Adventure 2 (Wieloletni) Książka nauczyciela () 51, 90 zł Książka nauczyciela z pomniejszonymi stronami z podręcznika posiada. UNIT4 1 English Adventure 3 NAME. Wys∏uchaj poleceƒ nauczyciela i wpisz liczb´. Nast´pnie napisz. happy. 2. 3. sad. scared. She’s a. He’s. Książka nauczyciela NEW ADVENTURES STARTER Teacher s Book – cena 67 zł Sprzedam English File Student s book 2 workbook 2 – miniaturka. учебник.

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Opublikowano w dniu 25 sierpnia Autor: Day 1 We left home at 3 and went to the centre of Katowice where we had an assembly. At 4 we were already on the buses and we started our adventure! The flight to London Heathrow was at I phoned my family and friends. While sitting in the departure room the English man had taken my attention. He was advanced in years and he looked like a typical English.

His voice engljsh just perfect. Imagine that he sit next to me on the plane! I asked him a question about the newspaper that he was reading. It was the Guardian and BBC page. Heathrow is the largest airport in Europe. While the plane is circling you can see the whole London.

At Heathrow we transferred to the flight to Los Angeles.

english adventure starter a teacher book download – Mon premier blog

It was the first time I had been on such a large plane. I tried not to sleep during the flight because there were so many amazing films. Then I turned on the audiobook about Los Angeles city. Although It was extremely interesting I fell asleep. We arrived at LAX airport at 7. We needed to pass through the security control and the police officer checked our visas. nauczycila

Thereafter, Mr Dubiel picked our luggages up and we got to the car rental by shuttle bus. The moment when we left the airport was truly amazing! We got to the hotel in Ingelwood, LA. Day 2 Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States frequently the most populous city is the state of California. After breakfast, that consisted of cereals and a bun, we went to the Universal Studios.

On that day there were 3 thousand people. There were loads of attractions that were connected to various films. In my oppinion the best was Jurassic Park! Because of the thrilling river raft. I went to the tour through the history of films and we saw how they film. Next the proffesors picked us up and we went direct to the Venice, the neighborhoods of LA.

Honestly, I consider it to be the most beautiful district of LA. There we could feel the living city. We ate there the best hamburgers in the whole city! We stayed on the beach till the sunset. It covers an area slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island. The park is named by Mormons after the Joshua trees that are belived to be the most weird trees in the world. We took a walk through rockes where we climed on some.


We slept in Kingman in Arizona near Route In the late evening after arriving at the hotel we jumped into the swimming pool. It is bordered by the other U. Sacramento is its capital city. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix.

Storyfun 1 Starters podręcznik

The symbol of this state is a Saguaro nauczycielq that can be 21m tall and is native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Their traditional territory is a mile km stretch along the pine-clad southern side of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River with the tribal capital located at Peach Springs. The Seligman was on the original U.

Route tillwhen Interstate 40 bypassed it a couple miles naudzyciela. Seligman experienced its real heyday after World War II, when returning veterans and other motorists hit nauczyyciela road and made the Southwest a popular tourist destination. He went on to find the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona.

Eventually, route 66 associations were found in all eight US 66 states with a similar goal: The most famous road which ran from Chicago to Los Angeles covered nearly 4 thousand km. It was officially removed from the United States Highway System advetnure after it had been replaced in its entirety by segments of the Interstate Highway System Afterwards, we went to the Petrified Forest National Park, named for its large deposits of petrified wood.

The Petrified Forest is known for its fossils, especially fallen trees that lived in the Late Triassic Period, about million years ago. We slept in Winslow. There was no band in the U. Then we stopped to see Sunset Crater Flagstaff. I consider it to be the most beautiful place in the world. It is a steep- sided canyon carved by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is km long, up to 29 km wide and attains a depth of over 1, meters. Vicky said that she felt as if she had been a Goodness.

We took a walk along the brink. On our way to the motel we stopped to see Aadventure bridge adventurs the Colorado River.

English Adventure – sprawdź! (str. 4 z )

Day 6 We explored the Antelope Canyon which is a slot canyon. Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Sandstone, primarily due to flooding and secondarily dur to other sub — aerial processes. This is a stunning place because of the beams of lights and beautiful colours of the rocks.

We also saw The Glen Canyon which is the second biggest canyon and it was flooded by the Lake Powell. We went for a walk to see The Horseshoe bend that lasted not much time but it was F! There were rangers that warned us to take enough water. Then we drove to Utah.


We got to Monument Valley. It has been featured in many forms of media since the s. While driving we put our heads off the car and we drove screaming. Having left it we stopped on the road to take sme photos in the place where Forrest Gumo run. This park is well- known for about 2 thousand natural sandstone arches.

However, in the whole world there are 3,5 thousand arches. We parked our cars, washed faces to feel a little bit cooler and started our walk. The first stop was to see the Landscape Arch which is the fifth longest arch in the world measuring 88 meters.

The walk lasted nearly 4 hours and it was great because we could walk on the rocks having abyss next to us. Imagine that this park receives only mm 10 inches of rain a year on average.

Having finished we drove to the place where we started a walk to see the most famous arch. Honestly, it was demanding because of the heat, no shade and the trail that was supposed to go up.

It looked like a small mountain. It lasted more than an hour to reach the top but because of the extra heat it seemed to be much longer. Without no doubt it was worth it. The Delicate Arch was absolutely amazing!

When we walked down I met a nice woman who lives in Florida. She was really friendly and I talked to her for 10 minutes. She told me that it was cold for her although it was oF but Florida is much warmer. Despite the heat everyone really enjoyed it!

It preserves a colourful landscape eroded into countless canyons, mesas, and buttes by the Colorado River, the Green River, and their respective tributaries. We took a short hike to see the spectacular view of Messa Arch. Then we went to hike to the Island in the sky where we could see a gorgeous landscape.

It features the thirteenth largest natural bridge in the world. A natural bridge is formed through erosion by water flowing in the stream bed of the canyon.

Day 9 We left Torrey after having eaten a delicious breakfast! It contained so many things like for instance toasts, eggs, yoghurts, cereals, porridge. One man once told me that American children take toasts with peanut butter and their favorite jam to school.

I tasted it too. We went to the Capitol Reef National Park and on the way there we saw buffalos.