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Each season brings old favorites and new trends. As a perfect combination of the new and classic, a collection of well-known designers, as well as high street brands bring all the garments and fashion details that we need and want hlos want within our wardrobe.

Nevertheless, every fashion season brings a few unexpected surprises — pieces that seem to be exaggerated at first, but which brings a special look to a new look. One of the most talented and innovative designers currently creating on the French and world fashion scene. His fresh approach brings together the combination of classical aesthetics, deconstruction and oversized proportions that create truly special creations, at the same time special as artwork and incredibly bearable.

Among the most popular pieces from collections for the summer ofthere were several expected models, such as the modern edition of a artuto white dress, a mini skirt and a cool sandal with an unusual geometric heel.

El rey Arturo y los caballeros de la justicia – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Nevertheless, the biggest star of the summer collection is a fashion detail. Bloggers this summer do not go without a hat. Fashion bloggers are already in the most beautiful parts of the world for weeks, where they spend their summer breaks or enjoy business trips.

And for their summer combinations, hats have proved unavoidable this season, in a variety of different styles. The hat as the most desirable fashion season addition, the first was highlighted by the fashion brand, whose oversized hat of straw from the collection literally set on social networks. Today, it seems that there is no trendsetter that does not pose in the beach at the moment, and the culmination of the summer is just ahead.


Contrary to this extravagant and truly remarkable piece, there are hats of a somewhat more subtle expression, and they are equally popular among fashion bloggers. It is known to keep the hat in the head, especially in the summer, when we try to protect it from artyro sun and the heat. Sometimes women lx not even think about going out of the house without gloves on their hands and, of course, the hat on the head. Although these days are far behind us, hats have remained one of the favorite fashion accessories throughout all those years.

Many designers, aware of love stories between women and hats, completed their look in collections for the current autumn-winter season with a hat, and the trend was followed by big street fashion chains.

The arrival of the first part of the autumn collection in stores already filled the shelves of hats inspired in the s and s by the end of the summer and confirmed the status of this piece as a faithful companion of the autumn days. The hat is a complement to the wardrobe that, well used, enhances the yos of elegance of a person.

The hat-clothing, which serves to cover the head, and consists of glass and wing-is a very elegant and striking complement when you know how to dress properly. Wear a hat with some brilliance has very simple rules or codes of use. Artiro size of the hat decreases as the time of day advances.

El rey Arturo y los caballeros de la justicia

That is, in the morning we can wear colorful hats, big hats, etc. As the day progresses the hat should be smaller until you get to dispense with it at night, in most cases.

The hat should be combined with the rest of the wardrobe and with the own features of the person who wears it. The brim of the hat should shade, at most, at dedonda level.

Very large hats are often annoying and difficult to wear. The rounder faces should opt to wear a low-brimmed hat with a somewhat higher cup; longer faces can opt for wider brimmed hats and a slightly lower cup. Hats made of caballefos fabrics and straw, raffia or similar material should be left for the spring summer seasons. Other types of materials, such as leather, can be worn at any time of the year, depending on the type of clothing and style.


The hat can be substituted for a headdress, in most cases, although it is not usually as elegant or as much as a pretty hat, no matter how much the designers try to give such importance to headdresses and their spectacular creations.

Know the types of hats and how to use them. There are many types of hats, which have evolved over time. Here we will see eight models that are among the most used by men and women.

Short-brimmed hat or Trilby Originally this hat was conceived for yloz, who gave a seductive touch to their clothing with this accessory. But, currently women also use this model with which they give a masculine touch to their appearance. The trilby is a very used hat. Choose the material that you like and combine it with any of your clothes. You will find it in cotton, felt ideal for winter and straw suitable for summer use.

It has a certain resemblance to the Borsalino. Only the wing is short and the front has a slight drop giving the illusion that the front wing is a little longer. Player The Player hat is the same Trilby hat, or at least very similar, but this has the tip of the whole wing up. rwdonda

What is ideal to tey on a summer afternoon or for a walk. It will give your outfit a casual and relaxed outfit. Given its appearance, it is usually used backwards, that is, on the back of the head.