Sold out. Pre order now to be sure you have one beginning The shipment arrives December The Legendary Matador is now completely innovated. Matador is an air rifle which is the main pillar of the world-renowned EDgun manufacturer. EDgun is one of the most well known high quality producer brand. 5 days ago Matador is an air rifle which is the main pillar of the world-renowned EDgun manufacturer. EDgun is one of the most well known high quality.

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Matador is an air rifle which is the main pillar of the world-renowned EDgun manufacturer. EDgun is one of the most well known high quality producer brand.

Matador was originally matadr manually on a special device, but in the rifle was modified for production on high precision CNC machines.

This model is produced in three versions, varying in length and volume of the air tank.

EDgun Matador R5m, standard | DASE Shop

The rifle is very popular for its simplicity, reliability and spectacular shooting qualities. Matador stock is made of quality wood, finished with a massive rubber butt. Air tank is almost in whole length of rifle. So large capacity of shots in ensured. Reloading is via metal rear ball that is used to pull a spring with a hammer.

This charging style is very similar to a real fire arms. Rifle comes with 2 magazines. Rifle is fitted with a classic 22mm weaver rail for mounting scope. Thanks to a long silencer, the rifle is katador silent.

Edgun Matador R3M Long 5,5mm

Air tank is filled with a quickfill adapter. The manometer shows the current state of the air in the cartridge. Of course the air rifle also has a built-in pressure regulator. Legend among bullpup rifles. This model has thousands of fans around the world and with a great popularity on the American market, there are more to be added. This model is one of the first weapons of this type. Videos video is illustrative only: The most popular magnification which is suitable for varied matadr.


The riflescope is equipped with a magnification of x. For shooting on 10 meters we recommend max. Advantage of this trap is that it is made from 2 mm thick enamelled sheet metal. This finish ensures sufficient resistance. Trap is suitable for paper target of classical dimensions 14x14cm. One of the most preservative oils in spray.

It is one of the most universally applicable oils with an excellent protective and preservative effects. Suitable for cleaning sediments in grooves. Exact Jumbo are the best choice for shooting at longer-distance due to its weight, specially designed shape, perfectly choosen the center of gravity and careful hand-picking one by one. Flip-Target comes with a new system of target shooting.

You do not have to set up your target after each shot. Flip-Target Max is ready to catch your shot all the time. Intended for air rifles. The pump is without a filter.

English PCP pump manufacturer Hill placed on the market latest generation of pumps. This is the best pump for edgn Czech market. The pump is equipped with a pressure gauge. This model is suitable for filling Evanix, Air Arms and more.

EDgun Matador R5m, standard

Bottle intended for compressed air. This is 7L bottle with pressure gauge and filling hose. The working pressure of this bottle is bar. New model with digital manometer. We have also exlcusive stock from Klinski production. Working pressure is from to BAR. Unique PCP rifle with folding stock system. You are also able to change the barrel for 6,35mm caliber very easily.

Spare barrel for EdGun Leshiy air rifle. Easy and fast exchange. Extension of barrel is also included. Or send email hanusek balistas.

Go to cart Items: Product name Items Price incl. VAT Total price 0. Temporary out of stock. Jan Kaleta Technical assistance Phone: Description Specification Included Question Discussion 4 Posts Matador is an air rifle which is the main pillar of the world-renowned EDgun manufacturer. I was looking at your website for edgun products. I would like to know if it is possible to buy a Edgun matador R3M long. I would like to know the value of the product plus the shipping.


I hope you can help me. Have a good week. Greetings from Chile and thank you very much. If the package will be lost or non-delivered, we will not be able to refund your payment. Just make an order then.

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We created product videos We wrote products descriptions We have products photos Last update Choose units to convert: Targets and Shooting Ranges Raven Rifle. Cleaning Products Felt cleaning pellets cal. Cleaning Products Ballistol ml. Airgun Pellets 5,5mm 0. Air rifle paper targets of size x mm. Primarily intended for air guns. Contacts About Us Contacts.

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