Ecophon OPTA. OPTA ceiling panels are usually installed in those areas where you need a simple suspended ceiling, which has, however, acoustic properties. Ecophon Solo. Horizontal free hanging element. Ecophon Solo Baffle. Vertical hanging element. E-mail contacts: [email protected] / sales department. Isover suspended ceiling plate ECOPHON OPTA xmm E Manufacturer : ISOVER. ID: IN Width: Length: Price with VAT: , Kr.

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Ecophon panels are used in concert and lecture halls, cinemas, including home, classrooms and offices, gyms and swimming pools, lobbies and other public areas.

Ecophon Lighting Integrated lighting solutions.

ECOPHON Acoustic Panels – Acoustic Group

Akusto One SQ Panel for wall applications, shaped as a square, rectangle and circle. The panels are made of high density fiberglass. For dry environments in health care and the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Gedina E with Extra Ecophonn Recessed visible grid. Ecophon is part of the global Saint-Gobain Group.

Can be used in technical areas: Industry RTP Visible grid. Dot A fully integrated luminaire with light opening shaped as a circle. Advantage Delivering elementary function. Ecophon Access Ecophon Access panels are used in corridors and other areas where free access to engineering systems located in the ceiling space is required. Ecophon Lighting overview Square 43 A fully integrated luminaire with light opening shaped as a square.


Gedina Presenting a true and established classic.

Advantage Delivering elementary function. Focus Entering a universe of design flexibility. Combison Sound insulation and absorption in one.

Ecophon Solo

Akusto overview Akusto Wall A Visible profiles. Solo Experiencing freedom of expression. Ecophon Wall Panel Panels. Akusto Wall C Concealed panel connection. Cundall Offices Ecophon Master Matrix.

Super G When conditions are tough. Ecophon Solo Free-hanging panels made in different shapes and sizes. Ecophon Super G is a high-impact, high-performance acoustic ceiling and wall panels made of high-density fiberglass. Hygiene Clinic A C1 Visible grid. Industry Ambit Concealed mounting details.

ECOPHON Acoustic Panels

Hygiene Ensuring the required level of purity and cleanliness. Solo Baffle Wave Vertically installed unframed baffles. Hygiene Clinic E C1 Recessed visible grid. Advantage overview Advantage A Visible grid. Healthcare overview Entrances Canteens Educational spaces Corridors and nurses stations Waiting areas Patient and treatment rooms Specialist areas Smaller shared spaces Ecpphon space elderly care Emergency unit Administrative areas Related information.


Acoustic solutions for TABS. Master overview Master A Visible grid. Enexis Office Ecophon Gedina A. Focus Edge Slight vertical sloped moulding for free hanging units. Hygiene overview Hygiene Advance Baffle Vertically hanging absorber.

Solo Baffle Wall Vertically installed unframed baffles. Master SQ For direct fixing with glue. Additional areas overview Industry Kitchen areas Leisure Cinema. For humid environments in showers etc. The head office is located in Hyllinge, just outside Helsingborg, Sweden. Solo Baffle Vertically installed unframed baffles. Panels and elements to create a variety of shapes and unique and unconventional compositions of the ceilings.

Solo overview Solo Rectangle Line. Hygiene Labotec Ds C1 Consealed grid. Focus Dg Unique edge design. Ecophon Gedina The ceiling of the Ecophon Gedina series at the same time combines efficiency, the ability to meet high requirements for acoustics, ease of installation and high performance. Master E Recessed visible grid. Withstands frequent ecphon pressure hosing. Suitable for gyms and school corridors.