View and Download Easy Gps watch user manual online. Gps watch Watch pdf manual download. Training Manual. List of Contents. Materials EasyGPS – Short Tutorial .. EasyGPS is a program you can use to easily save and alter GPS information. Download points from activities and work with software on computers. – USAPhotoMaps. – Easy GPS. – GPS Utility. – Google Earth. – MD Merlin.

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Humminbird easy gps help Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. Information is provided free of charge; it is each walker’s responsibility to check it and navigate using a map and compass. Add reviews of outdoor gear and equipment here Does anyone use the Majual eTrex basic yellow?

I’m running Windows 7 and I have installed the driver for the cable.

Descargar EasyGPS gratis – última versión

Don’t have it to hand though so I’m not sure exactly. I use it with Quo software think it’s free without mapsand Windows Vista.

Mwnual had to get a cheap USB cable to avoid the need for serial. Quo recognises it no problem and supports whatever native format Garmin uses. Check out this thread. Win 7 is mentioned as being a problem http: It will run ok on my desktop using the converter.

I think this was because I had only plugged it in via a serial to USB lead just before, worked better if plugged in well before! Not on my desktop nor laptop using the USB to Serial converter. The software I have been using is easygps.

I initially thought it was maybe becaus eadygps Windows 7, but its XP on my desktop, so I know its not the operating system. I emailed Garmin and hunted through forums and I have found nothing which fixes the issue. If you do find a fix, please post it on here.

Easy Gps watch User Manual

Luckily, I have a serial port on my desktop, so I use that. It’s just not ideal. Earlier this year I upgraded my computer desktop and could not use the serial port so bought a USB converter cable which the computer recognised but not the Garmin. Explained this to Garmin and they e-mailed back a solution which worked for me. It is quite lengthy but I give it below and hope that it will help somebody.


If you have attempted to use the USB to Serial Converter cable, and it is not transferring data properly, the drivers for the device may not be installed correctly. Please follow these steps to check for proper installation: Click the Start button 2. Right-click My Computer 3. At the top of the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab 5. If it is properly installed however MapSource does not recognize the unit you may need to configure MapSource to correctly see the GPS unit.

Select the Transfer tab 5. Select Search for Garmin Devices on the following serial port 6. See your user’s manual for specific instructions for your GPS unit. Then try the communication again. If it still will not transfer data, you will need to exit out of any programs running in the background that can use a serial port. One way to shut down unnecessary programs on your computer is with the Task Manager. Please follow easygpz steps: Open the Task Manager dialog box by pressing the keyboard shortcut: Click the Processes tab.

Click the first column heading labeled Image Name to alphabetize the Processes list, 4. These programs will automatically start again every time you start your computer. Retry transferring data with your GPS unit. If these procedures do not resolves the communication issue, try a different USB to Serial Converter cable produced by another manufacturer manua, see if it will transfer data properly. If you have no serial port on your computer and the USB to Serial Converter cable attempt has failed, there may be another solution.

When purchasing any hardware for your computer please make sure that it had the easgyps drivers for your Operating System especially when it is a 64 bit version. If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know.

Alternatively you can search for a solution here: All works well once it lost communictions and wouldn’t talk – but disconnecting, a reboot and re-selecting the port sorted that. If the USB to Serial Converter cable is not installed properly follow the instructions that came with the cable to install the drivers. Select Auto from the drop down menu. Using MapSource and setting the device manually as above worked Thanks. In case others are in that position, I found the driver here: I’ve just done it and managed manuap get my Garmin etrex h to work on my laptop for the first time I’m quite chuffed.


Just make sure you change the port from within the GPS software you are using. I upgraded it to the eTrex H high sensitivity version. Both are excellent products. I used Anquet Version 1 software with Windows 7 and both eTrex versions worked fine.

Anquet Version 1 software is no longer available and is no longer supported but it continues to work well on my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 7 laptop. One option is to use any convenient mapping software to generate a route, save it as a GPX file in a folder, eaeygps use Easy GPS to transfer it to the eTrex. This process can be used in reverse to mankal tracklogs and call them up on your mapping software.

Don’t try to draw complicated route shapes. The eTrex cannot cope with huge numbers of waypoints. Draw simple routes with a few waypoints joined with straight lines. Anquet have been through several generations of mapping software since Version 1.

The three devices work in synchronism. OMN is very impressive and it can be used offline with the iPhone. My only reservation about OMN on the iPhone is the need to conserve battery life, whereas I can carry spare batteries for the Garmin. However, OMN itself is free. You only pay a subscription for the maps.

I think there’s a difference between tracks and routes both of which can be in a gpx – have you tried easygps? Walkhighlands community forum is now advert free. Can you help support the site and community by setting up a monthly donation by direct debit?