View the User Man1 for the D-Link model SLRA1 WIRELESS G ADSL2+ MODEM ROUTER KA2SLRA1. View the PDF file for free. No joining required. View the User Man2 for the D-Link model SLRA1 WIRELESS G ADSL2+ MODEM ROUTER KA2SLRA1. View the PDF file for free. No joining required. D-Link DSLR User Manual 32 Section 3 – Configuration QoS Setup To access the QoS Setup window, click the QoS Setup button in the Advanced.

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Use the adapter shipped with the router to connect to a power source.

The LED is dark if the router is powered off. A solid green dsll indicates a valid link at startup. These lights blink when there is a connection on any of the Ethernet ports. Before you Begin Please read and make sure you understand all the prerequisites for proper installation of your new router. Have all the necessary information ssl equipment on hand before beginning the installation.

DSLR through the wireless interface. Dsk for wireless communication can be accomplished in a number of ways. Wireless access can also be controlled by selecting MAC addresses that are allowed to associate with the device. Manuap read the section manua Wireless Configuration. Security Protocol This is the method your ADSL service provider will use to verify your username and password when you log on to their network.

If you are setting up the sdl for multiple virtual connections, you will need to configure the VPI and VCI as instructed by your ADSL service provider for the additional connections. This setting can be changed in the WAN Settings window of the web management interface. The default subnet mask is This can be changed later.

Position your devices so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized. MDI-II port on a hub or switch. The rules governing Ethernet cable lengths apply to the LAN to router connection. Be sure that the cable connecting the LAN to the router does not exceed meters.

MDI-X ports 1x, 2x, etc. Section 3 – Configuration Configuration This section will show you how to configure your new D-Link wireless router using the web-based configuration utility. Web-based Configuration Utility Connect to the router To configure the WAN connection used by the router it is first necessary to communicate with the router through its management interface, which is HTML-based and can be accessed using a web browser.

Click on Next to continue. In order to secure your network, please modify the password. The Confirm Password entry must be the same as that for New Password. Of course, you can click on Skip to ignore the step. Click on Next to save the configuration and continue.


Click on Next to go to the next Setup Wizard window.

D-Link DSLR User Manual

Section 3 – Configuration Wireless Use this section to configure the wireless settings for your D-Link router. Please note that changes made in this section mnual also need to be duplicated onto your wireless clients and PC. Enable Your Wireless Network Your wireless network is enabled by default. You can simply uncheck the Enable Your Wireless Network checkbox to disable wireless. Click Cancel to return to the main menu of the Wireless Setup page. Please then refer to the next column. Please type the network key in the Network Key field.

Click Next to proceed to the next page.

D-Link DSL-2740R

Or select specified mode to use To protect your privacy you can configure wireless security features. WEP is 2740d original wireless encryption standard. WPA provides a higher level of security.

WPA-Personal does not require an authentication server. Specify the encryption key from the Current Network Key drop-down menu.

Enter up to four keys into the WEP Key fields. Select the Authentication type from the drop-down menu. Shared is better than Open. Click on Apply Settings to apply settings.

Type the value in seconds on the Group Key Update Interval. The default value is Type the string on the Pre-Shared Key. Click Apply Settings to save the configuration.

Click on Save Settings. You will be asked to reboot by a pop-up window.

Click on OK to reboot the router. Thus, in Germany you should use March, Last, Sunday, at 1: M for the start time. Click Apply to save the configurations.

Use this feature as parental controls to only grant or block access from applications such as peer-to-peer utilities or games. Choose Both, Incoming, or Outgoing in Direction. Click Save to add the policy in the list. DMZ means Demilitarised Zone. DMZ allows computers behind the router firewall to be accessible to Internet traffic. Or you also can choose the DMZ host using the pulldown menu. Click on Apply Settings to apply these settings.

Advanced Wireless These options are for users who wish to change the performance of their D-Link does not recommend changing the factory default settings. Incorrect settings may impair the performance of your wireless radio. The default settings should provide the best wireless radio performance in most environments.

Please select Enable Wireless Guest Network. You also can click Reset to Unconfigured to reset the wireless setting.


D-Link does not recommend changing these settings from factory default. Changing these settings may affect the behavior of your network. Password The factory default password of this router is admin. To help secure your network, D-Link recommends that you choose a new password. Update Settings to upload the file. If necessary, please click Restore Device to regain the default settings. Click Write To Flash to write web parameters to flash.

All your settings will be saved after restart. The Router will load the file and restart automatically. There are three tests: Please click Re-run DiagnosticsTest to run diagnostics again on the above test items. Section 3 – Configuration System Log The System Log allows you to configure local, remote and email logging, and to view the logs that have been created. This section allows you to view the logs. The Device Info page displays a summary overview of your router status, including the device software version and summary of your Internet configuration both wireless and Ethernet status.

This information reflects the current status of your router. When entering the IP address of the D-Link router The device has the utility built-in to a ROM chip in the device itself. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your D-Link router in the address bar. This should open the login page for the web management. D-Link wireless products are based on industry standards to provide easy-to-use and compatible high-speed wireless connectivity within your home, business or public access wireless networks.

Strictly adhering to the IEEE standard, the D-Link wireless family of products will allow you to securely access the data you want, when and where you want it. PDAs, headphones, laptops, speakers, and other devices that operate on batteries.

To verify your IP address, please follow the steps below. Page of 73 Go. Page 15 – Information you will need about your LAN Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

D-Link DSLR – WikiDevi

Table Of Contents Installation Notes Hardware Overview Use the adapter shipped with the router to connect to a power source. Hardware Overview Internet connection.

Installation Before you Begin Please read and make sure you understand 274r0 the prerequisites for proper installation of your new router.